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sidiz T80 Series Office Chair Manual

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sidiz T80 Series Office Chair User Guide

Safety Instructions

  1.  Do not stand on the chair since you may get injured due to the movement of casters.
  2.  Do not sit on the edge of chair for the possible overturn.
  3. Do not use the chair for other purposes.
  4. Please be advised that the warranted weight capacity of the chair is 250 lbs (113 kgs) or less.
  5.  If you put excessive impact on the chair while tilted, it may be damaged.
  6.  If you sit astraddle on seat or backrest, you may get injured due to the possible overturn of chair.
  7.  Do not sit astraddle on armrest to prevent possible slipping.
  8.  Do not press the backrest while someone is seated on the chair.
  9.  Do not sit on the chair when someone is under the chair.
  10.  Do not push the chair when someone is seated.
  11.  If you rotate the chair when someone is seated, the person may get injured.
  12.  The chair should be used by 1 person a time.
  13.  When you sit on the chair without putting your shoes on, make sure your toes will be safe from the movement of casters.
  14. Do not sit in a position where you face the headrest of the chair for possible overturn.
  15.  Do not put or insert your finger in to any part of the chair.
  16.  Do not put your finger into the gap of the chair.
  17. Do not use the chair in a position in which the user leans back with  his/her feet on the desk. Improper use of the chair may cause damage.
  18. When seated, please do not shake your body either forward or left/right excessively.
  19.  The chair may get overturned when you rotate the chair while putting your legs on the seat.
  20. Do not use the chair for exercise such as push-ups.
  21. Do not lean your hands or body against the chair when standing up since it may cause possible injury due to the unexpected movement of casters.
  22. Do not throw the chair.
  23.  Do not kick the chair.
  24.  Do not astraddle on tablet of the chair since it may be broken.
  25.  Do not walk across the chairs.
  26. Do not put your legs under the base of chair and tilt your body forwardsince  it may cause possible overturn of the chair.
  27. Please get full knowledge for usage of the chair beforehand for more proper use.
  28.  We do not apply any warranty for any possible injuries, dangers and damages caused by neglect of the above warnings.

Seat Height

When elevating the height of seat, pull out the lever (under the right side of seat) then release it at the desired height. When lowering the height of seat, sit on the center of the chair then pull out the lever, release it at the desired height.

Product Overview

Multi-limited Tilting

  • Turn the left lever backwards to limit the tilting range.
  • If you turn the lever forward to the end, the chair can be more tilted.
  • T80 can be set to 4 different tilting levels.

Tilting Tension

  • Turn the right lever forward to make the tilting tension stronger.
  • When turned backwards, the tilting tension will get weaker.


  • | Headrest height | Grab the headrest using both hands, fix it at the desired height.
  • | Headrest angle | Grab the headrest using both hands, rotate it up and down then fix it at the angle where you feel comfortable.

Lumbar Support

Adjust the height of the lumbar pad by moving the lumbar handles on each ends of the lumbar up and down to fit your posture.


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  • | Armrest height | Push the button located on the lower side of left/right armrest and adjust the height of armrest as you want.
  • | Armrest width | To adjust the armrest’s width or depth, grab the arm pad and move it to the direction you want it to be.

Seat Slope

Turn down the lever between the seat and lever of multi-limited tilt.
You will be able to lean the seat forward.
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  • You should operate the function while standing up.

Seat Slide

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Pull out the lever located on lower left side of seat.
Then pull out the front side of seat and you will be able to use 7-step depth adjusting function for your convenience.

  • You should operate all the functions while standing up.