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Pure Clean Smart Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot Cleaning Manual

Pure Clean Smart Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot Cleaning Manual Image

Pure Clean Smart Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot Cleaning


Before using this product, please read the safety instructions and follow all normal safety precautions.

  1. Read this user manual thoroughly and carefully before using this product
  2. After reading this manual, keep it in a readily accessible place for future reference
  3. Any operation oppose to descriptions in this user manual may lead to harm to human or this product

Safety Instructions

  1. Only use the product indoors, do not use it outdoors.
  2. Before starting the product, make sure the dust bin filter is properly installed.
  3. Do not use this product in wet or moist environment (any environment with liquid), e.g bathroom or laundry.
  4. Before use, collect the floor environment (remove all the fragile objects and cords, clothing, papers, loose cables, as well as making sure to lift curtains and
    drapes off the floor to avoid any possible accidents. In case that a loose cable is tangled with the product, the cable might move around with the product as it works and topple down the table, chairs, or cabinet and might cause hurt or property damage.)
  5. Do not sit on top of this product or attach an object on the top of it. Beware of children or pets while the product is in operation
  6. Do not make this product close to cigarette, lighter , match or any flammable
  7. Never use the product to clean up combustible or highly volatile liquids such as gasoline.
  8. White the product is in operation, make sure all doors leading outside are closed.
  9. In case that the product is malfunctioned or damaged by external force, please contact the seller before repairing.
  10. Before charging, check whether adapter and outlet are properly connected.
  11. Use this product in temperature from 0°C/32°F to 40°C/104°F and do not place this product in high-temperature environment or under baking sunlight for a long time.
  12. The appliance is not to be used by person (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or persons lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction.
  13. Children being supervised do not play with the appliance

Battery and Recharging Instructions

  1. The battery is rechargeable, please use the voltage and current specified on the packing. If you are not sure of the voltage and current of your house, please contact the seller or local power company of a licensed electrician. (Only use battery pack which provided by manufacturer or specified by manufacturer, please check the polarity before installing the battery. Battery voltage: 11.1VDC, working current: 900-1200mA)
  2. Only use the original battery and power adapter of the product for charging.
  3. Charging adaptor is for indoors use only.
  4. Do not recharge the product if the battery cord or plug is damaged.
  5. Never touch the charger, plug or cable with damped hands.
  6. Before cleaning the product, unplug the adaptor, switch off the unit and take out the battery.
  7. Please take out the battery when it is not in use for a long time.
  8. The battery must be removed from the product before it is scrapped.
  9. The product must be disconnected from the power source when removing the battery. The battery is to be disposed of safety


This revolutionary Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with functions suitable for cleaning up floor surfaces of home and office, such as wood, tile, and linoleum. The Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is definitely a good household helper.


Main Body and Accessories


  1. Before installing or removing the battery, the product must be disconnected from the power source.
  2. Open the battery cover.
  3. Insert the battery into the battery cabinet and close the cover. Make sure the cover clips well located in its position


  1. Before charging, make sure the battery is correctly installed.
  2. The procedure of charging the product is as follows: Firstly, connect the adapter output into the DC jack, and then plug into power socket of the other end, a blue light will flash.
  3. After fully charged, the indicator light will turn to solid blue light.
  4. When the product runs out of power, LED indicator will turn red, which prompts the user to charge the product.
  5. To ensure the best performance and lift span of the battery, please charge the product for at least 3 hours continuously. After fully charged for 3 hrs, indicator light will turn to solid blue light. The product can do cleaning after 3 hours charging.


Starting Operation

  1. Place the product in a room with much free space, and then power it on to do cleaning work.
  2. When the product runs out of power, the LED indicator in the illumination ring will turn red which the product will stop working

Note: This product is not suitable for long-pile carpets.


Put the L side brush at L place and R side brush at R place on the bottom and then push to fix it and vice versa—to pull up, side brush will be taken out.


