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snuza PICO 2 Smart Wearable Monitor Manual

snuza PICO 2 Smart Wearable Monitor Manual Image

snuza PICO 2 User Guide

Snuza Connect

  • Breathing Movement Monitoring
  • Skin Temperature
  • Skin Temperature
  • Sleep Analytics

Step 1 /Charge before use
You may have to charge your Pico before you can use it for the first time. To do this, attach the provided micro USB power cord to the charging cradle base. A red light will appear an the charging cradle base to indicate it has power. Open the charging cradle lid and place your Pico in the correct position. Close the lid. The battery light on the Pico will flash while charging and turn solid green when fully charged.

Step 2  / Register yourself as a user
Download the Snuza Connect app on your phone and open it. Register yourself as a user by following the prompts. An email will be sent to you for authentication during this process. Click on the activation link in the email. Once authenticated, you can add one or more Pica’s to your account.

Step 3 / Add a Pico to your account
Add a Pico by tapping ‘Add New Device on the ‘Registered Picos’ screen and complete all fields. You can find the serial number on the side of the Pico by lifting the top lever of the Pico. Optional. Once added, you can share the Pico with other registered users.

Step 4 / Attach your Pico
For babies, fold the top edge of the diaper over to ensure the Pica fits snuggly.

  • Lift the top lever to release the clip. (fig. 11)
  • Slide the Pico onto the waistband of your child’s pants or baby’s diaper, placing fingers between the clip and skin to ensure that the skin does not get pinched between the clip and clothing/diaper. A baby’s skin is especially supple and this con happen guile easily (fig. 21).
  • Close the lever to secure the Pico into place (fig. 3) Double-check to ensure that no skin is caught in the clip.
  1. fig. 1
  2. fig. 2
  3. fig. 3

Step 5 / Switch your Pico on and start monitoring
Switch the Pico on by briefly pressing the power button. All indicator lights will flash and a start-up tone will be heard. Alternatively, switch the Pico on by pressing the power button in the app. The start-up tone will be silent if controlled via the app.

  •  Immediately after the start-up sequence, the battery light will flash green to indicate the battery state of charge.
  • If not already connected to your app, press the “Connect” button in the app overview screen to initiate the connection to your phone.

Product Overview

  1. Battery Indicator Light
  2. Breathing Movement Indicator Light
  3. Alarm Indicator Light
  4. Bluetooth and Notification Light
  5. Speaker Holes
  6. Power Button/Mode Button
  7. Clip Lever
  8.  Non-contact Sensor
  9. Charging Pins
  10. Temperature Sensor
  11. Clip
  12.  Charging Cable
  13. Power Indicator Light
  14. Charging Cradle


Only use the Pico when your baby is sleeping in his/her own bed/cot/crib. As the Pico monitors movement, movement from external sources such as being pushed in a prom or traveling in a vehicle may be picked up by the sensors. The Pico should not be relied on where external sources of movement ore present. While feeding or changing your baby’s diaper,it is recommended that you pause the Pico to ovoid false alarms. This product is not suitable for co-sleeping or bed-shoring. The Snuzo Pico is a baby care-aid,not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis,prevention or monitoring of a disease. injury or handicap. For additional product information,please consult the instruction manual at https://www.snuza.com/suza-manuals/


Pico uses ultra-low power technology to transmit data to your smart device. This is the preferred technology for wearable devices as it radiates very little energy. The down-side of this is reduced range (compared to wi-fit. There ore a number of factors that will reduce range even further, such as thick interior walls and carrying your phone in your pocket. To get the best range. keep your phone in a clear line of sight of the Pico. Your Pico will still function if your phone loses connection, but alerts will not be presented on the App so please ensure you are able to audibly hear the Pico if it alarms while not connected. In o typical indoor environment, the range con vary from 10ft/3m to 49/15m.

Skin Temperature

The Pico measures skin temperature and not core body temperature. Although skin temperature may reflect core body temperature under certain conditions, skin temperature can be influenced by external factors such as room temperature and layers of clothing.

Please note: When first clipping on a Pico, the skin temperature could fall as the Pico might be cold. It may take some time to worm up and stabilize.


Phone Battery:
We recommend placing your phone on charge to avoid low battery alerts. Pico sends data collected using Bluelooth Low Energy to your smart device, the data is then transmitted over wi-fi or cellular network to cloud servers. This consumes additional battery power.

