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Supersonic IQ-140TWS True Wireless Earbuds Manual

Supersonic IQ-140TWS True Wireless Earbuds Manual Image


Model 4714 User Manual



True wireless stereo (TWS), real no wires design, individual left and right channel, HIFI sound, both the left and right earbud are Bluetooth enabled, could be used separately, or used as one pair.

Bluetooth version:        V5.0, ultra low consumption

Bluetooth Mode:          A2DP1.3/H FP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11.3.

Bluetooth Frequency:   2.4GHZ

Bluetooth Range:         10 meters with no obstacles

Battery capacity:           Earbud: 70mah rechargeable Li-ion battery Charging dock: 350mah (optional)

Talk/Play time:             Single earbud mode:Up to 5 hours One Pair earbuds mode:Up to 5 hours

Standby time:                Up to 120 hours

About pairing:

Using as single earbud:

Long press the multi-function button until the led flashing in red and blue alternately, then turn on the Bluetooth on your device and select “IQ-140TWS” on your list, there would be reminding voice saying “connected”, then you could enjoy music or making phone calls, it supports reporting incoming calls.

Using as a pair:

Press and hold mutifunction buttons on both earbuds to power on both earbuds, the indicator lights will flash red and blue on both earbuds.

The earbuds will be connected automatically. If not, click EITHER side for 2-3 seconds to enter pairing mode.


Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and choose“ TWS_4714” to connect, when the led flash slowly in blue, they pair successfully. Battery status display on your cellphone.

To TURN OFF-press and hold the multifunction button on either earbud until the LED flashes red for three times.

Bluetooth usage:

1. Making phone calls:
Be sure the earphone connected with your mobile phone, and then you can make phone calls. When making calls, press function button on either earbuds once to answer; press and hold function button to reject.
When the earphones are in music mode, you dial your latest number by quick quick press the function button on either earbuds function button 2 times. (redial the latest number).

2. Listening to music:
Be sure the earphone connected with your mobile phone, then you can listen to music on your music list. Shortly press the power button to stop the music and replay by press again. Press and hold” +” &”-” for Voice +/-; press “+ for Next/Previous.

There is reminding sound when battery is low, and the led would flash in red at the same time. When taking charge, the led would be in red, and turns in blue when fully charged.
Note:the earphone would be forced to shut down when charging even if they are power ON before charging.


Charging Dock:

  1. Charging Zipper Case
  2. Charge-Out
  3. Power Button
  4. Charge-in Port
  5. LED Charging Case Indicator


  1. Put the earbuds into the correspondence dock, plug the charge-out to the earbuds, press the power button in the charging case to start charging.
  2. Use charging dock to charge earbuds: LED indicator on earbuds show in red for charging, earbuds indicator turn off when fully charged. Charging dock shows in blue as power on.
  3. Use USB cable to charge charging dock: LED indicator on charging dock lights in RED for charging, LED indicator turn off when fully charged.


  1. Please do not overuse this earphone or put it under heavy pressure, keep away from wet and heat.
  2. Keep away from WiFi, router or other high frequency transmitting equipment to prevent interruption of signal receiving.
  3. Please use this earphone under its working range (10 meters), and the effect would be better if there is no obstacle between the connected devices.
  4. Use this Bluetooth earphone to connect any device with Bluetooth function.
  5. Please DO NOT use too much force on earbuds/charging dock when charging/pairing.



Product Diagram

  • Charging Input
  • Microphone
  • Ear tips
  • Power button
  • “-” button
  • “+” button
  • LED Charging Indicator Light


Package contains:

  1. Earbuds x 1
  2. Charging case x 1
  3. Micro USB charging cable x 1
  4. User manual x 1

Troubleshooting Tips:

* If only one earbud is working, press the other earbud to reconnect.
* If pairing two earbuds does not work, turn off the earbuds and restart.
* Make sure your earbuds are within range of your smart device.
* Make sure your earbud is charged.


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