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R-Go Tools HE Mouse Ergonomic Mouse RGOHELAWL Manual

R-Go Tools HE Mouse Ergonomic Mouse RGOHELAWL Manual Image

R-Go Tools HE Mouse Ergonomic Mouse


Vertical mouse: prevents RSI
The right-handed HE Mouse Large Wireless has a vertical grip which provides a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist. You move from the forearm instead of your wrist, which prevents RSI. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand, and supports your wrist and fingers.

Customisable buttons
You can customise the buttons on the HE Mouse to your personal requirements.

Award Winning Design
HE Mouse has won the Benelux Office Product Award 2013 due to its innovative design.image 1


Model:                     Vertical mouse
Hand:                       Right
Length hand:            >185
Function:                 Buttons, scroll wheel
Resolution (DPI):    500-1500-1750-2500
Number of buttons: 5 buttons


Connection:                        Wireless
USB receiver included:          Yes
Data transfer:                    2.4 GHz
USB version:                      USB 2.0


Compatibility:              Windows, Mac, Linux
Installation:                  Plug & play


Battery capacity (in mAh):                           600
Battery recharge time:                               5 – 6 hours
Recharge cable length (cm):                         102
Battery dimensions (LxWxH in mm):       37 x 21 x 9
Battery weight (grams):                                 11
Battery type:                                                  Li-Ion
Battery use (in hours):                                     50


Length (mm):            110
Width (mm):              93
Height (mm):             79
Weight (gram):          134
Product material:     Plastic
Colour:                     Black
Serie:                     HE Mouse


Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):         140 x 112 x 92
Gross weight (in grams):                                       342
Carton Size (mm):                                        575 x 575 x 190
Carton weight (grams):                                       14800
Quantity in carton:                                                50
HS code (tariff):                                                 84716070
FCC-code:                                                    2ampy-RGOHELAWL
IC-code:                                                        22884-RGOHELAWL
Country of origin:                                                 China

R-Go Tools | Techniekweg 15 | 4143HW Leerdam | The Netherlands.

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