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soundcore Bluetooth Earphones Sport Air Manual

soundcore Bluetooth Earphones Sport Air Manual Image

User Manual
Soundcore Support Air

Product Number A3405
Bluetooth Earphones/Soundcore Support Air
51005001458 V01

ON Press and hold for 1 second Flashes blue once
OFF Press and hold for 3 second Steady red (For 1 second)

To preserve battery lifespan, fully charge at least once every 45 days
Flashing red (Every 60 Secound) Low Battery
Steady Red Charging
Steady Blue Fully Charged
Note: Make sure the Micro USB port is dry before charging Soundcore Sport Air.
Note: Do not switch on the headphones during charging.

SPress and hold for 4 seconds (When headphones are turned off)
Note: Soundcore Sport Air will automatically enter pairing mode when they are turned on for the first time.
Enter pairing mode
Disconnect headphones Unpair the connected device and re-enter pairing mode
Flashing blue Pairing mode
Steady Blue Connected to a device
Press Play/pause
Press and hold for 1 second Next Track
Press and hold for 1 second Previous Track
Press Volume up/down
Press Answer/End call
put current call on hold and answer incoming call
Press and hold for 1 Second Reject Call
Switch between held call and active call
Transfer a call between headphones and mobile phone
Reset Press and hold for 8 seconds until the LED indicator flashes red (When the headphones are turned off)
Slow flashing blue On a call
Slow flashing blue Incoming call
Press twice Activate Siri/other voice control software


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Input 5V=0.5A
Charging time 1.5 hours
Playtime (varies by volume level and content) 10 hours
Weight 16.5g/0.58 oz
Impedance 16 Ω
Driver (full range) 12 mm x 2
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Bluetooth version V5.0
Range 10m/33ft

Customer Service

24-month limited warranty

Lifetime technical support

[email protected]

+1(888) 988 7973 (US) and +44(0) 1604 936200 (UK)

Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Anker Innovations Limited declares that the radio equipment type A3405 is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following Internet address: https://www.soundcore.com
Maximum output power: 7dBm
Frequency band: 2.4G band (2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz)
Anker Innovations Limited
Room 1318-19, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road,Mongkok, Kowloon, HongKong

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