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SUBLUE Swii Electronic Kickboard Manual

SUBLUE Swii Electronic Kickboard Manual Image

SUBLUE Swii Electronic Kickboard User Manual

Product Overview

Brief introduction

Swii is a smart powered kickboard with strong buoyancy, excellent power and portability developed by Sublue for adults and children above 6 years old. Swii adopts built-in dual propeller and self-developed dual propeller system that can provide 5kgf thrust Taking into account ergonomics and scientific allocation of weight and buoyancy, Swii could provide stable and comfortable user experience. The detachable and rechargeable lithium battery provides safety, portability and ultra-long mile range.


Easy to learn and use : 

  • Lay upon the Swii, push the start buttons with both hands to switch on or oft
  • The strong buoyancy makes it suitable for both adults and children.
  • The handle on the back makes it portable.
  • The detachable battery could be replaced in 3 seconds. Small capacity and long battery life, guaranteed for 30 minutes.

Considerate design : 

  • There are two speed modes for you to choose from, making your experience both safe and exciting.
  • The high-quality EVA material feels natural and comfortable to human skin
  • The breathing light can indicate the status of the device with multiple colors.
  • The built-in dual power propeller can stop in 0.2 seconds in case of foreign objects.

APP smart control : 

  • The built-in Bluetooth module enables the device to be connected to the mobile app for smart control.
  • A simple touch on the screen can realize functions such as speed switch, battery monitoring, customized settings of the breathing lights, safety lock, self-cleaning and self-checking.

Explore Swii

  1. Main switch
  2. Start buttons at both sides
  3. Breathing light
  4. Battery cover
  5. Buoyancy component
  6. Back cover
  7. Propeller
  8. Front cover

Content Examination

List of items

Before using the device, please check whether the package contains the following items. For missing items, please contact Sublue or local distributor.


Charging Standx1


Instructions Document x5

Adapter&Power Cordxl

Check for any exterior damage

When exterior damages such as scratch, rupture, stain, detachment of cover, broken propeller blade, loose battery cover or other conditions affecting the use of the device are detected, please do not use the device and immediately contact Sublue or local distributor.

Battery and Charging Explanation


Charging steps
Swii uses detachable and rechargeable lithium battery. Before using it for the first time, please fully charge the battery to guarantee a successful debut.

  • Charging
  • Charging Finished

Battery installation : Insert the battery into the comportment. Hearing “Clatter indicates that the battery was correctly installed.

Switch on and off and propeller examination

Switch on/off

Switch on
After installing the battery, turn the main switch and keep for 1 second until the breathing light starts flashing. You can loosen your hand after the device was turned on normally.

Switch off

  1. Turn the main switch and keep for more than 2 seconds. After the breathing light goes off, the device is switched off normally and you may loosen your hand.
  2. When there is no operation in 5 minutes, the device will be automatically switched off.

Propeller examination

When the device is switched on, the user may push both start buttons at the some time in the air for a test run (within 1 minute). Please make sure that the propeller runs normally without blockage or strange voice.

  • When running in the air for 5 seconds, the propeller speed will automatically slow down for device protection purposes.

Speed Switch

Switch via the main switch

When the device is turned on, the user may turn the main switch quickly to switch from high speed to low speed and vice versa.

  • The user may determine the speed by observing the flashing frequency of the breathing light.
  • High speed mode: twice per second; Low speed mode: once per second.

Turn the main switch quickly

Observe the flashing frequency of the breathing light

APP switch

Use the SublueGo APP for speed switch (Please refer to the SublueGo User manual).

Battery Monitoring and Replacement

Battery monitoring

Please observe the battery from time to time and determine the remaining battery from the color of the breathing light.

Warning :  Please return to the shore when the breathing light turns red, indicating that the battery is low.

Battery replacement

Keep the device up tight for draining completely
Dry up the battery contact points

Install the battery correctly

Keep dry

  1. Do not replace battery underwater.
  2. Dry up the contact points of the battery and the compartment.
  3. Please make sure that the battery is correctly and firmly installed before using.
  4. Please change the battery in a dry environment when the device, the battery and your hands ore dry.

Operating Posture

  • Place Swii horizontally on the water surface. The user may lay upon the floater.
  • Turn on the device and push the start buttons on both sides. The device will stop when one of the button is loosened.

