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Reebok i-Run 4.0 Treadmill Manual

Reebok i-Run 4.0 Treadmill Manual Image

Reebok i-Run 4.0 Treadmill User Manual


Safety Key

Lubricating the Treadmill

* Every 3-6 months
** See User Guide for more info

User Information

This product is suitable for user’s weight of 120kg.

WEEE logo this symbol on a product means that the product is covered by European Directive 2012/19/EU.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by RFE International is under license.

Hereby, RFE international declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU.

Product Registration and Support


Exploded Diagram

Parts List


C07 Top Side Rail 2 D01 Nut (M6) 9 E03 Switch Button 1
C08 Lateral Side Rail 2 D02 Nut (M8) 16 E04 Power Socket 1
A02 Console Bracket 1 C09 Back End Cover 1 D03 Bolt (M12*40) 1 E05 Overload Protector 1
A03 Left Handle Bar Bracket 1 C10 Back End Side Cover-L 1 D04 Bolt (M8*55) 2 E06 Magnet Ring 1
A04 Right Handle Bar Bracket 1 C11 Back End Side Cover-R 1 D05 Bolt (M8*40) 2 E07 Magnet Core 1
A05 Left Upright Tube 1 C12 Tube End Cover-L 1 D06 Bolt (M8*15) 6 E08 Power Wire 1
A06 Right Upright Tube 1 C13 Tube End Cover-R 1 D07 Bolt (M6*55) 3 E09 AC Single Wire (Brown 200) 1
A07 Frame Reinforcement Tube 1 C15 Console Top Cover 1 D08 Bolt (M5*12) 13 E10 AC Single Wire (Brown 350) 2
A08 Support Frame 1 C16 Console Bottom Cover 1 D09 Bolt (M8*60) 6 E11 AC Single Wire (Blue 350) 2
B01 Connection Board I 1 C17 IPAD Holder Top Cover 1 D10 Screw (ST2.9*8) 2 E12 Grounding Wire (Yellow & Green 350) 1
B02 Connection Board II 1 C18 IPAD Holder Bottom Cover 1 D11 Bolt (M6*10) 4 E13 PCB Board 1
B03 Folding Metal Plate 1 C19 IPAD Holder Insert Part 1 D12 Bolt (M5*10) 4 E14 Control Board 1
B04 Cylinder Metal Plate 1 C20 Tube Decoration Ring 2 D13 Screw (ST4.2*12) 28 E15 Top Signal Wire 1
B05 Front Roller 1 C21 Handle Bar Foam-L 1 D14 Screw (ST4.2*30) 2 E16 Bottom Signal Wire 1
B06 Back Roller 1 C22 Handle Bar Foam-R 1 D15 Screw (ST4.2*25) 4 E17 Hand Pulse Top Cover 1
B07 Handle Bar Fasten Plate 2 C23 Hand Pulse Holder 2 D16 Screw (ST4.2*12) 28 E18 Hand Pulse Bottom Cover 2
B08 Hand Pulse Metal Plate 4 C24 Handle Bar Cover-L 1 D17 Screw (ST2.9*8) 9 E19 On-Off Sensor 1
B09 Cylinder 1 C25 Handle Bar Cover-R 1 D18 Washer (6) 5 E20 Console Acrylic 1
B10 Safety Key Plate 2 C26 Safety Key Holder 1 D19 Washer (8) 9 E21 IPAD Holder Sticker 1
B11 Cylinder Fasten Roller 1 C27 Safety Key 1 D20 Spring Washer (8) 2 F01 Filter (Optional) 1
B12 Pressure Spring 3 C28 Black Cushion 4 D21 Flat Washer (8) 8 F02 Inductance (Optional) 1
B13 Pull Spring 1 C29 Side Rail Holder 6 D22 Bolt (M8*30) 2 F03 AC Single Wire (Optional) 1
B14 Bushing 2 C30 Adjustable Foot Pad 2 D23 Flat Washer (12) 1 F04 Grounding Wire (Optional) 1
B15 Guide Bar 2 C31 Black Cushion 4 D24 Screw (ST2.5*6) 4 F05 Screw (Optional) 4
B16 Compression Spring 2 C32 Cover Button 2 D25 Bolt (M6*40) 4 G01 Belt Guide Hook 2
B17 Limit Bushing 2 C33 Ring-shaped Wire Plug 2 D26 Screw (ST2.9*6) 7 G02 Screw 4
B18 Cross wrench/Screwdriver 1 C34 Foot Pad 2 D27 Flat Washer (10) 1 H01 USB Connection Wire (Optional) 1
B19 5# Allen Wrench 1 C35 Transport Wheel 2 D28 Nut (M10) 1 H02 USB Module (Optional) 1
B20 Rotate Bushing 2 C36 IPAD Holder Clamp 1 D29 Bolt (M8*25) 1 H03 Speaker (Optional) 1
B21 Pull Spring 2 C37 Spring Rope 1 D30 Bolt (M6*45) 1 H04 Speaker (Optional) 1
C01 Motor Top Cover 1 C38 Running Belt 1 D31 Bolt (M8*15) 4 H05 MP3 Wire (Optional) 1
C02 Motor Bottom Cover 1 C39 Motor Belt 1 D32 Bolt (M5*12) 4 H06 MP3 Power Wire (Optional) 1
C03 Motor Side Cover-L 1 C40 Upright Tube Knob 2 D33 Bolt (M6*25) 4 H07 Screw (ST2.9*8) (Optional) 10
C04 Motor Side Cover-R 1 C41 Folding Foot Pad 2 D34 Spring Washer (10) 1 J01 USB Port Plug 1 1
C05 Side Rail Ring-L 1 C42 Supporting Button 2 E01 Running Board 1 J02 USB Port Plug 2 1


