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SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 Professional Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker Manual

SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 Professional Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker Manual Image

SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 Professional Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker

Instructions For Use

warm reminder: This product needs to download the APP, connect to Bluetooth through the APP, and cannot be connected to Bluetooth alone. Please be aware.

  1. Smartwatch can detect heart rate and blood oxygen, but cannot be used for any medical function;
  2. Charging: Please charge your smartwatch before use and make sure it is fully charged. Please make sure the 2 magnetic charging cable pop pins are aligned with the 2 charging contacts of the main unit, or plug the charging cable into the USB adapter (adapter 5V 1 A). Please make sure that the metal contacts are free of dust, oxidation and impurities. When charging, the charging icon appears on the screen of the smart watch. If you don’t use your smartwatch for a long time, please charge It once a month.
  3. Do not use a power adapter with an output current of more than 2A to charge; otherwise the smartwatch will be damaged.
  4. Do not shower with hot water or place the smartwatch at high temperature; otherwise the water resistance of the smartwatch will be damaged.
  5. Do not charge in wet or watery conditions.


  1. Product introduction
  2. Remove Strap and Charge Mode

List of Package Contents

  • A. Packing box*1
  • B. Smartwatch*1
  • C. User’s manual*1
  • D. Magnetic USB cable *1

Application installation and Bluetooth connection

Please search “fitcloudpro” in Myapp and Google Play on Android devices or APP Store on iPhone; or scan the QR code below to download and install the application.

Note: Android supports 5.0 and higher; IOS supports 10.0 and higher; Bluetooth hardware 5.0 and higher

Bind the smartwatch. Click on the selection of bind device and then find the device you want to connect to. If there are multiple devices in the vicinity, select the MAC address of the smartwatch you want to bind. If the smartwatch is successfully tied to the phone, the Bluetooth icon will be displayed at the top of the smartwatch.

Product Parameters

  • Main control chip: RTL8762DK
  • Bluetooth: BLE 5.0
  • Screen size: 1 .3inches, TFT color screen
  • Battery capacity: 200 mAh
  • Battery type: Polymer battery
  • Use time: 5- 7 days
  • Waterproof level: IP68
  • Charging method: magnetic USB cable
  • Operating temperature: 0- 40°C
  • Compatibility iOS 10.0 or above Android 5.0 and above Fits most mobile devices on the market

Instructions for Use

Press the side but ton or lift your hand to wake up the screen, and press and hold for 3 seconds to switch the interface in the home page. Slide up to enter the information bar. Slide down to enter the control center.
Slide left to enter the sports data. Slide right to enter the function list.

Function Description

  1. Dial Replacement
    Long press the home page for 3 seconds to enter the dial replacement. Or download the dial replacement on the APP side.
  2. Control Center
    Slide down to enter the control center. They are: Brightness Adjustment, Do Not Disturb Mode, Find my phone, System, Shutdown and Settings.
  3. Brightness adjustment
    Slide down to the control center and click the brightness adjustment icon to adjust the brightness of your device.
  4. Do Not Disturb Mode
    Slide down to the Control Center and click the Do Not Disturb icon to confirm that Do Not Disturb mode is on.
  5. Find my phone
    Slide down to the Control Center, click Find my Phone, and your phone will vibrate to alert you.
  6. System
    Slide down to the Control Center and click System to view the system version.
  7. Settings
    Slide down to the Control Center and click Settings to enter the function settings.
    1. Screen Display
    2. Vibration intensity
    3. Language switch
    4. QR Code
    5. system
  8. Information
    Slide up to enter the message bar to view the message.
  9. Sports data
    Slide left once to view sports data and record steps, calories, and kilometers respectively.
  10. Heart rate
    Slide left twice to enter the heart rate interface, start measuring and displaying heart rate data.
  11. Sleep detection data
    Slide left three times to view daily sleep detection data (note: the default time is 9.30 p.m. to 12.00 noon the next day).
  12. Blood pressure
    Slide right to enter the list f unction, click on blood pressure to start measurement and display blood pressure data
  13. Blood oxygen
    Slide right to enter the list function, click blood oxygen to start measurement and display blood oxygen data.
  14. Sports mode
    Slide right to enter the list function, click to enter the sports mode and select your preferred sports mode.
  15. Weather
    Slide right to enter the list function, click the weather icon and view the weather.
  16. Female health function
    Slide right to enter the list function and click the Female health function to view the cycle.
  17. Music control
    Slide right to enter the list function; click the music control to adjust the upper and lower song titles.
  18. Stopwatch
    Swipe right to enter the list function, click the stopwatch icon to enter the stopwatch timing.
    Note: This function is only supported by the body temperature version.

Other Functions

  • Alarm, clock reminder
  • Find the watch reminder
  • Call reminder
  • Drink water reminder
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Low power reminder
  • Remote camera (start from APP)
  • Find phone
  • Timer


  1. Why should I wear my smartwatch tightly when testing my heart rate?
    By using the principle of light reflection, the smartwatch penetrates the skin with a light source and collects the signal reflected on the sensor to calculate the heart rate. If not worn tightly, ambient light will enter the sensor and affect the measurement accuracy.
  2. Not recommended to wear in a hot bath: the first factor: a hot bath will produce steam due to the high temperature of the bath water, it is easy to produce a lot of steam. Steam is a gas with a small molecule radius, so they can easily penetrate the gap on the intelligent smartwatch casing. When the temperature drops, the water will gradually condense into water droplets, which will cause damage to the circuit board and further damage the smartwatch.
  3. When connecting Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth of your phone is turned on and the smartwatch is powered on. When doing a Bluetooth search, please make sure the smartwatch is not connected to another account number; when doing a Bluetooth search, please keep the smartwatch and the phone as close as possible.
  4. If the user’s phone has installed other software, such as Mobile Manager, in order to ensure the normal operation of the background APP, please turn on the phone’s message push and al low background operation, otherwise it can not push messages.
  5. To ensure the accuracy of the test data, after entering the blood oxygen test mode, stay relaxed and still during the test and make sure the smartwatch and your heart are at the same height. Please do not talk during the test. (This function provides data reference for blood oxygen changes before and after human exercise and cannot be used for medical purposes).

Battery Information

Battery material Lithium polymer battery
Battery model 402026
Battery power parameter 0.74wh
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Rated Capacity 200mAh


This product is not a medical device. This smartwatch and its applications are not available for diagnosis, treatment or preventive therapy of diseases. Consult a medical professional before changing your exercise habits and sleep habits to avoid serious injury. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify and improve the functional descriptions of the user guide, as well as to update the content on an ongoing basis without notice. This user guide is for reference only, for smartwatch sold here, please refer to the final product.

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