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SEGWAY PR0201 Ninebot Password Lock for KickScooters Manual

SEGWAY PR0201 Ninebot Password Lock for KickScooters Manual Image

SEGWAY PR0201 Ninebot Password Lock for KickScooters

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Press the red button on the bracket, and unplug the combination lock.

Compatible handlebar diameter: 18~24mm Suitable for:
Ninebot KickScooter Max series, F series, Mi Electric Scooters,
Ninbeot eKickScooter series.

Compatible handlebar diameter: 28~36mm Suitable for:
Segway eScooter E series.

Note: The bracket contains two anti-slip rubber pads, please choose to use one or two according to your vehicle type.

Set the Code

  1. Align the numbers to unlock.
  2. Rotate the dial clockwise to the end.
  3. Choose your code and align the numbers (shown with 1234 as an example).
  4. Rotate the dial to back to its position.
  5. Insert the key plug into the dial (only when the code is correct).

How to Lock

Please scramble the dials after locking your scooter.

The wheel-locking way is not available for the following models:
Ninebot KickScooter E25
Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 & G30L Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 series

Ninebot is the trademark of Ninebot (Beijing) Tech. Co., Ltd; The
respective owners reserve the rights of their trademarks referred to in this manual. We have attempted to include description and instructions for all
the functions of the Ninebot Password Lock for KickScooters at the time of printing. However, due to constant improvement of product features and changes of design, the product may differ slightly from the one shown in this document.
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Product name Ninebot Password Lock for KickScooters
Model PR0201
Suitable for Ninebot KickScooters, Ninbeot eKickScooters, Mi Electric Scooters.
Net Weight Approx. 0.6 lbs (255 g)
Material Steel cables, PVC, PP, ABS, Zinc alloy
Lock body (diameter × length) Approx. 0.3 × 47.2 inch (10 mm × 1.2 m)
Lock cap (diameter × length) Approx. 0.8 × 3.8 inch (21 × 96 mm)
Dial Four cams with number on the surface, from 0 to 8.
Initial password 0000
Method of changing passward Rotate the dial

After-sales Service

We offer 180 days warranty service for Ninebot Password Lock for KickScooters purchased directly from Segway official on-line store and authorized channels. In each case, the warranty period is measured starting on the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. The sales receipt from the first consumer purchase, is required in order to establish the start date of the warranty period. Please visit our official website in your region at below links to find more about the Limited Warranty and Dispute Resolution Agreement.

Customer Service
For product issues, please contact Segway online customer service in your region or send your requests via e-mail, Segway’s support personnel are available to assist you.

Segway Online Service Link
The Americas: https://segway-ninebot.force.com/hc/s/contactsupport
The Europe: https://www.segway.com/international
The APAC: https://ap-en.segway.com/service-locations.html

Segway Customer Support E-mail Address
The Americas: [email protected]
The Europe: [email protected]
The APAC: [email protected]

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