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SILVERCREST SHMS 300 C2 Hand Mixer Set Manual

SILVERCREST SHMS 300 C2 Hand Mixer Set Manual Image

SILVERCREST SHMS 300 C2 Hand Mixer Set



Congratulations on the purchase of your new appliance. You have selected a high-quality product. These operating instructions are a part of this product. They contain important information on safety, usage and disposal. Before using the product, familiarise yourself with all operating and safety instructions. Use the product only as described and only for the specified areas of application. In addition, pass these documents on, together with the product, to any future owner.

Intended use

This appliance is intended exclusively for …

  • mixing, puréeing and stirring foods as well as crushing ice cubes,
  • use exclusively in normal domestic amounts and only for private use in a domestic environment in dry rooms.

This appliance is not intended for …

  • chopping herbs, onions, meat and hard food components such as nuts, pits, large seeds or stalks,
  • making nut puree,
  • the processing of materials that are not foodstuffs,
  • commercial or industrial use,
  • for use in damp environments or outdoors,
  • processing hot/boiling liquids.

Package contents

After unpacking, check to ensure all items are available. The package contains:

  • Motor block, with power cable and plug
  • Blender
  • Lid
  • Measuring cap
  • Operating instructions

Appliance description

Figure A:

  1. Speed switch
  2. Turbo button /
  3. Blender release button
  4. Blender socket (with safety catch)
  5. Hand mixer release button
  6. Mixer holder release
  7. Mixer stand (with mixer holder)
  8.  Mixing bowl
  9. Filling opening
  10. Lid
  11. Hand element
  12. Tool-release button
    Figure B:
  13. Blender
  14. Whisk
  15. Kneading hook
  16. Dough scraper

Technical data

The CO time (continuous operation time) is the amount of time an appliance can be operated without the motor overheating and becoming damaged. When the specified CO time has been reached, the appliance must be switched off until the motor has cooled down to room temperature.

Safety instructions


  • Ensure that the appliance, the power cable, and the power plug are never immersed in water or other liquids.
  • Use the appliance only in dry rooms; never use it outdoors or in damp environments.
  • Ensure that the power cable never becomes wet or damp during operation. Route the power cable in such a way that it cannot become trapped or damaged in any way.
  • Arrange for defective power plugs and/or cables to be replaced as soon as possible by a qualified technician or by our Customer Service Department to avoid the risk of injury.
  • Always remove the plug from the power socket after use. Switching off the appliance is not sufficient because the appliance receives power as long as the power plug is connected to the socket.
  • Check to ensure that the appliance is in a serviceable condition before use. The appliance may not be used if it shows signs of damage, especially to the motor block or the blender attachment.
  • Remove the plug from the socket immediately if you notice unexpected smells or noises coming from the appliance while it is in use or if there is an evident malfunction.


  • NEVER insert your hand or fingers into the blender, especially when it is in use. The cutting blades are extremely sharp!
  • DO NOT remove the lid when the appliance is in operation.
  • To ensure you can react immediately in the event of danger, never leave the appliance running unattended.
  • Do not insert cutlery items or mixing tools into the blender while the appliance is in use. There is a considerable risk of injury if these come into contact with the swiftly rotating cutting blades!
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • Never use the appliance for purposes other than those described in these instructions.
  • Risk of injury if appliance is misused.
  • The appliance should always be disconnected from the mains when not supervised and before assembly, disassembly or cleaning.
  • This appliance is not to be used by children.
  • The appliance and its mains cable must be kept away from children.
  • This appliance can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning safe use of the appliance, and if they are aware of the potential risks.
  • Do not allow children to play with the appliance.
  • Be careful when handling the appliance. The cutting blades are extremely sharp!
  • Take care when emptying the blender! The cutting blades are extremely sharp!
  • Take care when cleaning the appliance! The cutting blades are extremely sharp!
  • Switch the appliance off and disconnect the plug from the power supply before changing accessories or getting hold of parts that move during operation.
  • Always make sure that the blender is switched off before removing the jug from the motor block!
  • Use the blender only with the supplied motor block!