Warning :  Children and swim beginners must use this device wearing life buoy or other safety equipment under the surveillance of guardians.



After using Swii in seawater or fresh water, please clean the device in time in the following steps:

  1. Clean all parts of the device by rinsing with water or immersing in water.
  2. Keep the device on, immerse the device in water and push the start buttons on both sides. Keep the device running for 3 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.
  3. Shake the device and clear all foreign objects.
  4. Use a soft cloth to wipe the device and make sure that there is no water remaining on the device and battery.
  5. Remove the battery and place the battery and device separately to dry in cool and well ventilated place.

Deep cleaning

Use the sell-cleaning function in the SublueGo APP ( Please refer to the SublueGo User Guide) Battery should be installed for self-cleaning.

  • The battery cover must be closed during self-cleaning.
  • Please use fresh water and do not use seawater.
  • Do not add chemical detergent in the fresh water.
  • During self-cleaning, please be gentle in case of causing damage to the EVA floater.
  • The bubbles emerged from the holes on the device when immersing it in water ore normal.
  • In case of splashing water to the user, please make sure that the water outlet of the propellers face the bottom of the container.
  • Do not use wind blower or dryer to dry the device.

Maintenance and Storage


  1. Please perform monthly checks to the device in case of corrosion due to the change of storage environment.
    No Routine checks Methods
    1 Switch on/off Install the battery. Switch on and off the device in I Switch on/off accordance to the user guide. Observe the breathing light to determine whether the device is normally switched on or off.
    2 Start the propellers When the device is switched on, push the start buttons at both sides and observe whether the propellers start normally.
    3 APP Connection When the device is switched on and the Bluetooth function 3 APP is enabled, try use SublueGo to connect the device and Connection observe whether the device could be connected to the mobile phone normally.
  2. Please charge the battery at least every three months.

Storage environment

For long time storage, please store the battery and the device separately in their respective packages and adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not store them adjacent to devices generating strong magnetic field.
  2. Do not charge the battery when the ambient temperature is below 0 C.
  3. Please keep the device away from heat, fire and children.
  4. Do not place them in direct sunlight.
  5. Do not place them in poorly ventilated place or damp environment (RH>66%).
  6. Please make sure that the device is stored in well ventilated place (0-40 C )
  7. The battery shall be stored separately in well ventilated environment (0-40 C) and should be charge at least every three months.

Common fault and troubleshooting

No Common faults Troubleshooting
1 Propeller blockage or abnormal revolving
  1. Switch off the device
  2. Check whether there is foreign object blocking the propellers
  3. Clean the device according to the steps in “Cleaning” and dry up the device for further examination
  4. Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale service centers.
2 Battery damage or swollen Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale or swollen battery service centers
3 Stain on battery contact points
  1. Check whether there ore damages around the contact points
  2. Check whether there are damages on the sealing gasket
  3. For minor stains, the user may use
    dry cloth for cleaning and apply Vaseline on the battery’s contact points
  4. Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale service centers.
4 Unable to switch on the device
  1. Fully charge the battery and install the battery. Afterward, try switching on the device again
  2. Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale service centers.
5 Abnormal breathing light
  1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged. 5 Abnormal
  2. Switch on the device again breathing light
  3. Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale service centers.
6 APP error
  1. uninstall the APP and try downloading it and installing the APP again.
  2. Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale service centers
7 Update Failed
  1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged
  2. update Swii again using the APP.
  3. Contact SUBLUE or SUBLUE’s authorized after-sale service centers.