A. START: Press to start treadmill, the running belt will start moving.
B. STOP/PAUSE: Press to stop treadmill, the running belt will slow before stopping completely.
C. PROGRAM: Selects the desired program (P1-P12, FAT).
D. MODE: To select countdown mode for distance, calories, steps and time.
E. SPEED +: Press this button to increase speed/value.
F. SPEED -: Press this button to decrease speed/value.


MPH to KPH Conversion
In standby mode, remove the safety key then press and hold SPEED + and SPEED – at the same time for 5 seconds. Speed will show ‘0.6’ for MPH or ‘1.0’ for KPH. Repeat the above process to change again.

Safety Key 

The machine will not operate unless the red safety key is inserted. If the safety key is out of place the machine will shut down immediately. The screens will display ‘- – – -’ with a warning tone. The clip on the end of the safety key must be attached to the user at all times during your workout to ensure the machine stops immediately in the event of emergency.


When paused the console will display ‘PAU’.
During workout the left screen will alternate between displaying calories and steps. The right screen will alternate between displaying pulse and speed.

Quick Start 

Press START. The system will count down for 3 seconds and make a sound.
Press SPEED +/- to adjust speed.


  • Press +/- to set workout target value.
  • Press START to begin workout out.
  • Press SPEED +/- to adjust speed.

Body Fat Test 

  • Press PROGRAM until you get to FAT.
  • Press MODE then use SPEED +/- to set target value: Set value from F-1-to F-4:
    F-1 GENDER (01 Male / 02 Female)
    F-2 AGE
    F-3 HEIGHT
    F-4 WEIGHT
  • Press MODE to enter F-5 (F-5 BODY FAT TEST) hold hands on the pulse sensors, the console will display your body fat value after 3 seconds.

The body fat value is intended as a guide, and is not medical data:
≤ 19 Under Weight
20-25: Normal Weight
26-29: Overweight
≥ 30 Obese


Press PROGRAM button, CALORIES/STEPS will display 12 programs, select between P1-P12.
Press SPEED +/- to set the workout time.
Press START to begin workout.
Programs are divided into 10 sections; the machine will beep 3 times when starting a new section.
Press SPEED +/- to adjust speed during each section.
When the program is finished the machine will beep 3 times then stop.

Power Saver Function 

This product is manufactured in compliance with the Erp Regulations and is fitted with a power saving mode which will activate if the Treadmill is inactive for a period of 10 minutes. To restart the treadmill press any button.

Lubrication Reminder 

After every 300km (188 miles) of running the treadmill will require lubricating. The machine will make a sound every 10 seconds and display ‘OIL’. Read the user guide for lubrication insturctions.. After lubrication, hold STOP for 3 seconds and the warning will be removed.

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