  • Do not use the appliance in direct sunlight or near any heatgenerating appliances.
  • NEVER fill the blender with boiling liquids or other foods!Allow these to cool to a lukewarm temperature.
  • NEVER operate the appliance when it is empty, i.e. without ingredients in the blender attachment.


  • Remove all packaging materials or protective films from the appliance. Retain the packaging, so that you can store the appliance safely or send it by post,
    e. g. if it needs to be repaired.
  • Before using the appliance, check that it is free of damage; check also that the power cable and plug as well as all accessories and appliance parts are undamaged.
  • Clean all components carefully before using the appliance for the first time (see “Cleaning”).

Setting up

Once all components have been cleaned as described in the section “Cleaning”:

  • Position the appliance so that, …
    • that the mains cable passes through the recess at the rear of the appliance,
    • the power plug is immediately accessible, so that it can be quickly withdrawn in the event of danger,
    • that it is stable and not liable to slip, and so that the sucker feet can attach firmly and the appliance cannot tip over due to vibration,
    • that the mains cable is not in the working area and thus does not present a risk of being inadvertently snagged and tipping the appliance over.

Speed levels


Kneading and whisking

  • The motor switches off automatically as soon as the blender 3 is removed from the motor block 6 or the lid 2 is opened. In such cases it may be easy to forget that the machine is still switched on. The motor will then start unexpectedly as soon as the blender attachment 3 is fitted or the lid 2 is closed again:
    • Do not insert the power plug into the wall socket until the blender 3 is filled and mounted with its lid fitted and closed.
    • Before fitting the blender, always check to see that the appliance is switched off or that the power plug has been removed.
    • Switch the appliance off first, pull the plug out and wait until the motor has come to a standstill before removing the blender 3 or opening the lid 2.


  • These recipes are provided subject to change. All ingredients and preparation information are guiding values. Adapt these recipe suggestions based on your personal experience.
  • In cases of lactose intolerance, we recommend you use lactose-free milk. Keep in mind, however, that lactose-free milk is a little sweeter.
  1. Clean the attachments (e, r, t) before first use.
  2. Push the whisks r or the kneading hooks t into the slots on the hand element q until they click audibly and firmly into place.
  3. Release the mixer holder on the mixer stand 7 by pressing the mixer holder release 6 and fold the mixer holder 7 upwards.
  4. Remove the mixing bowl 8 and fill it with the ingredients. Quantities depend on the amount to be prepared.


  1. Use the blender e to purée foods.
  2. Open the safety catch of the blender socket 4 by pushing it to the side and holding it firmly
  3. Push the blender e into the blender socket 4 and push it down firmly. The blender e must audibly click into place.
  4. To avoid overflowing, the container used for blending should only be filled to about 2/3 of its capacity. Select a suitably large container.
  5. Press the Turbo button / 2. Keep the Turbo button / 2 pressed down during the whole procedure. The appliance stops as soon as it is released.
  6. When you have finished working with the blender e, release the Turbo button/ 2 and remove the mains plug from the power socket.
  7. To remove the blender e from the blender socket 4 , press the blender release button 3 on both sides of the hand element q at the same time. The blender e is now released
    from the blender socket 4 .
  8. Remove the blender e with a snapping motion from the blender socket 4



Before starting to clean the blender and its components:

  • Ensure that the motor is switched off and the power plug removed from the socket.
    Do not immerse the motor block 6 in water or other liquids. This could result in you receiving a fatal electric shock and cause damage to the appliance.
  • Never open the housing of the appliance. Otherwise, there is a risk of a fatal electric shock.


  • Never insert your hand or fingers into the blender 3, especially while it is in use. The cutting blades 4 are extremely sharp!


  • Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners on the plastic surfaces, they could be damaged by them.

Cleaning the blender

  • To prevent injuring yourself on the cutting blades 4, clean the blender 3 only with a long-handled washing-up brush.
  • Clean the measuring cap 1 and the lid 2 in mild soap solution. Ensure that the rubber seal 9 is correctly fitted before using lid 2 again.


