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SHAREP IMAGE Cordless Auto Stop Tire Inflator 206974 Manual

SHAREP IMAGE Cordless Auto Stop Tire Inflator 206974 Manual Image

SHAREP IMAGE Cordless Auto Stop Tire Inflator


  • Ideal for inflating car tires, motorcycle tires, sporting equipment, etc.
  • Inflates a car tire in approximately 6 minutes
  • Maximum inflation pressure 120 PSI
  • Digital pressure gauge measures in PSI, BAR or kg/cm2
  • Accurate to ±0.5 PSI
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery or plugs into car cigarette lighter
  • LCD display shows the target pressure, pressure units and battery level


  1. High-pressure air compressor
  2. Trigger
  3. Safety switch
  4. LED light
  5. Air nozzle
  6. Pressure hose holder
  7. Fastener
  8. Adapter holder
  9. Battery pack
  10. LCD display
  11. Pressure hose with thread connector
  12. 12V car cigarette lighter adapter
  13. Battery pack (same as #9)
  14. AC charger
  15. Balloon adapter
  16. Sports ball adapter
  17. + button (checks pressure setting / increases pressure value)
  18. Unit button (select pressure format: PSI, BAR or kg/cm2)
  19. – button (checks pressure setting / decreases pressure value)


  1. Plug the 12V power cord into the 12V DC outlet in your car (the car cigarette lighter).
  2. Insert the pressure hose with thread connector into the air nozzle and tighten.
  3. Turn on the digital tire gauge by pressing the “UNIT” button. The LCD will light up.
  4. Press the “UNIT” button to select your desired pressure format (PSI, BAR or kg/cm2).
  5. Press “+” or “-” to check the pre-set level.
  6. To increase or decrease the desired pressure, use the “+” or “-” buttons. Press quickly for small adjustments, press and hold for larger adjustments.
  7. When you have selected the desired air pressure, let go of the button. The LCD will flash for 4 seconds and set itself automatically. Or, you can press the “UNIT” button to set it manually.
  8. Unlock the safety switch and press the trigger. The compressor will now inflate your tire to your pre-set pressure level. Then, it will shut off automatically.
  9. Press the trigger of the compressor to stop the compressor if necessary.
  10. Remove the thread connector from the tire or object after it is fully inflated.


NOTE: You must charge your air compressor fully before the initial use. A full charge can take up to 4 hours. To check battery level, insert the battery into the air compressor and press the Unit button (center button). Normal charging time: 4 hours.

  1. Remove the battery from the air compressor by gripping the end of the battery and pulling it out.
  2. Charge the battery with the included AC charger. Plug the charger into any standard AC outlet. NOTE: Do not use any other charger. Use only the charger that came in this package.
  3. When the battery is fully charged, you may begin inflation using steps 2-10 above.


Operating voltage DC11.1~DC12V
Maximum current Less than 12A
Inflation efficiency Inflates a typical car tire (185/70R14) from 0 to 30 psi in 6 minutes
Maximum inflation pressure 120 PSI
Pressure gauge accuracy ±0.5 PSI
Lithium battery capacity 2200mAh
Charging time 4 hours
Length of hose 4.7”
Operating  temperature 32°F to 140°F
Product size 3” L x 3.3” W x 10.4” H
Product weight 2.75 lbs.


  1. Do not allow children to connect/disconnect the air compressor to/from power sources.
  2. Do not leave children unattended with the air compressor.
  3. The air compressor is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with the air compressor.
  4. Do not allow anyone to pump air into the mouth, ears, nose, etc. of people or animals, as this could result in serious injury or death.
  5. Do not use the air compressor near flammable fluids or gases.
  6. Always work in a well-lit area.
  7. Do not run the air compressor continuously for more than 15 minutes. After each 15 minutes, allow it to cool for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  8. Switch off the compressor if it makes an abnormal noise or overheats. Allow the compressor to cool down for at least 15 minutes.
  9. Always be careful when removing the air hose.
  10. Do not expose the air compressor or battery to rain or frost or temperatures above 122°F.
  11. Do not change the battery in humid or wet conditions.
  12. Store the air compressor in a secure location.
  13. If the air compressor is going to be unused for long periods of time, it should be stored in a dry place, inaccessible to children.
  14. You must charge your air compressor fully before the initial use. A full charge can take up to 4 hours.


  • For your own safety, use only the parts and accessories included in this package.
  • Use of accessories and other parts that are not mentioned in the instructions may increase the risk of user injury.
  • Do not use this air compressor for anything other than its intended purpose (inflating tires and sporting equipment).


Sharper Image branded items purchased from SharperImage.com include a 1-year limited replacement warranty. If you have any questions not covered in this guide, please call our Customer Service department at 1 (877) 210-3449. Customer Service agents are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.