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PROGRESS CHEVRON 2-Slice Toaster Manual

PROGRESS CHEVRON 2-Slice Toaster Manual Image
PROGRESS CHEVRON 2-Slice Toaster Instruction Manual

Description of Parts

  1. Toaster housing
  2. Toasting slots
  3. Loading lever
  4. Cancel button
  5. Reheat button
  6. Defrost button
  7. Browning control dial
  8. Removable crumb tray
  9. Bun warming rack
  10. Bun warming rack legs
  11. Bun warming rack handles

Instructions for Use

Before First Use

Before using the toaster for the first time, wipe the toaster housing with a soft, damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the toaster in water or any other liquid.
Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning detergents or scourers to clean the toaster, as this could cause damage.

Note: When using toaster for the first time, a slight smoke or Odour may be emitted. This is normal and will soon subside. Allow for sufficient ventilation around the toaster.

Using the 2-slice Toaster

STEP 1: Place the toaster onto a flat, stable surface at a height that is comfortable for the user. Make sure that the crumb tray is pushed fully into the toaster and that the loading lever is in the upright position, with no bread or other objects inserted into the toasting slots.
STEP 2: Plug in and switch on the toaster at the mains power supply. Then turn the browning control dial to the desired setting. Select 3-4 for medium brown toast.
PROGRESS CHEVRON 2-Slice Toaster Instruction Manual - Using the 2-slice Toaster text

UP Global Sourcing UK Ltd.,
Victoria Street, Manchester OL9 ODD. UK.

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Under the guarantee, we undertake to repair or replace free of any charge any parts found to be defective. In the event that we cannot provide an exact replacement, a similar product will be offered or the cost refunded. Any damages from daily wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee, nor are consumables such as plugs, fuses etc. Please note that the above terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and we therefore recommend that you check these each time you revisit the website. Nothing in this guarantee or in the instructions relating to this product excludes, restricts or otherwise affects your statutory rights.

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Manufactured by:
UP Global Sourcing UK Ltd,.
Victoria Street,
Manchester OL9 ODD.UK.

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