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runcom Scope cam 2 Manual

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runcom Scope cam 2 User Manual

Instruction Diagram

  1. WiFi Button
  2. Powering on /off Switch
  3. LED1 Red Light(Recording Status)/ Blue Light(WiFi Status)
  4. LED2 Red Light( Recording Status)/ Green Light (Charging Status)
  5. Type-C
  6. Micro-SD Card Slot


Type-C only supports DC 5V power supply, please use conventional phone charger or power bank.
Green light will turn on during charging, while it will tun off when it is fully charged.It takes about 2
hours to get fully charged.

Low Battey Reminder:

When the battery is lower than 8%, the camera vibrates 4 times continuously, 30s each vibration.

MicroSD Card

Capacity up to 128GB; High Speed SD card (Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II/UHS-III )is highly recommended
Note: The camera only supports FAT32 or exFAT format, SD cards over 64GB must be formatted via the App.

Basic Camera Operation

  Start Recording   Push button up,
LED1, LED2(Red Light) have a slow flash at 1s interval simultaneously
  Stop Recording   Push button down,
LED1 and LED2(Red Light) turn off simultaneously
  Open WIFI   Operation1: Long Pressing WIFI button 3s in recording status
Waiting for a connection: LED1( Blue light flashes slowly at 1s interval),
Connected: LED1(Blue Light is on)
  Operation2: Long Pressing WIFI button 3s in shutdown status
Waiting for a connection: LED1( Blue light flashes slowly at 1s interval)
Connected: LED1(Blue Light is on)
  Close WIFI   Long pressing WIFI button 3s,
LED1 (Blue light) off, the camera turns off simultaneously
  Forced shutdown   Long pressing WIFI button 8s
  Abnormal Status   No SD card or SD card abnormality, LED1,
LED2 have a quick flash simultaneously

Connection to the Computer

U Disk Mode:

Connecting to PC via TYPE-C to USB, the camera will enter into U disk mode automatically, recording indicator(red light) is on


Short pressing WIFI button to switch to WEBCAM/PCCAM/UVC mode in U disk mode, then Short pressing WIFI button can switch back and forth to U Disk or WEBCAM mode.
NOTICE: If the camera cannot be recognized after connecting to the computer, please confirm whether there is microSD card in Scope cam 2.
If the information in the SD card cannot be read normally, please replace the USB cable or retry the computer USB port.


  1. Long press WiFi button 3s, LED1(blue light) flashes, WiFi is started and waiting for connection.
  2. Find the SSID connection of the Scope Cam 2 in the wireless network of the mobile phone and enter the password, after successful connection, firmware update/WIFI indicator(blue light) is constantly on
  3. Default SSID: RCSC02_*****PW:1234567890

Android and iOS APP:

Search ‘RunCam App’ on Google Play/App Store, or download on our website: https://runcam.com/download/scopecam2

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade Status (Blue light blinks)Ensure that the Scope Cam battery is more than 50% before the upgrade
Manually copy the firmware file (FWSCLITE.bin) onto the microSD card. Follow the instruction on
To get the latest features and best performance from your Scope Cam, make sure you are using the
most current camera software. You can update your firmware with the RunCam App or at


  Image Sensor   1/2.9”CMOS 2MP
  Lens   40mm@FOV 8.2   25mm@FOV 12°   3.6mm@FOV 126
  ISO   100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600
  Shutter   1~1/500s
  Resolution   1080P@60fps / 1080P@50fps / 720P@90fps
  Video format   MP4(H.264)
  Memory Card   Micro SD(Max 128g)
  File system   Fat32/exFat
  Battery   1400mAh
  Battery life   About 240 minutes (1080P@60fps)
  Charging time   About 120 minutes
  Wi-Fi   2.4g
  USB Interface   Type-C
  Work Current   1.25W (wi-fi off)
  Work Temp   -10°C ~ 45°C
  Housing Material   Aluminum alloy & PA
  Vibration motor   Built-in
  Waterproof   IP64
  Mount   Picatinny
  Net Weight   40mm@135g   25mm@130g   3.6mm@118g
  Dimensions   112mm*32mm*36mm   93mm*32mm*36mm   79mm*32mm*36mm

Technical Support

Please visit: https://support.runcam.com/hc/en-us