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Rheem Gas Hot Water Manual

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Rheem Gas Hot Water User Guide



Continuous Flow gas water heaters deliver hot water that will never run out as they heat water when you need it, for as long as you need it. Continuous Flow water heaters work differently to storage water heaters, heating only on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed.

Choose the right capacity for your home.

Your Rheem will be serving you for many years so make sure you choose the right capacity to meet your needs now and as your family grows:

Rheem offers more models and features with the performance you expect.

  • 6 Star efficiency
  • 10 Year Heat Exchanger warranty1
  • Sleek design, in modern, designer color: – with concealed screws for a clean look (12L-26L)
  • 50ºC factory pre-set models available for greater safety ­ adjustable at installation for hotter water at the tap3
  • Digital OK monitor:
    – Displays the error code should a fault occur
    – Shows your set hot water temperature when operating (12L-26L)
  • Compact (even better for small spaces)
  • Improved hot water flow delivery at cold start up (while also saving water)
  • More flexible (so it’s installable in more places): – Just 2L/minute minimum operating water flow
    – Minimum water supply pressure 120kPa (27L: 140kPa)
    – Maximum water supply pressure 1,000kPa
  • Rheem Flue Diverter compatible4:
    – Stainless Steel diverters with heat shield for added safety
    – Standard (12L, 16L or 26L) or Extended Flue Diverters (26L)
  • Flame safe® overheat protection, automatically shuts down your water heater should it overheat
  • Rheem EZ Link® compatible, so two units can be linked for up to 54L/minute delivery
  • Rheem Q Factor® equipped, for hot water with minimal fluctuation when multiple taps demand hot water
  • Optional Remote Temperature Controllers for convenience in setting the safest temperature
  • Solar ready – 70ºC capable models in 20L, 26L or 27L capacity (when set to 70ºC) are solar system compatible without the need for special fittings5
  • Frost protected to -20ºC
  • Internal model available with a matched flue system (27L only)
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane


Rheem Standard and Deluxe Electronic Temperature Controllers allow you to choose the exact temperature you need. Bathroom Controllers can be set up to 50ºC for added safety. Deluxe Controllers offer a `bath fill’ mode, turning off the water once your pre-set volume is delivered.

Recess boxes and Pipe covers.

Recess Box
Your Rheem water heater can be neatly set into the wall to save even more space, using a recess box.
Pipe Cover
Alternatively you can use a Rheem pipe cover in matching color to hide all pipework.


RHEEM 12/16/20/26


  1. Warranty conditions: 10 Years parts and 3 Years labor on Heat Exchanger, 3 Years parts and labor on other components when installed in a domestic dwelling. For all other installations, warranty period is 1 Year parts and labor on Heat Exchanger and other components. Conditions apply. See the Rheem warranty set out in the Owner’s Guide & Installation Instructions or view at www.rheem.com.au/warranty.
  2. Guide only, subject to ambient water temperature and pressure and correct pipe sizing.
  3. 50ºC factory pre-set models supply hot water at a maximum 50ºC to all outlets in accordance with AS 3498. Some applications may require tempering, refer to AS/NZS 3500.4. 60ºC and higher temperature models must have a tempering valve installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.4.
  4. Confirm with your local authorities that the installation complies with all regulations applicable in your area. Refer to your State or Territory gazette regulation revision of AS/NZS 5601-XXXX to ensure compliance. Rheem Flue Diverters must only Tb Me fitted to these models: 876812NF/874812NF/874T16NF/876T16NF/874T26NF/876T26NF. They must not be fitted to any other models, as this may create an unsafe operating condition.
  5. Gas solar boosters must be set to 70ºC at installation and for operation to comply with applicable regulations.

Information current as at March 2018. Materials and data are subject to change without notice.

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™ Trademark of Rheem Australia Pty Ltd
™² Trademark of SAI Global

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