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Stageek Slot Wiring Cable Raceway Kit Manual

Stageek Slot Wiring Cable Raceway Kit Manual Image

Stageek Slot Wiring Cable Raceway Kit Instructions

Stageek Open Slot Wiring Cable Raceway Kit

Stageek wiring duct provides a protective channel for cables, letting you route cables more neatly and in turn prevent the mess and confusion of tangled cables.

The cable raceway kit can be screw mounted(12 screws are included), and features parallel openings along the length of the duct and a snap-lid design that provides easy access to cables while maintaining a tidy, organized appearance.


  • Screws into wall to provide a protective channel for cables.
  • Snap-lid provides easy access to cables and gives a tidy appearance.


  • Parallel openings on both sidewalls facilitates customization.
  • Benefits of PVC material: high impact resistance, warp-proof, and self-extinguishing.

Extra Strength Self Adhesive Tape or Screws: The wire cover duct comes with upgraded stronger self -adhesive tape for easy installation, great for organizing cables of wall mounted TVs or monitors. 12 screws and 12 drywall anchors are included for optional installation

The adhesive tape is strong, it may stay sticky in the place once installed. If you want to remove it, please warm it up with a blow dryer(a heat gun is better if you have one) to soften the adhesive, it will be easily peeled off without damaging the surface

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