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SEALIGHT LED Headlight Kit 9006 HB4 Manual

SEALIGHT LED Headlight Kit 9006 HB4 Manual Image

SEALIGHT LED Headlight Kit 9006 HB4


Package Content

  • SEALIGHT LED Highlight Bulb (1 pair)
  • Double Sided Tape x 2
  • Zip Ties x 4
  • User Manual x 1

Product Specification


  1. Removing the original rubber cover and original bulb.
    • Remove the rubber cover (if present).
    • Push down the knob on the connector and disconnect the two parts.
    • Turn the bulb counter-clockwise and remove the original bulb.
  2. Insert the bulb into light housing. Line up the tab parts of the locking ring with the locking grooves of the light housing.
  3. While pressing down the LED bulb, turn it clockwise until it does not turn anymore and then lock the LED bulb in place. The LED bulb should be installed so that the flat sides of the bulb containing the LED elements are facing 3 and 9’o clock, respectively.
  4. Connect the LED bulb’s connector with the original vehicle connector, the reinstall the rubber cover (if present).