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Smart Life Smart Bulb Manual

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Smart Life Smart Bulb User Manual

setting Smart Life APP

Step 1: Scan the QR code or search “Smart Life” on App store or Google Play to download and install the Smart Life APP for iOS / Android.

Step 2:

Launch the Smart Life App, the App will ask you to register your device. Enter your phone number or email and select the country you live in.


After inputting phone number, your will receive a text with a registration code. And if you choose email you will be asked to create a password
Input the Registration Code you received or create password if email method chosen.

Quick mode Configuration (EZ mode)

  1. Before connecting. Please make sure your smart phone or device is connecting with your home wi-fi successfully.
  2. 10 connect in EZ, the Light needs to be set to flash rapidly.

    (You can learn the detailed instruction on How To Make Light Blinks Rapidly from inner page of Smart Life APP )
  3. .0pen App and click “+” to add device.
  4. .Follow the in-app instructions to connect the Smart Bub to your wi-fi network (2.4 GHz).
  5. .0nce connected, the App will prompt the connection, the click “Done”
  6. Now you can control the smart bulb through Smart Life App.

AP mode Configuration

  1. Before connecting, please make sure your smart phone or device is connecting with your home Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)
  2. vake sure AP mode configuration is initiated: power on the light and confirm that light blinks slowly.

    (How to make light slowly blink, please check the inner-app instruction )
  3. Click the Icon “+” at the top right corner of the App. 4.
  4. 5elect device type and click AP mode to Add device.
  5. Go to wi-fi setting in your smart phone and select the “Smart Life-xxx” for you wi-fi.
  6. 0nce connected successfully, the App wifi prompt the connection, and click “Done” .

Q  and  A

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  1. Please check if there is carnage caused by transportation. If broken, please contact supplier for replacement. Please follow the instruction and notice to keep product in a good and safe use condition. Do not disassemble or reinstall the bulb.

Customer Service

12-month limited warranty Lifetime technical support
For any inquiries or comments concerning this product, please do not hesitate to contact the seller.
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