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RobEdGoods FM Transmitter Bluetooth 5.0 Manual

RobEdGoods FM Transmitter Bluetooth 5.0 Manual Image

User manual

This device is a Bluetooth MP3 player which is developed for a great car experience, which is equipped with a professional high-performance Bluetooth module and MP3 decoder chip. So it can play and transmit the music from USBflashdrive to car stereo by FM radio signal. It can transmit your mobile phone’s music to the car stereo via Bluetooth. It can also be used as a hands-free car kit during driving. This device transmits signals by wireless method, no need to modify anything in your car. It can be used both as a music player for entertainment purposes or a hands-free car kit for safety purposes during driving.

Product introduction

  • This equipment can detect the battery’s voltage.
  •  Support Bluetooth hands-free calls, built-in microphone, secure answer calls.
  • Support mobile’s A2DP function. Music will be played directly while the mobile phone is connected.
  • Mobile phones can be connected automatically when the device is powered on.
  •  Support an external USB flash drive, can play music files in MP3 / WMA format.
  •  Integrated car charger of output 5V/3.5A, which is available for charging handheld devices in the car.

By first time use

  •  The device turns on automatically when the integrated car charger is plugged into the car cigarette lighter hole.
  •  Select any blank frequency between 87.5-108.0MHZ.
  • Turn on the car FM stereo and select the frequency same as that of the device.
  •  Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play music.

Frequency and volume adjustment

  • This device supports 206 frequency channels from 87.5-108 MHZ. Hold the button to enter the frequency page. At this time, the display will twinkle, you can adjust the frequency through the buttons. One long press for quick adjustment, and a short press for slow adjustment. If there is no operation within 5 seconds, the system will exit the menu.
  •  One long press on “Previous Song” and “Next Song” to adjust the volume.

Play music from the TF card and USB-flashdrive

  • Insert the TF card into the device, it will automatically detect and play the MP3 / WMA format music from the TF card.
  • Plug USB flash drive into the device’s USB flash drive Reader Port. It will automatically detect and play the  MP3 / WMA format music. (Example figure of the symbols added underneath.) RobEdGoods FM MUSIC

Play, pause, skip and forward a song.

  • When this device is playing music from a USB flashdrive, please button to answer the button. Press the button to pause the music, and then press the play button to play the music again.
  •  In the music playback mode, please press the forward button to select a previous or following song.

Connect to Bluetooth devices

  • This device is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth chip, so it can connect to any other Bluetooth device.
  •  It will automatically enter the Bluetooth pairing state after it is turned on, The screen will flash continuously. At this time, use the handheld terminal device to search for a Bluetooth device is named  “G32” to connect.
  • This device has a memory function, it will automatically connect to its memorized paired Bluetooth device when it’s powered on again.

Play music from your phone

After you have successfully connected your mobile phone by Bluetooth, you can play the music from your mobile phone in car stereo by the wireless signal transmission. You can change the volume, play, pause, skip and forward a song remotely.

Bluetooth handsfree function

  • When there is an incoming call, press the button to answer the incoming call. If you want to end the call,  please press the button again.
  • You can redial the last calling number by double pressing the button
  • Reject an incoming call by long-pressing the button. (for 3 seconds)

USB-port charging function

This device has two USB ports, an interface with a lightning strike symbol. The output voltage is DC5V, the maximum output current is 2.5A. The interface with the identification symbol contains a current output of 1A  and can be read from the USB flashdriver at the same time. (Example figure of the symbols added underneath.)

Product parameters

  •  Bluetooth version:V5.0
  • Rated working voltage:12V-24V
  • Limit voltage: 9V-29V
  •  Sensitivity: -42db+ / 3db 360
  • Working current: 45mA (maximum)
  •  Stand by current: 25mA (maximum)
  •  Frequency: 2.402ghz-2.480 ghz
  •  Bluetooth effective range: 8m
  • Sensitivity: -92 dBm
  • RF output:4 dBm
  • FM frequency: 87.5MHz-108.0MHz
  • Transmitted power: 87dBuv / 107dBuv
  •  FM effective range: 2m

Part description

Note: This device is compatible with most of the current mobile phones. However, there are some phones that can’t use all functions of the parts above.