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resideo IPCAM-WOC2 HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Video Camera manual

resideo IPCAM-WOC2 HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Video Camera manual Image

resideo IPCAM-WOC2 HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Video Camera

IPCAM-WOC2 is a 1080p, full HD Wi-Fi® video camera intended for outdoor use with Resideo Total Connect® 2.0.

  • Camera setup requires a Total Connect® 2.0 account and the Total Connect 2.0 mobile app. Video Services must be enabled in AlarmNet 360™.
  • Camera operation requires minimum available bandwidth of 2.1 Mbps.

Package Contents

  1. A. Camera
  2. B. Sun Shield
  3. C. Power Cable Extension [8′ Cable]
  4. D. Power Adapter with 7′ Cable
  5. E. Pig-tail Power Cable
  6. F. Screws and Allen Wrench
  7. G. Antenna
  8. a. Bluetooth Antenna
  9. b. Not Used
  10. c. Reset Switch
  11. d. Power

Planning Configuration and Installation

See the other side of this sheet for more about mounting at the installation site

  • The camera should be situated within 200 feet (61 m) of a power outlet and within the verified range of its Wi-Fi® connection. DO NOT mount the camera within 1 foot (0.3 m) of any other wireless device. Depending on the specifics of your installation, a range extender may be needed to ensure adequate Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Pre-installation: It is strongly recommended that camera configuration be done as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router with which the camera will be linked. After setup, use a third-party app to check signal strength at the installation site before mounting (over for more information on signal strength.)
  • The power adapter must be connected to a non-switchable power outlet.
  • Direct sunlight on the camera lens/image sensor may affect picture quality. When placing the camera, consider how the lighting can vary with time of day and other conditions. The included sun shield can be attached to the camera to help minimize problems with sun glare.

IMPORTANT: Use only ONE of the included power extension cables. This cable adds 8feet (2.44 m) to the supplied power adapter for a total of 15 feet (4.5 m). Alternately, you may use the pig-tail power cable to extend the power adapter cable with a maximum of 200 feet (61 m) of 18 AWG wire.
If the included extension cable is not used, you may cut and splice (observing good workmanship) the power transformer cable.

Ensure proper polarity if the pig-tail power cable is used. The pig-tail’s black (negative) wire must be connected to the negative (white dashed) wire on the power adapter.

Wi-Fi Configuration and Camera Registration

Download the Total Connect® 2.0 app from the App Store or on Google Play. (Look for the red Total Connect 2.0 logo.) Note: Significant differences between the
iOS and Android versions of the app are noted in these instructions.

For best results, configure only one camera at a time.
Check these settings when you turn on your mobile device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth isn’t connected to another device. such as headphones
  • Also, make sure the mobile device is NOT on Silent (ringer and speaker should be audible)


  1. Verify that the camera’s antenna is securely connected.
  2. Turn on your smart device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  3. Launch the app and sign in with your Total Connect® 2.0 account.
  4. Plug the power supply into an AC outlet, but:
    DON’T CONNECT THE POWER SUPPLY TO THE CAMERA YET! When you do, refer to the diagram at right ➔

If your account has more than one Location, select the appropriate one using the dropdown v menu at the top of the screen.
Press CAMERAS at the bottom (iOS) or top (Android) of the screen. (Remember that the horizontal Navigation Order can be customized in iOS.)

  1. At upper right, press ADD CAMERA (iOS) or (±) (Android)
  2. Select the type of camera you’re installing. The names of the camera models may vary from the illustration at right.
  3. Name the camera and press NEXT.
  4. Connect the power supply to the camera. The LED at the top flashes various colors. Then, WAIT for the camera’s LED to flash blue only. This may take a couple of minutes.
  5. Press NEXT on the app.


  1. On the Pair Your Camera screen, press Generate QR Code. After a brief wait, the code appears.
  2. Show the QR code on your device to the camera from 3 – 8 inches away.
    If you can, keep an eye on your device’s screen; when the code is scanned successfully. a confirmation message will appear over the QR code.
    The app will also provide audible confirmation via your mobile device’s speaker.
  3. Select your Wi-Fi network and press NEXT.
  4. Enter the network password and press NEXT. Final setup begins.

When setup is complete, the LED on the camera changes from steady blue, to purple and finally to steady green.
The app also displays Setup Successful*. Press DONE or ADD ANOTHER CAMERA.
After setup, go back to the CAMERAS page and check your newly-registered camera.
Touch the preview image to launch a live stream from the camera.
*The app will tell you if you need to repeat the setup process. This involves resetting the camera, which is described in the app itself
See the other side of this sheet for more information about the required steps.



This radio transmitter [IC: 573F-IPCAMWOC2] has been approved by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to operate with the antenna types listed below, with the maximum permissible gain indicated. Antenna types not included in this list that have a gain greater than the maximum gain indicated for any type listed are strictly prohibited for use with this device. For product available in the USA/Canada market, only channel 1~11 can be operated. Selection of other channels is not possible.