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ROMOSS SW30PS USB C Power Bank manual

ROMOSS SW30PS USB C Power Bank manual Image

ROMOSS SW30PS USB C Power Bank Instructions


Check remaining capacity

The USB and type-C ports can be used to charge digital devices.

The Lighting, Micro USB, Type-C ports can be used to charge a power bank.

This product does not include a charging cable.

Technical Parameter

Product Power Bank
Model SW30+
Capacity 30000rnAh(111Wh)
input -D :5V = 2.1A (Lightning)

—3+:5V = 2A or 9V =2A(Micro USB )

45 :5V = 2A or 9V =2A

Output 61:5V = 3A or 9V= 2A or 12V= 1.5A

et :5V = 3A or 9V= 2A or 12V= 1.5A

8 :5V = 2.1A lig + et+ 0=3A

Weight 640g
Size -1171.5xW82x1133.6mm


Do not disassemble, modify, knock or strike the product.

Use only the factory supplied charging cable, adaptor and power adaptor.

To extend the battery life, please use and charge the battery at least once every three months.

Please operate the device under 0-45C of environmental temperature and stow the product only under 20C-60C.

Please do not drop, press or pierce the product.

Please keep the product away from children.

Keep the product away from any liquid.

Warranty Services

12 months of warranty period

Customer Support

Customer Support id available for the period of the product life.

For FAQ and more information, please visit:


Facebook @Romoss.official
Email: [email protected]
Product Number: SW30+
Product Description: Power Bank
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