Safety Explanations

  1. Before using this product please read the user guide thoroughly and learn about the water conditions that you are about to enter. The device should be used in appropriate waters and approved by the management authority.
  2. To ensure safety, users should wear life jackets or life-saving equipment under any circumstances.
  3. This product is an entertainment device and cannot be used as a life-saving equipment.
  4. This product is not recommended for minors under 6 years of age. Minors over 6 years of age should use this product with the guardian’s escort or protected by a lifeguard authorized by the guardian.
  5. TO prevent possible hazards, this product should not be used by the elderly, the pregnant and those who are not suitable for swimming.
  6. It is forbidden to take any medicine before or when using this product
  7. The user should wear a swimming cap when using this product, and pay special attention to the people around you to avoid getting other people’s hair or clothing into the propeller.
  8. Do not put your fingers or other parts of your body into the propeller at any time, or insert any foreign objects into the propeller.
  9. It is recommended to use this product in open water. It is strictly forbidden to use this product in rivers, ponds or other poor water conditions, and please be careful not to get clothes, algae, ropes, shark prevention nets, shells, sand or other debris in the water into the propeller in case of danger
  10. Swii Smart Powered Kickboard is equipped with a dedicated charger. Do not use other chargers, otherwise, damages to the battery may occur. Please use the original charger at all times.
  11. When using this product. please do not point the water outlet of the propeller to the eyes and face of yourself or others. Please use this product after standing firmly in the water so as to prevent falls
  12. When using this product in water, the user should always observe the surrounding environment to avoid collision.
  13. Check the battery before using this product. When using this product in water, the user should observe the battery from time to time and make sure to return to the shore before battery exhaustion.
  14. There is battery inside this product. Please handle it gently and ovoid strong vibration, bumping or collision
  15. Unofficial or authorized maintenance personnel must not carry out repairs. Improper repairing will cause damages to the product and Sublue assumes no responsibility for such damages. All unauthorized disassembling will be deemed as the consumers wavering of the product warranty. The user shall bear all consequences.
  16. Please replace the battery in a dry environment and keep the equipment and your hands dry. Do not replace the battery in water.
  17. Before using this product, the product should be fully examined to ensure that the battery is not damaged and the battery is fully charged, and that the dual propeller and propeller blades are working properly.
  18. To protect the endurance of the motor, the user should not operate the device for more than one minute in a non-underwater environment. When abnormalities are detected (such as burnt smell), the user should immediately release the start button to stop the device and immediately disconnect the power.
  19. Do not use this product directly on the beach to prevent sand, shells or other debris from damaging the surface of the product and the inside of the device. The device will be damaged if sand or other foreign objects were carried inside the propeller.
  20. Do not get the surface of the product in contact with volatile substances or acidic substances such as gasoline or rubber solutions. Keep the product away from sharp objects.
  21. Do not place heavy objects on the product.
  22. Do not throw the battery into fire.
  23. Any Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  24. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
    1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
    2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  25. This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.

Warning : Just like using any electrical products the user should pay close attention to safety and avoid electrical shock.


Device specifications
Size L550mm x W375mm x  H135mm
Weight 4550g (with 98Wh Standard Battery)
4900g (with 158Wh Option Battery)
Power 400W
Speed High-speed mode 2Kn (1m/s)
Low speed model.2Kn (0.6m/s)
Endurance 98Wh:  30min    158Wh : 45min
Breathing Light Multiple colors:indicate battery and status
Ambient Temperature 0-35C
Input Voltage 100-240V-l.8A     50/60Hz
Output Voltage 168V═3.3A
Rated Power 55W
Charging Indicator Charging:Red Fully Charged: Green
Motor parameters
Rated Voltage 14.8V
Power 230W
Motor Grade B   Continuous running
Maximum RPM 3800rpm
Capacity Standard 6600mAh/ option10670mAh
Nominal Voltage 14.8V
Energy Standard 98Wh/option 158Wh
Ambient Temperature 5-40 C
Maximum Charging Power 100W
Time for Charging 98Wh  25h/ 158Wh  3.5h
Weight 750g/1100g
Breathing light
Color 4 sets of colors
Battery Range >70%   40%-70%    10%-40%
When battery is lower than 10%, the breathing light turns red.
Flashing Frequency High Speed mode: Twice/s Low speed mode:Once/
Bluetooth Connection Blue, no flashing
Firmware update
  1. Normal Update:Blue,flash twice/s
  2. Foiled Update:Red, flash twice/s(Please update the device vie APP before using the device again)

Color of the breathing light

  • The speed varies due to the user’s weight, clothing,and environment.”
  • Theoretically.the product should be used on the water surface.The product shall not be used under water and the maximum depth is lm.
  • The endurance data derived from experiments. The value is the overage time of endurance of normal use (non-continuous)in water.
  •  Due to the inherent chemical and physical properties of the bottery,the endurance will vary with factors such os the electrochemical state of the battery,the ambient temperature,the number of charge and discharge,etc. In Order to extend battery life,we recommend that the user should purchase” or least two bodies.