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Star Master Rotating Night Projection Lamp Manual

Star Master Rotating Night Projection Lamp Manual Image

Star Rotating Night Projection Lamp


Function:- Colorful (Yellow Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Red Light….) Rotating, Removable Dome, HD Projector, Power Input Port.

Turn it on for 4 Ways:

You can use this product with

  1. Charger adopter
  2. Power Bank
  3. Computer/PC
  4. Battery

Use of Introduction:

Projected onto the interior if projected onto the interior, need to open the top cover, then project the pictures on the wall.
Starry sky night light projector – fill your room with stars and moonlight, so that you feel as if you were laying under the stars.

How to use ?

  1. Plug in with the cable
  2. Start lamp
  3. Remove White Cap
  4. A Button Function:- Start Warm White Light
  5. B Button Function:- You can change the lights
  6. C Button Function:- On/Off Rotating