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Shark Duoclean Vacuum NZ801UK Manual

Shark Duoclean Vacuum NZ801UK Manual Image

Shark Duoclean Vacuum Clean Manual

Please be sure to read the enclosed Shark instructions prior to using your vacuum Cleaner


Use this Quick Start Guide to start using your new vacuum’s great features.
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Empty the dust cup after each use

Access brushroll and Soft Roller

  1. Use a coin to unlock the 3 locks on the bottom of the floor nozzle, a portion of the base is removable to allow for better access to the brush roll and exposure to the airway. Shine a torch from the bottom to check for possible blockage in the airway.
  2. Clear away any objects or debris
  3. To reassemble, replace base by lining it up along the front of the nozzle. Push down to snap into place. Lock the 3 locks.

Wash filters to keep the suction strong.

Rinse filters and allow to air-dry completely. Tap loose dirt from foam filters as needed between washes.

See enclosed instructions for complete details on removing and cleaning filters.

Brushroll Maintenance

Carefully remove any debris that may be impeding the brushroll.

Soft Roller Maintenance

Lift out the Soft Roller by pulling the tab on the right side. Clear away any debris, then slide the Soft Roller back into place.

Checking the Nozzle for Blockages

Tilt neck of nozzle back to straighten the airway, then remove any blockages.


A. Handle
B. Hose
C. Vacuum Pod
D. Wand
E. DuoClean® Floor Nozzle
F. Duster Crevice Tool
G. Upholstery Tool
H. Pet Power Brush (certain models only)
I. Under Appliance Wand (certain models only)
J. Car Detail Kit (certain models only)


  1. Insert wand into floor nozzle.
  2. Insert handle into wand.
  3. Place pod onto wand. Slide down to connect.
  4. Press hose into back of pod.

The top flap of your box shows the select accessories that are included with your model. For complete instructions, see the enclosed instruction booklet. For additional parts and accessories, visit sharkclean.eu


Place your foot gently on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back. Choose floor type and press power button.

Hard Floor: The brushrolls spin slowly to pick up fine dust and large debris on hard floors.
Carpet: The brushrolls spin faster to pick up debris on and below the surface of your carpets.


Press Lift-Away Release button to lift pod off wand to clean hard-to-reach places.

NOTE: See below for wand and handle release instructions.


NOTE: For best performance, use Hard Floor Setting I for all above-floor accessories.


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How do I clean the filter?

Rinse the filters under running water. Do not use soap or detergent. Allow to air dry completely before replacing.

What is the difference between the Duoclean and Duoclean Upright?

The Duoclean Upright has a larger dust cup, a longer cord and a telescopic wand. It also comes with a Soft Roller brushroll as standard.

How do I remove the brushroll?

To remove the brushroll, follow these steps: 1. Remove the floor nozzle by unlocking the 3 locks at the bottom of the nozzle using a coin. Lift off to expose airway and brush roll. 2. Remove any debris that may be impeding the brush roll using a soft bristle toothbrush or similar tool. 3. Replace floor nozzle by lining up along front of vacuum and push down to snap into place. Lock 3 locks at bottom of nozzle to secure in place.

How well does the HV322 vacuum cleaner do at cleaning along the edges of the floor right against the wall on carpeted floors?

It is does a decent job along the edges of the floor right against the wall on the carpeted floor and we like this vacuum a lot. It is light and easy to handle.

Would this pick up food chunks a toddler drops, like Cheerios?

Mine picks up NOTHING.

Does it have a swivel head?

Yes! The floor/carpet piece swivels nicely!

How’s the seal on it? Does dust Blow out when you vacuum like others?

It’s great. No dust blows out as long as you snap the dust cannister in place. It blows clean warm air out of the back of the motor.

Can you still vacumn with the top part clipped on the bottom?

We are glad to assist you with your inquiry. Yes you can definitely connect the handheld part directly to the bottom part for convenient stair cleaning.

How does the HV321 do on tile floors?

On tile floors, linoleum, and vinyl floors the Shark Rocket does a really good job picking up dirt on these floors. For hardwood floors, Shark has an attachment called a Hardwood Genie (available with the True Pet version and also sold on Shark’s website) that vacuums the hardwood floor as well as dusts it with a microfiber cloth attached to the genie.

Two: Does it have a long cord. And. Is assembly simple?

Yes and there is almost no assembly required. Very simple to change cleaning tools.

Is the handheld corded? How does the handheld detach?

The handheld has a cord, but its not cumbersome at all. With a push of a button the handheld is released from the main body of the unit.

how far away from the base will the hand vac part stretch or does it plug in independently?

The cord is attached to the part you hold for the hand held vacuuming so it goes as far as the length of the cord when it’s plugged in.

Does any sharks stand alone

Not completely sure what you are asking. But it is not able to stand alone without tipping over if that is what you mean.

Is it electric or rechargeable

Electric with chord. Not rechargeable.

Does it come with battery and how long does the charge last for?

No battery. It is a good vacuum.

can it be used for cars

Not sure what you actually need to know. Anyways,it can only work with 120v power supply, but not with car power 12v output.

Is the cord attached to the dirt canister when emptying it?

No, the dirt canister comes off the motor/cord. Easy to empty and rinse before replacing it.

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