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Roxcore Pins IE In-Ear Earbuds Manual

Roxcore Pins IE In-Ear Earbuds Manual Image
Roxcore Pins IE In-Ear Earbuds User Manual

Bluetooth VS.0
Support iOS & Android System

Operation Guide

(L) (R) One Touch: Play/Pause/Answer/Hang Up
(L) (R) Long Touch 2 Seconds: Power On
(L) (R) Long Touch 5 Seconds: Power Off
(L) (R) Long Touch 3 Seconds: Rejection Voice Assistant
(L) Double Touch: Volume –
(L) Triple Touch: Prev Song
(R) Double Touch: Volume+
(R) Triple Touch: Next Song
(L) (R) Gaming Mode: Touch(Click) 5 times, when hear the “DuDu” prompt tone it’s in Gaming Mode with low latency; When Touch(Click) 5 times again, exit the Gaming Mode.

Roxcore Pins IE In-Ear Earbuds User Manual - Gaming Mode

(L) (R) L/R Deletion Of Paired Memory : Please put both earbuds inside the charging box, and well keep them inside the box. Then, in the meantime, keep pressing the two earbuds around 10 seconds until both of them keep flashing in white and red alternatively and quickly. After doing so, the deletion of paired memory is finished.

Easy Pairing

  1. Put the Left and Right earbuds into the charging box to wake them up. When the lights indicating breathing red and charged normally, the earbuds are activated.
  2. Take out the Left and Right earbuds from the charging box in the same time. The earbuds indicator will flash red and white, and the two will be automatically connected together. Once connected successfully, one of the earbuds will stay flash red and white, the other one will go off.
  3. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth connection, search the name “Pins IE” and click it for pairing. Once paired successfully, the lights will go off.

Note: If need, please Power off the earbuds and Repeat the above steps to Pair again!

Roxcore Pins IE In-Ear Earbuds User Manual - Gaming Mode

4.After use, pls put it back to the charging box, it will be auto power-off accordingly.
5. When use next time, just pick it out from the charging box and it will be auto paired for use.

Product Detail

Charging Diagram

Charger box

Charging Time : 2 hours
Charging State: Earbuds

When Charging : Earbuds bright red Lights ,Charging box white light flash.
Full Charging: Charging box light went out
Charging time : About 1 h
Low Battery: Red light flash and warning


Pairing Name: Pins IE
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Playing time: 4.0 H (Based on 60% Volume)
Charging Time: 1 Hour for earbuds
Profile Support: HSP/ HFP/ A2DP/ AVRCP
Sensitivity: 96 ± 3 dB
Charging Socket Micro USB
Charging box charging time: 2 Hours
Amount of charges: 4 (when case is fully charged)

Safety information

This product contains a rechargeable Li-ion battery and the battery can not be replaced.
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.


  • Cellphone can not search the Bluetooth earbuds Delete all Bluetooth pairing names stored on the phone, and search again .
  • Left & Right side earbuds can not be paired together
    1 )Take out the L & R side earbuds in the same time or power on in the same time .
    2)After eliminating the above causes, the L & R earbuds can do” Deletion Of Paired Memory” and reconnect again .
  • The earbuds sound is jammed or disconnected when talking or playing music
    1 )Cellphone & Bluetooth earbuds have large areas of shielding, such as walls.
    2)Low power of battery .
    3)The distance between cellphone and TWS earbuds is more than 10 meters.
    4)The L & R side earbuds is not pairing synchronized, pls turn it off and re-open them in same time to pair them again .
  • The sound quality of earbuds is not ideal Please try to select the appropriate sized ear tips enclosed for better listening experience.

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