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Soundance Bluetooth Speaker SDY019 Manual

Soundance Bluetooth Speaker SDY019 Manual Image

Soundance Bluetooth Speaker User Manual


(Version 2.1)

Thank you for purchasing Soundance bluetooth speaker. Please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.

Features of the speaker:

  1. New Bluetooth Technology, support wireless control through Bluetooth device
  2. LED display with Time and Alarm clock function.
  3. Built-in FM radio with automatic channel searching and fine tune function
  4. Support plug and play of MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC format of audio files from Micro SD card/TF card and USB. Support Shuffle when playing from USB or Micro SD/TF card.
  5. 3.5mm line-in jack for wired devices
  6. Built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 8 hours playback (medium volume)
  7. Two 40MM drivers deliver deep and rich sound
  8. Built-in Microphone for phone Calls
  9. Setting FM and Music in USB/Micro SD card as alarm

Button illustration:

Operating Instructions:

1. Charging 

With the speaker turned off, connect the Micro-USB connector of the charging cable to the DC5V input socket at the rear side of the speaker, and plug the USB connector of the charging cable to an external USB power supply socket with a minimum supply current of 1A. The external USB power supply can be the USB socket in your computer/laptop, the USB adaptor of most cell phone USB chargers with DC5V output, or the 5V USB port of a power socket etc.

2. On/Off 

The On/Off slide button is at the rear side of the speaker. Slide to the on or off position to turn the speaker on or off.

3. Bluetooth 

Paring – Press the button to enter Bluetooth mode. The LCD screen will display “bt” to show that the speaker is in Bluetooth mode. Turn on your Bluetooth device (such as a mobile phone, laptop, PDA etc) search for Bluetooth equipment “SDY-019”, and then pair up with the speaker. There will be a sound from the speaker when Bluetooth connection is established.

Bluetooth phone call – When paired to your phone, press the “” button to answer incoming calls, and press the “” button again to end the call. Press the “” button twice will call back to the last incoming call number.

Note: Microphone is on top of the speaker, please talk to the microphone when making phone calls.

Track selection – When playing music in Bluetooth mode, a short press of / / ”button will jump to the previous track or next track. Track selection can also be done from your Bluetooth device.

4. FM radio 

Press the “” button to enter FM mode.

FM Channel Search – When in FM mode, press and hold the “” button to start automatic channel searching. The speaker will save the channels it finds and automatically assign channel number.

Channel Selection – After channels have been saved, short press the button to move to next channel.

Fine Tune – In FM mode, press the “ / ”button to fine tune the FM frequency.

5. USB / Micro SD Card 

The speaker supports plug and play for USB/Micro SD card. Just plug in your USB Flash Drive or Micro SD Card into the speaker’s USB port or Card slot and the speaker will play the music files automatically. Refer to item 10 Technical data below for acceptable music formats.

Shuffle – When playing music from USB/Micro SD card, hold the button will switch between shuffle and sequence playing. “RAN” on the screen means shuffle and “ALL” means sequence playing.

6. Volume adjustment 

When playing music/FM radio or when making a phone call under Bluetooth mode, the volume can be adjusted by holding the “ / / ”button. The volume can also be controlled from your Bluetooth device (cellphone, laptop, PDA etc.)

7. Time setting 

To set the time, first, make sure the screen is displaying time. And then hold the button until the digits on the LCD screen keep flashing. Press the  button to switch between the hour and minute setting. Press the / button to adjust the time accordingly.

8. Alarm

  1. Under Alarm/Time mode, press the alarm button to turn the alarm on or off. When alarm is on, the bell shape indicator on the screen will be on.
  2. To set the alarm time, first hold the alarm button. Press the alarm button to switch between the hour and minute setting. Press / button to adjust the alarm time accordingly.
  3. Setting music in USB/Micro SD as alarm: Insert an USB or TF card, when playing the music you want to set as alarm, press the alarm button. The screen will display” -AL-”, then the alarm music is set. Please note that the music setting will be cleared when the USB or TF card is removed from the speaker. If no music is set as alarm music, the default “di-di” sound will be set as alarm.
  4. Setting FM radio as alarm: Press the alarm button when the speaker is playing the FM channel you want to set as alarm. The screen will display” -AL-”, then the FM channel is set as alarm.
  5. The alarm will run for 3 minutes, pressing any button will stop the alarm. If FM channel is set as alarm, you need to set music in USB/Micro SD card as alarm first and then remove the USB/Micro SD card if you want to set the default”di-di” sound as alarm.
  6. Volume of alarm will be the system volume set by the user. Make sure you set the desired volume for the alarm by holding the “ / / ”button before turning off the speaker.

9. Reset – If the speaker is not working normally, press button and button at the same time to reset the speaker.

10. Technical Data

11. Trouble shooting: 

  • Can’t turn the speaker on:
    Check if the battery is in low. Charge the speaker and turn on again.
  • Can’t charge the speaker:
    Check the power supply is working and that the output of the power supply to the charge cable is 5V and > 1A. Check that the charge cable and connectors of the cable are not damaged.
  • No sound:
    Check the speaker is paired with the right Bluetooth device. If not, disconnect the Bluetooth connection and pair again to the right device. Check the music format in the USB or TF/card.
  • No FM radio
    Check if there is any electronic equipment interfering with the signal. Adjust the direction or position of the speaker or move to an open area for a better signal reception.

12. Warning: 

  1. Do not use the product in high temperatures. Always keep the product away from fire. For your own safety, never throw the product into a fire which may cause an explosion and personal injury.
  2. Do not use the product close to high-voltage wires or electronic equipment.
  3. Keep the speaker away from water, and avoid using the speaker in high-humidity environments. 4. Keep the speaker away from any strong magnetic fields.

13. Support:

If you have any questions or problems in using the speaker, please feel free to write to: [email protected]