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SunFounder Structural Plates Manual

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About This Kit
This cute learning kit utilizes blocks and circuit driving connecting rod structure to command the pig to run. You can learn the knowledge of bricks, structure, and circuits by applying this kit.
In this book, we will show you how to build the robot via description, illustrations of physical components in hardware respects.
You may visit our website www.sunfounder.com to download the related code and view the user manual on LEARN -> Get Tutorials and watch related videos under VIDEO.
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Structural Plates

Prior to assembling the Pig, you need to remove the residues in the holes of the plates and the stickers on the plates.

Mechanical Fasteners

Parts Name Qty.
M2*4 Self-tapping Screw 4
M3*6 Screw 6
M3*8 Screw 6
M3*12 Screw 4
M3*16 Screw 4
M3*28 Screw 3
M3 self-locking Nut 12
M3*6 Bi-pass plastic Standoff 4
M3*20 Bi-pass plastic Standoff 2

Electrical Components

Parts Name Qty.
DC motor 1
4 x 1.5v Battery Holder 1
Cross Socket Wrench 1
Phillips Screw Driver 1


This cute learning kit utilizes a bricks element and some circuits to drive the connecting rod and command the pig to walk. You can learn the knowledge of brick, structure, and circuit by applying this kit.
It is a new mobile robot called Pig developed by SunFounder. The structure is to connect the front and behind the leg with two connecting rods. The electric motor controls the front leg by connecting the rod and drive the behind leg to move; besides, the left and right connecting rod is assembling symmetrically, thus the pig can move forward. The circuit is consisting of a battery holder, four
the battery and an electric motor.


The right leg

1 . Face the 11 the board to the arrow side to insert M3*8 screws from the hole of 17 the board and the leg, then fix M3 self-lock nut and M3 screw by the socket. Note: Do as shown in the picture, or else mistakes may occur.

2. Insert the hole of board 9,7,17 and 11 by M3*12 screw, then fix M3 nut and M3 screw with the help of socket.

3. Face board 16 to the arrow direction and fix with board 11 by M3 nut and M3*8 screws.
The left leg

1 . Face board 11 to the arrow direction and insert M3*8 screw into the hole of board 11 and 17, then fix M3 self-lock nut and M3 screw with the help of socket. Note: not to assemble in the reverse direction.

2. Insert board of 9, 7, 17, and 11 by M3*12 screw and fix M3 nut and M3 screw by the socket.

3. Face the board of 16 to the arrow direction as shown below and fix with board 11by M3 nut and M3*8 screws.

The right side

1. Insert the motor into board 2, then insert two M3*28 screws into motor and board 2, then fix M3*6 screws and M3*20 bi-pass plastic standoff at the other two holes.

2. Put motor shaft on three board 6 and put the motor shaft on the right leg of board 9. Rotate 17 the board to let it be in the center of the motor, then fasten M2*4 screw into the hole by a screwdriver.

3. Insert M3*16 screws into16 the board and 11 the board, M3*6 bi-pass plastic standoff and 2 nd board to fasten by M3 nut on the other side.

4. Keep flat of 2 nd board, then insert 12 the, 13 the, and two 10 the board.

The left side

1 . Insert the M3*16 screw into 16 then, 11 then board on the left leg, and also M3*6 bi-pass plastic standoff and 1 st board to fasten with M3 Nut on the other side.

2. Overlap the other side of the motor with the left inner board, note to insert all the boards at the last step to insert into the 1 st board, and insert the M3*28 screws into the round hole of 1 st board, then fix two M3*20 bi-pass plastic standoff by M3*6 screws.

3. Put three 6 th boards into the motor shaft and also for 9 th board on the left leg, then rotate 17 th board until it is aligning with the center of the motor, then fasten with M2*4 screws into the center of the motor shaft by a screwdriver.
Note: The 9 th board on the left should be on the reverse side of the right one.

Assemble Head and Feet

1 .Insert the 4 the board into 13 the board.

2. Insert two 3 rd boards into the gap of 13 the board.

3. Insert 5 th board into the gap between 3 rd and 4 th , then insert 14 th board into the gap before 4 th board.

4. Insert 15 th board into the gap of 12 th , then insert four 8 th boards into the gap under 16 th and 17 th

Circuit Connection

1. Insert four 5 th batteries (not included) into the battery holder and put back the cover. Insert the battery holder into the two 10 th boards.

2. Connect the red and black lines of the motor with the battery holder.

3. Put the pig in a flat place and slide the power switch, then it can walk.


  1. For a better experience, place it on a frictionless surface to walk.
  2. Screw and self-lock nut should not be too tight, or else, the pig cannot walk smoothly also, unsteady structure and toe out of the four limbs if too loose. Both of them will increase the motor load and lead to battery power faster.
  3. The front leg can be rotated to the location as shown below. If the legs are in other places, the pig may not stand still, but wouldn’t interrupt the normal work.


In this manual, having learned the related components for building the robot kit, you’ve gone through the assembly of the mechanical parts and electrical modules.
The SunFounder Bio-Robot Kit is adapt for those who had just learned some knowledge about circuits and structure. After all the study and hands-on practice of the kit, you can surely have the creative ideas to design the other kind of bio-robot. Now, get started to make better work!

All contents including but not limited to texts, images, and code in this manual are owned by the SunFounder Company. You should only use it for personal study, investigation, enjoyment, or other non-commercial or nonprofit purposes, under the related regulations and copyrights laws, without infringing the legal rights of the author and relevant right holders. For any individual or organization that uses these for commercial profit without permission, the Company reserves the right to take legal action.