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Roku Premier Manual

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Roku Premiere Quick Start Guide

What’s included




 Connect your
streaming player to
an HDMI port on the
back of your TV using
the Premium High
Speed HDMI® Cable

To stream 4K or HDR,
choose an HDMI port
that supports HDCP
2.2. Use the Premium
High Speed HDMI®
Cable (included).For help determining which port supports HDCP 2.2, visit go.roku.com/hdcp


For the best streaming
experience, use the
included USB power
cable and power
adaptor to connect
your streaming player
to a wall outlet.
Or use the included
USB power cable to
connect to the USB
port on your TV.


Place the streaming
player near your TV.
The streaming player
can be attached to
your TV with the
included double-sided
adhesive strip. The
strip is for single-use
and can be removed.

DO make sure that the
front of your streaming
player has direct line of
sight with your remote

DO NOT place your streaming player behind the TV.
DO NOT place inside a TV cabinet. Doing so may    cause overheating.

For proper use,
see adhesive strip
instructions located
at the end of this
Quick Start Guide.


Use your TV remote to power on your TV and select the input you used to connect your streaming player. For help on how to select the correct input, visit;                                                                                                      go.roku.com/selectinput


On the back side of the
remote, slide open the
battery cover. Insert
included Duracell®
batteries placing the
negative (-) ends in


Follow the instructions
on your TV screen.

Activate your
streaming player by
using your computer
or smartphone to link
to a Roku account.

NOTE: Roku does not charge for activation support – beware of scams.

Common questions

Why do I need to create a Roku account?
Before you can start streaming, channels must be downloaded and
installed on your streaming player. You’ll need a Roku account to
access the Roku Channel Store, manage your subscriptions, view
your purchase history, and add a payment method. For more info,
visit go.roku.com/whyaccount
Why do I need to enter a credit card?
Saving a payment method makes it easy to rent or buy movies
on demand, subscribe to popular services, and enroll in free trials.
Charges will not be made without your authorization. For more
information, visit go.roku.com/paymenthelp
What should I do if my streaming player is not connecting to my wireless network?
Your streaming player connects to your wireless network the same
as your laptop or smartphone. If these other devices can access the
internet, then your streaming player should be able to do the same.
Make sure to select the same network name, and enter the same
password you use with the other devices. Remember that passwords
are case-sensitive and easy to enter incorrectly. For more help, visit
Can I take my Roku streaming player with me when I travel?
Yes. You can bring your streaming player and watch your favorite
entertainment when you travel. Remember to also bring the USB
power adaptor (like your phone charger), remote, and any cables
you use to connect your streaming player at home. Make sure
your destination has a good internet connection. You may need a
computer or smartphone to help connect your streaming player
to a new wireless network. For more details, visit

Adhesive strip instructions

You have the option of attaching your streaming player to your TV using the included double-sided adhesive strip. This strip is removable and will not leave a sticky residue. However, it can only be used one time! Keep in mind that your streaming player requires a direct line of sight with your remote control. To order more strips, go to roku.com/accessories

To apply adhesive strip

To remove adhesive strip

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