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RICHO Compact Waterproof Camera G900, G900SE Manual

RICHO Compact Waterproof Camera G900, G900SE Manual Image

RICHO Compact Waterproof Camera User Manual

How to attach the neck strap Attach the neck strap as shown in the figure.

p.68, First item in Memo in “Using the Camera Memo”

Ori.: When using a tamper-proof card, transfer the camera memo to the internal memory.
Cor.: However, when a tamper-proof card is inserted in the camera, you cannot transfer the camera memo.
p.130, Step 3 in “Restricting Available Functions


SDWO (G900SE only) Requests a password when accessing an inserted tamper-proof card.
Cor. Requests a password when the camera is turned on with no tamper-            proof  card inserted.

p.148, “Television Playback”

The recommended HDMI® cable RP-CHEU15-K (manufactured by Panasonic) has been discontinued. Use CAC-HD14EU15BK (manufactured by ELECOM) instead.