Pico Battery:
The Pico battery will last up to 40 hours of continuous use on a full charge. You can track your Pica’s battery level through the Snuza Conned app.

False Alarms

To avoid false alarms, always pause your Pico when breostfeeding, changing your baby’s diaper or holding your baby in your arms.

As Pico was designed to pick up breathing movement, please ensure that the Pico is attached correctly to the clothing/diaper. For older babies who prefer sleeping on their tummy, the Pico can be placed on the side of their clothing/diaper. Please note: Breathing movement alarms can be disabled by changing your settings in the app when your child reaches the age of 1.

Diaper Placement

The World Health Organisation recommends that babies sleep on their backs. Place the Pico near the centerof your baby’s tummy (11).

  • If your baby prefers sleeping on his/her left side, attach your Pico to either position 4 or 2.
  • If your baby prefers sleeping on his/her right side, attach your Pico on position 5 or 3.
  • If your baby prefers sleeping on his/her tummy, attach your Pico close to position 4 or 5.

Alerts and Alarms

You can customize your warning and alert settings by editing your settings on the app. The Pico will alarm on all critical events whether your Pico is connected to the app or not. The phone will sound warnings and alarms only when connected to the Pico via Bluetooth.

Rouse Vibration
if no breathing movement is detected for 15 seconds, your Pico will gently vibrate to rouse your baby.

Breathing Movement Alarm
If there is no breathing movement detected for 20 seconds, your Pico will sound an dorm while the Breathing Movement Indicator Light flashes simultaneously.

Breathing Movement Rate Alarm
This alarmcan be configured in the app and will be triggered when breathing movement rate falls below or rises above the set thresholds. This alert only presents on the smortphone and will sound only if connected to the Pico via Bluetooth.

Skin Temperature
The app can be configured to alarm when skin temperature falls below or rises above set thresholds. This alert only presents on the smortphone and will sound only if connected to the Pico via Bluetooth.

Body Position
This alarm can be set in the app to notify you when your baby moves into o specific body position such as turning onto his/her tummy. This alert only presents on the smortphone and will sound only if connected to the Pico via Bluetooth.

Battery Levels
You will be notified via the app when your phone or Pico is low on battery and needs to be charged.

Phone Volume Low
When your phone volume is set too low, an in-app notification will alert you. Please turn the sound up to ensure that you can hear all notifications.

Clip Open
In the event that the clip accidentally opens, a warning beep will sound for 10 seconds followed by a rouse warning vibration and a succession of 3 beep alarm sounds continuously. The warning indicator light will also flash while alarming. Please note: Your caregiver should immediately attend to your baby if the alarm sounds.

Fall Alert
Enabling this feature will cause the smortphone to alert you if o fall is detected on the Pico. This alert always presents on the Pico but also on the smartphone if connected via Bluetooth.

  • The alert can be set in the Snuza Connect app.
  • Alarms when connected via Bluetooth. 
  • Pico will sound an alarm. 

Regulatory Information

FCC compliance statement For Pico and charging cradle.
This device complies with Ran 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation Is subiect to the following two conditions: ill this device may not cause harmful interference 121 this device must accept any Interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This device meets the FCC requirements for RF exposure In public or uncontrolled environments. Canadian regulatory statement for Pico and charging cradle. This device complies with industry Canada’s Licence- exempt RSS standards!. Operation is subtecl to the following two conditions: 01 this device may not cause interference 121 this device must occept any interference, Including interference that may couse undesired operation of the device. CAN ICES-3 ININMB-3181
This device complies with the safety requirements for RF exposure in accordance with R55-102 issue S for portable use conditions.


Customers use this monitor at their own risk. Snuzo International (Fityl Ltd, its members, employees, agents, contractors, representatives, manufacturers, distributors and associative 15NUZA1 shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the customer or any other person arising from, or in connection with, the use or manufacturer of the monitor, including loss. damage or injury suffered by the customer or any other person as a result of any defects In respect of the monitor, and all warranties and any other liability from whatsoever cause arising, are hereby excluded. the customer hereby indemnifies Snuzo international IPtyl Ltd In respect of any such liablity.


Snuzo international IRtyl Ltd guarantees this product lo be free from defects In materials and workmanship for o period of 12 months from the original date of purchase, verified by o soles receipt.