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SOL-EXDEDT Speed Controller ER105 Manual

SOL-EXDEDT Speed Controller ER105 Manual Image


Order No.: ER105
Conrad No. 248760


Technical data RE 105
Operating current in V 2,7 – 5,5
Motor current continuous in mA 1800 *
Motor current impulse in A 8*
Weight excluding cable in g 0,32
Dimensions in mm (l x b x h) 12,8 x 9 x 2,5
Automatic zero-point recognition yes

(*) The output stage should be cooled in an appropriate manner that corresponds to the loading of the controller!

Wiring diagram

ER105  Functions and instructions

This speed controller stands out on account of its state-of-the-art functionality in the smallest possible space.
With a continuous current of 1900 mA and an impulse current of 8 A, the ER105 is not only suitable for 1:87 scale modelling, but also for considerably larger scales, such as 1:32. The stored linear characteristic line guarantees a convenient control of DC motors.

Switching on the transmitter and receiver unit.
First, the transmitter is switched on, then the receiver. The control knobs must not be moved until approx. 3 seconds.
Now the precise zero points are registered.

Safety instructions to ensure long service from the ER105 
Before first using the ER105, the following checks should be made to prevent any damage being caused to the controller:
– check on the polarity of the operating current                 
– check that there is no short-circuit at the motor outputs.
In case of faults or malfunction of the ER105, please read our suggested hints for suggested solutions under www.1zu87modellbau.de here you will also find tips for correcting faults.

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