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RED SHIELD Midi Defender Dual Siren Alarm Manual

RED SHIELD Midi Defender Dual Siren Alarm Manual Image

Midi Defender Dual Siren Alarm

Midi Defender Dual Siren Alarm


The Midi Defender Dual Siren Alarm is a unique personal safety alarm as it has two sirens which sound at two different frequencies. The two sirens oscillate when activated to give maximum effect.The Alarm also features a useful torch facility which operates independently of the alarm siren. In addition the LED light flashes when alarm is activated. The new midi design makes the alarm very appealing and convenient to carry with a choice of key chain or ripcord.


Activation of the alarm:
Pull the keychain or ripcord attachment out from the alarm. To de-activate place the pin back into the alarm.

Activation of Torch facility:
Hold down the button on the right hand side of the personal alarm, release to switch off the torch.
Your Personal Safety­ You should always try to avoid situations which may threaten your personal safety. In this respect trust your instincts. If you are going somewhere you may consider dangerous, always let someone else know where you are going.
If you have concerns about safety of a situation or place that you find yourself in always have you alarm in hand.

To Change the Batteries

Remove the cover on the back of the alarm by pulling up the catch as shown below. Remove old batteries and replace with 4 new LR44 Batteries as shown in the figure.

It is recommended that the alarm power is tested regularly by discreetly activating the alarm. Please note that the Alarm power has a finite life. When the alarm siren goes weak / low siren, replace with new fresh batteries


Remove batteries before storing the alarm for an extended period of time. Batteries corrode over time and may permanently damage the unit. Different types of batteries or new and used batteries should not be mixed. Depleted batteries should be removed from the unit and disposed of properly.
Model no: ST-803