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SBOL Setracker2 KIDS Smartwatch Manual

SBOL Setracker2 KIDS Smartwatch Manual Image

(Setracker2) KIDS Smartwatch
Quick Start Guide

Steps before using the product

Please read the Quick Start Guide carefully before you using the product, in order to go through the installation and setup. The color of the product is subject to the real product.

  1.  Make sure that the product model is correct and all the accessories are present.
  2. Purchase one 2G Micro-SIM card which matches to the GSM network, you can refer to the opinions of the dealer. (make sure the device is switched off BEFORE inserting the Micro-SIM card)
  3.  The GSM SIM card need to be activated GPRS and Caller ID Display function.
  4. Install the client-side APP “Setracker2” on your mobile device. You can consult with your local dealer regarding the details of the APP.
  5. The barcode and QR code are present to assist with registering a user account(s).
  6. The steps of inserting a SIM Card as below:

Kids Watch Introduction

The Description of Function buttons :

Answer call: (button 1) press once while there is an incoming call Light switch : (button 1)
– short-pressing the button twice to turn on the lighting
– short-pressing the button once to turn off the lighting
Reset: long-press the button factory reset to default
Power key : (button 2) power on / power off
SOS key : (button 2) Long pressing the SOS key(button 2) for 3 seconds. It will display SOS on the screen. The watch will be entered an alert state.

Product functions :

Function Items:

(1) base station
(2) Phone book
(3) Talk-back
(4) Footprint
(5) Watch alarm clock
(6) Safe area
(7) SOS emergency alarm
(8) Low-power alarm
(9) Remote shutdown
(13)photo album
(14)Self dialing download ( Setracker2)

Note: After a long period of transport, the battery might be exhausted and locked, it needs to be reactivated.

  • please try to hold the reset button to perform the reset.
  • please charge it at least 10 minutes.

Download APP

Download and install the app

Search APP “SeTracker2” to download
A. Scanning QR code (on the back of the watch and below QR code)
B. Download “SeTracker2” in the APP store


Download Android or IOS APP for mobile phone client by scanning the bar-code

New user registration and login

After the download is completed, it needs the new user clicks on the registration icon and registers the account according to the prompting. The ID for registration can be got by scanning the barcode or manual input.
The username must have four characters (letter or digit) and the username must be unique. Other information can be input by yourself. It is possible to change the password. The registration pictures are shown below.

APP functions:

  1. Health
  2. Do not disturb
  3. Alarm clock
  4. Message: SOS emergency alarm, Low electricity alarm
  5. Rewards
  6. Chat: voice or text
  7. Security zone: you can set a security zone to prevent your kids out the area if your kids go out of the zone, then one message will be alert send to the APP.
  8. Locate: it is LBS positioning
  9. History: it is the historical route
  10. Setting:
    – SOS/Family number
    – Sound Guardian
    – Location Update Schedule
    – SMS Alerts
    – Phone Book
    – Baby Contacts
    – Language and Time Zone
    – Switch settings
    – Set Local Base Station
    – Watch Finder
    – Remote shutdown
  11. Personal info
  12. Device List
  13. Modify Password
  14. Sign out

Setup apn for access to GPRS network

SIM card in some countries need to setup the correct apn before accessing to GPRS network, if you see “device off-line” shown on your mobile phone, it might be an apn compatibility problem, please don’t worry about it. Please kindly contact the seller if need. (strongly recommend)
Step_1: make sure your child SIM card can make calls after inserting the SIM card correctly.
Step_2: text a message as below by using your mobile phone, send the two messages separately to the SIM card of Smartwatch.
– step 3: please help send the details to the seller, we will check the parameters then help solve this in a short time ( within 24 hours) .
Note: If you insert the correct SIM card and the device is online on the APP, no need to set APN IP and port commands.

Main manual introduction

After finish registration, please input the correct account number & password, log in to the main menu show as below:
Please refer to the real display
Instructions of part of the functions:

  1. Voice Chat: Voice records can be sent between the Watch and APP.
    App sends voice: When the voice record starts, APP begins to record then sends to the watch, the maximum recording time is 15 seconds. Short pressing the <Power On> key to play the voice at the watch.
  2. Map: View the Watch’s real-time location.
    The watch and APP mobile phone location can be shown on the map. Click “Locate” to start locating for 3 minutes, the uploading interval is 10 seconds, it will back to default mode after 3 minutes. On the map, you can know the watch location method. The blue icon means LBS.
  3. Setting: set all parameters of the watch.