You can also clean lid 2, measuring cap 1 and blender 3 with the cutting blade 4 in your dishwasher. If possible, place all the parts in the upper basket of the dishwasher and make sure that they are not jammed in place.



  1. If you do not intend to use the blender for an extended period, clean it thoroughly (see chapter “Cleaning”).
  2. Wrap the mains cable around the cable retainer 7 on the base of the motor block 6 in the direction of the arrow.
  3. Store the blender in a cool and dry location.


  • Do not dispose of the appliance in your normal domestic waste. This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive 2012/19/EU. Dispose of the appliance via an approved waste disposal company or your municipal waste disposal facility. Please comply with all applicable regulations. Please contact your waste disposal facility if you are in any doubt.
  • Your local community or municipal authorities can provide information on how to dispose of the worn-out product.
  • Note the labeling on the packaging and separate the packaging material components for disposal if necessary. The packaging material is labeled with abbreviations (a) and numbers (b) with the following meanings:
    • 1–7: Plastics,
    • 20–22: Paper and cardboard,
    • 80–98: Composites.
  • The packaging is made from environmentally friendly material and can be disposed of at your local recycling plant.

Kompernass Handels GmbH warranty

Dear Customer, This appliance has a 3-year warranty valid from the date of purchase. If this product has any faults, you, the buyer, have certain statutory rights. Your statutory rights are not restricted in any way by the warranty described below.

Warranty conditions

The warranty period starts on the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt in a safe place. This will be required as proof of purchase. If any material or manufacturing fault occurs within three years of the date of purchase of the product, we will either repair or replace the product for you or refund the purchase price (at our discretion). This warranty service requires that you present the defective appliance and the proof of purchase (receipt) within the three-year warranty period, along with a brief written description of the fault and of when it occurred. If the defect is covered by the warranty, your product will either be repaired or replaced by us. The repair or replacement of a product does not signify the beginning of a new warranty period.

The warranty period and statutory claims for defects

The warranty period is not prolonged by repairs effected under the warranty. This also applies to replaced and repaired components. Any damage and defects present at the time of purchase must be reported immediately after unpacking. Repairs carried out after expiry of the warranty period shall be subject to a fee.

Scope of the warranty

This appliance has been manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines and inspected meticulously prior to delivery. The warranty covers material faults or production faults. The warranty does not extend to product parts subject to normal wear and tear or to fragile parts which could be considered as consumable parts such as switches, batteries or parts made of glass. The warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged, improperly used or improperly maintained. The directions in the operating instructions for the product regarding proper use of the product are to be strictly followed. Uses and actions that are discouraged in the operating instructions or which are warned against must be avoided. This product is intended solely for private use and not for commercial purposes. The warranty shall be deemed void in cases of misuse or improper handling, use of force and modifications / repairs which have not been carried out by one of our authorized service centers.

Warranty claim procedure

  • Please have the till receipt and the item number (e.g. IAN 123456_7890) available as proof of purchase.
  • You will find the item number on the type plate on the product, an engraving on the product, on the front page of the operating instructions (below left) or on the sticker on the rear or bottom of the product.
  • If functional or other defects occur, please contact the service department listed either by telephone or by e-mail.
  • You can return a defective product to us free of charge to the service address that will be provided to you. Ensure that you enclose the proof of purchase (till receipt) and information about what the defect is and when it occurred. You can download these instructions along with many other manuals, product videos, and installation software at www.lidl-service.com. This QR code will take you directly to the Lidl service page (www.lidl-service.com) where you can open your operating instructions by entering the item number (IAN) 360749_2007.


Service Great Britain
Tel.: 0800 404 7657
E-Mail: [email protected]
Service Malta
Tel.: 80062230
E-Mail: [email protected]


Please note that the following address is not the service address. Please use the service address provided in the operating instructions. KOMPERNASS HANDELS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 44867 BOCHUM GERMANY www.kompernass.com

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