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SOUND STREAM BX-108Z Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor manual

SOUND STREAM BX-108Z Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor manual Image

SOUND STREAM BX-108Z Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor Installation Guide


on purchasing the SOUNDSTREAM BX-1O8Z. You are now the proud owner of the most refined and most accurate bass enhancing & restoration system available.
Whether your interest is in Beethoven’s kettle drums, in Miles Davis’ trumpet, or the percussion of Rap music, the BX- 108Z will restore those long-lost missing bass with fantastic accuracy and clarity.
There’s a dash-mounted level control unit that permits instant adjustments, whether it’s because your passenger is not as much a “bass-head” as you are or, for whatever reason, you want to turn it down a bit; this handy knob does the trick.

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The Bass Response is Effected by Four Factors:

  1. The acoustics of the vehicle
  2. The locations of the speakers
  3. The music in which how it’s recorded
  4. Speakers and speaker enclosure types

Because of the variations in the recording process, we developed BX-108Z to help restore any low frequencies lost during the recording process. However, the acoustics of various environments are different.

The Sweep control allows you to select a center frequency ( the frequency most affected) between 27 and 63 Hz. The Width control then you can control the shape of the filter centered around the Sweep frequency.

Product Features

Bass Restoration:
The BX-108Z contains a Bass Restoration circuit that accurately injects Low frequency information back into the signal path. What that means in simple terms is that the BX-108Z will give more bass impact to your collection of music

Bass Equalization Circuit:
The BX-108Z has a unique equalization circuit that contours the restored bass to your speaker systems.

Dash Mount Remote Control:
The BX-108Z comes with Dash Mountable Remote Control allow you to enjoy the effects of the BX-108Z without leaving the driver’s seat. The Dash Mount Control has a LED indicator; this LED will grow brighter as you add more bass or dim when you decrease the gain knob.

Bass Maximizer Indicator:
Not only does the BX-108Z provide great music to your ears, but it gives you the same visual enjoyment as well. On the Chassis of the BX-108Z, three LED indicators flash when the bass maximization circuit is activated.


Power Connection
(+12V) Battery/Constant +12 Volt (Remote) Connect to amplifier Turn-On – Behind Radio or True Ignition Source (GND) Connect to Vehicle Chassis (-)

RCA Connection
(Balanced Input) – Connect your Low-Level signal coming from your vehicles source unit or input convertor if you are not using an aftermarket radio. Designed to handle extreme signals!

(Output) – This should be connected to your bass amplifiers; this kit does not come with any RCA’s cables. Make sure and measure and purchase separately to complete installation

(Dash Remote) – This is your knob, wait… you know what we mean?! Connect provide dash level controller and provided cable to install somewhere in drivers reach for adjustments.
** Picture to help illustrate input and output

Setting the Bass Output Control

The BX-108Z is a powerful bass component. This device is equipped with several different Bass Output selections. If you should need to change the settings, please use the chart below for guidance. It is recommended: listen using the factory setting before changing your Bass Output settings.

Settings Amplifier Input Voltage Minimum Speaker Size
2.5 Volts 3V or Less 8” Subwoofers
5.0 Volts 5V or Less 10” Subwoofers
7.5 Volts 7V or Less 12” Subwoofers
10 Volts OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! SPL Type Subwoofers

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Input Level: 15V rms
  • Maximum Output Level: 13 .5V peak
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz 100KHz; +/-1dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: -130dB
  • Balanced Input Noise Rejection: >60dB
  • Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohm
  • Power Supply: High headroom PWM
  • Power Draw: 150mA
  • Fuse Rating: 1Amp (Included)

Product Functions

  1. Input: The inputs of the BX-108Z use a balanced input to help minimize induced noise. They are also designed to handle very high signal voltages up to 15 volts.
  2. Outputs: These RCA connectors should be connected to the next component after the BX-108Z, such as crossover , equalizer , or amplifier.
  3. Dash Remote Control
  4. Power Connector
  5. Para-Bass Controls : These 2 knobs control the Para-Bass functions of the BX-108Z. The SWEEP knob allows you to pick the center frequency that you want the BX-108Z bass restoration circuit to maximize. The WIDE knob adjusts how wide of a frequency range the BX-108Z will effect.
  6. The PFM Subsonic Filter Switch: The BX-108Z utilizers a PFM Subsonic Filter Switch which will help with speaker control and amplifier power management. This PFM Subsonic Filter Switch comes with three frequencies selections 35Hz / 50Hz / 80Hz. On most systems , setting the switch at 33Hz is fine. If you want to protect your speaker system even more, you should try a higher frequency. Often a higher frequency actually sounds louder and cleaner.
  7. Bass Maximizer Indicator: These three LED indicators flashes when the bass maximization circuit is activated.
  8. Power On LED.
  9. Input Ground: For Most system you can leave this jumper set in the BALANCE position. In some systems the source unit may look for a ground through the RCA connectors, in this even you should change the jumpers to UNBALANCE position.
  10. Ground Isolation Jumper: Occasionally alternator whine may appear in a system because the source units and amplifiers have different grounds, to help this situation we have provided alternative ground connects, make sure your system is of before making this change.
  11. Bass Output Control Jumpers: Not all systems are designed the same, some systems designed strictly for SPL (Sound Pressure Level) while others a little tamer. The Bass Maximizer circuit can either increase or decrease the signal voltage upon your liking. You may change these jumpers to higher or lower settings to maximize your bass output and protect your speakers. Factory settings usually work just fine, we recommend you try that first.

Troubleshooting Guide

If the unit does not turn on and the power indicator LED is NOT illuminated, start with this:

  1. Check and make sure that B+ and GND are not reversed
  2. Check power wire is correctly connected and have the appropriate potential (11- 16 volts)
  3. Check that the fuse is functioning correctly.

If you experience high audible distortion or low output volume:

  1. Check that the input and output levels are set correctly. Input should match the source, and output should match the sensitivity of the host.
  2. Check the crossover settings; make sure they are correct; for high “Q” system s, set the crossover half an octave above the desired point and for low “Q” systems, put it 1 octave or more above.

If you experience whining or engine noise:

  1. Verify that the GND connection is secure; the conductor (wire) is not too thin and unnecessarily long.
  2. Check that the +12V wire is not too thin and unduly long.
  3. Change the power source; try connecting a different power source.

Still having trouble? Contact our Tech-Support (800) 832-4647 or [email protected]

Sound stream Technologies
warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under everyday use and conditions for one year if installed professionally by an authorized dealer or for one year if self installed from the original purchase date. Should any service be required for any reason due to a manufacturing defect or malfunction during the warranty period, we will repair or replace at our discretion the defective merchandise at no charge upon delivery of the product to the address shown below with a copy of the proof of purchase if it is within its warranty period as stated above.

  1. Enclose with your defective product a brief description of the problem with your name and daytime phone number so we may contact you with any questions or concerns regarding your return.
  2. Enclose a copy of your original sales receipt for proof of purchase and installation.
  3. Enclose a $25.00 US certified check or money order to cover shipping and handling for the return of your product. Do not include cash.
  4. Carefully pack your product to protect it from damage during shipping and send it prepaid to:

Sound stream Technologies c/o Customer Service 1550 S. Maple Ave. Montebello, CA 90640

Please note your warranty will not cover the following:

  1. Any units that have been misused or physically damaged.
  2. Any units that have been previously opened or repaired by a service center that is not authorized.

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