Instruction of the watch alarm.

The phone will receive all alarming reminders after the watch alarm. Click the “alarm” button to enter into the APP main menu then you can see the detailed alarming information in the message center.

The Kids Watch’s working modes:

There are 3 basic working modes: normal mode, power-saving mode,and follow-up mode, a different working mode with different uploading intervals.
normal mode: uploading interval is 10 minutes
power-saving mode: uploading interval is 1-hour
follow-up mode: uploading interval is 1 minute

Main Functions of the kids watch

  1. Watch SOS
    Long pressing the SOS key (button 2) for 3 seconds. It will display SOS on the screen. The watch will be entered an alert state.
    It will call 3 SOS phone numbers alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call. Meanwhile, the watch will auto-send a message to the monitor number (default:’ off ‘).send an alert message to APP.
  2. Low power alert
    The low battery percentage bar will be displayed when battery capacity is lower than 20%. It will send an alert message to the monitor number (default: “off” ). Meanwhile, it will send an alert notification to the mobile APP.
  3. Click the talk, then the watch device can chat with APP
  4. Sound Guardian
    The watch needs to be set monitor number firstly. When sending a voice monitor command by dialing the monitored number, it is one-way calling.
  5. Telephone book
    10 phone numbers are available. The phone numbers can be used for making a voice call. Click to enter phone book, then select the phone number to dial out.


In case of the watch cannot be connected with the server at the first use, and the device shows no networking, please check as follows:

  1. Check whether the watch’s 2G Micro-SIM card is GSM supported.
  2. Check whether you have inserted the Micro-SIM card correctly, and the screen display is normal, please refer to the picture’s instructions.
  3. Please check whether the IP, Port and ID number are correct, you should make sure that the ID number pasted on the watch is the same as the ID number of the device itself. The user can check the ID number of the device itself by sending the message “pw,123456,ts#” from your cell phone to the watch (The watch must have a Micro-SIM card inserted and powered on).
    Please ask the seller for ask help if still any problems.
  4. There are two cases if you can not register on the APP.
    a. The ID number does not exist or has already been registered, please contact the dealer for help.
    b. Your registered account name has already been registered, please try to change to another new account name.

Hardware Specifications

No. Item Parameter/Model
1 CPU model MT6261
2 Communication system GSM
3 Frequency band 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz Quad Band
4 Screen 1.44 inch; IPS HD colored touch screen
5 Resolution 128*128
6 Camera 80,000 pixels
7 Battery 400mAh lithium polymer battery
8 Internal memory 32MB
9 Cover material Plastic (ABS+PC)
10 Strap material Dow Corning food-grade silicone
11 Watch size 50.6MM*40.3MM*14.8MM
12 Watch weight 42g

Package Contents

No. Item Quantity
1 Cell Phone Watch (with battery) 1
2 USB cable 1
3 Instruction Manual 1

* Please check the contents in the checklist carefully. If any of them is missing, please contact the seller in time. Thank you for choosing our product!


Q: Is this watch waterproof? Can I immerse it in water?
A: This watch has an IPX5 water-resistant rating, which can withstand water coming from a jet, but you cannot immerse it in water.
Q: What type of SIM card is suitable for this watch?
A: The watch only supports the SIM card with 2G Micro GSM communication standard. To make a phone call, the voice call service of the SIM card must be enabled. Please contact local communication operator for details.
Q: Does the watch emit strong radiation? Will it cause harm to health?
A: The watch has been tested by an authoritative third-party testing agency. The radiation is minimal, which is almost 0 and far lower than the international standard. It will not cause any harm to the human body. No need to worry about this issue and enjoy it!
Q: Can I use the watch without a SIM card?
A: If the watch does not have a SIM card, the communication-related functions will be disabled, such as call and SMS.
Q: What are the requirements for the charger?
A: Please use a standard USB charger for the watch. It is recommended to use a mobile phone charger and avoid charging the device through the USB port of a computer.
Q: How long does it take to fully charge the watch?
A: It might take about 2 hours to charge the watch. There is a power icon on the watch that indicates the current power. When the power is low, please charge it immediately.
Q: Will it have any negative impact if the watch hasn’t been used for a long time?