Cleaning Dust Bin

  1. Open the upper cover by lifting the lid near the power ON/OFF button.
  2. Put your finger into the dust bin groove and grip to take it out.
  3. Open the dust bin lid
  4. Take out the inner filter
  5. Empty the dirt in the dust bin


Cleaning Dust Bin

  1. Rinse the dust bin with tap water. Do not wash it in washing machine, dishwashing machine or other machine.
  2. Periodically clean the filter with a soft bristle brush.
  3. Reinstall the filter and the dust bin lid once they get dried.
  4. Put back the dust bin into the cleaner

NOTE: Before putting back the dust bin, please make sure the PE pad (function as nonreturn valve) in the dust bin is well attached. Recheck the filter also before operating the product. Using product without filter might cause malfunction

Cleaning Intake

After repeated use for some time, dirt and dust might accumulate around the intake of the product, to ensure its best cleaning efficiency and constant
air flow it should be cleaned periodically.

  1. Remove the external power source.
  2. Clean up the dirt and dust at the intake.


Problem Possible Cause Solution
Red LED stays after power on 1.  Battery Low condition

2.  Main body is picked up

1.  Recharge the battery

2. Replace the robot on the floor

Vacuum on but can not collect dirt and hair 1. The dust bin is full

2. The filter is not installed correctly

1.  Clean the dust bin

2. Re-install the filter correctly

The product is moving backwards after being started 1. The product is on dark colored floor

2. Anti-drop sensor light was covered

1. Put the robot on light color floor.

2. Clean anti-drop sensor light.

LED indicators flash in blue after 4hrs charging Power supply might been cut off during harging The robot can be operated if the battery has been fully charged for 4hrs
The side brushes crooked, not good to sweep  

Being used for a long time

If it becomes crooked, please scald it in hot water to recover it to its original shape

The product won’t start

1.  Battery is not installed properly

2.  Battery low

3. The robot is under protection status

1. To install the battery correctly

2. To have the battery fully charged (turn off the cleaner first)

3. To re-set the robot

The product circles around only, cannot go straight  

One of the wires of the wheels might be loosened

1. Open the wheel cover and connect the loosen wire properly

2. Send the robot to seller for repairing

If all solutions given above don’t work for you, please take actions below:

  1. Re-set the robot by switching on the power button;
  2. If re-set action doesn’t work, please send the robot to seller for repairing.
    Note: Particular specifications are subjected to change without prior notice


  • New Mini Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Keep it Clean: Sweep, Dust & Vacuum
  • Versatile & Convenient Floor Clean Ability
  • Smart, Self-Programmed Cleaning Path Navigation
  • Low-Profile Design Slides Underneath Furniture
  • Anti-Fall Stair Sensors & Protective Bumper Housing
  • Obstacle Detection Cleans Around Household Objects
  • Works on Hardwood, Linoleum, Tile, Low/Hard Carpet Floors
  • Convenient Dust Collection Bin Opens for Quick Disposal
  • Automatic ‘Bag-less’ Design for Easy Cleaning
  • One Button Operation
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Dual Spinning Side Brush Lifts Debris
  • Includes Charging / Power Adapter
  • Perfect for the Home or Office

What’s in the Box:

  • Smart Robot Vacuum
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • (1) US Plug/ Power Adapter
  • (2) Mop Cloth
  • (1) Insert card

Technical Specs:

  • Construction Material: ABS, POM
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 0.2L
  • Average Charge Time: 2.5-3 Hours
  • Vacuum Operation Run-Time: 90 Minutes
  • Battery Type: 11.1V Li-ion, 1500mAh – 16.65Wh
  • Unit Average Power: 15W
  • Power Supply: 120/240V, 13V Power Adapter
  • Low Noise: 65 dB
  • Power Cable Length: 5.02 ft.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.02’’ x 11.02’’ x 2.95’’ -inches
    •(1) Mop Plate
    • (2) Pairs Side Brushes
    • (2) Primary Filter
    • (1) User manual
    • (1) Warranty card