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Synergee 810032235048 Lat Pulldown Pulley Machine Manual

Synergee 810032235048 Lat Pulldown Pulley Machine Manual Image

Pulley Machine – Installation Manual 

Pulley Machine – Parts List


Connect the rear stabilizer(#l) to the main stabilizer(#2). Use 1 x metal plate(#15), 2x Ml 0x65 bolts, 2x 10 washers and 2x Ml0 nuts.
Connect the front stabilizer(#3) and foot rest frame(#9) to the main stabilizer(#2). Use 2x Ml 0x65 bolts, 2x 10 washers and 2x Ml0 nuts.


Insert the slider upright(#4) into the main stabilizer(#2). Slide on the loadable frame(#18). Use 1x M10x65 bolt, 1x 010 washer and 1x M10 nut to connect the slider upright (#4) to the main stabilizer(#2).
Lightly tighten (Temporary).
Attach the main upright(#6) to the main stabilizer(#2), Use 1x metal plate(#15), 2x M10x65 bolts, 2x 010 washers, 2x M10 nuts. Lightly tighten (Temporary).
Attach the seat frame (#7) to the main stabilizer(#2) and to the main upright(#6). Use 1x metal plate(#15), 4x M10x65 bolts, 4x 010 washers and 4x M10 nuts. Lightly tighten (Temporary).
Attach the upper frame(#5) to the slider upright(#4) ,use 1x M10x65 bolt, 1x 010 washer and 1x M10 nut.
Lightly tighten (Temporary).
Attach the upper frame(#5) to the main upright(#6). Use 1x metal Plate (#15), 2x M10x65 bolts, 2 x Q10 washers, 2xM1O nuts. Tighten all screws from step 2.


Place the upper seat frame(#8) into the seat frame (#7).
Insert 7 pulleys(#20) into the frame. Use 1x M10x70 bolt, 2x 010 washers, lx Ml0 nut, and 2x pulley bushings(#26) for each pulley, a total of 7.
Feed the upper cable(#21) through the top as shown. Use 1 x Ml 0x25 bolt, 2x 010 washers, 1x M 10 nut to attach the cable to the loadable frame(#18).
Use the pulley plates(#14) to connect the 2 middle pulleys as shown. Use 2x M10x45 bolts, 4x 010 washers, 2x Ml0 nuts.
Feed the lower cable(#22) through the main frame and continue around the pulleys and end by feeding the cable through the seat frame.


Slide the footrest pin(#10) through the footrest(#l 1) and attach to the footrest frame (#9).
Use the chain(#23) to connect the straight bar(#12) to the lower cable(#22).
Use the chain(#23) to connect the pull down bar(#13) to the upper cable(#21 ).
Slide the foam pads(#25) through the roller bar(#17) at the desired height.
Use 2x M8x40 bolts and 2x 8 washers to attach the seat cushion(#l 9).
Use 2x M8x70 bolts and 2x 08 washers to attach the back cushion(#27).
Attach the abdominal attachment(#16) to the lower cable.


As with any workout equipment that involves heavyweights, there is a risk of injury when using the Synergee Pulley Machine. The best way to reduce the risk of serious injury is to exercise caution.
Follow the instructions in this manual and familiarize yourself with all warnings on your product before using it.
Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physician. This is especially important for persons over age 35 or persons with pre-existing health issues.
Follow these precautions to ensure you use your Synergee Pulley Machine safely:

  1. Read all instructions in this manual and all warnings on the product before using it. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all users of this product are adequately informed of all the safety precautions.
  2. Use this product only as described in this manual and keep this manual handy for future reference.
  3.  Always keep children and pets away from this product. Keep hands and feet away from moving parts.
  4. This product is intended for consumer use only in an indoor environment. Do not use it in a commercial, rental, or institutional setting. Keep this product indoors, away from moisture and dust.
  5. Place the product on a level surface, with at least 3 feet of clearance around it. To protect the floor or carpet from damage, place a mat under it.
  6. Install the Pulley System properly and according to instructions. Properly tighten all parts and check their tightness regularly. If any worn or damaged parts are found, stop usage immediately.
    Refrain from use until the machine has been repaired.
  7. Make sure all locking mechanisms are properly secured before using the unit. Ensure adjustment pins function properly and are fully engaged before placing any weight.
  8. Wear appropriate clothes while exercising. Do not wear loose clothes that can get caught and always wear athletic shoes while exercising.
  9. Do not install any fitness product near a pool, hot tub or other damp locations. Corrosion caused by installation in these locations can lead to premature failure of components, which is not covered under any warranty.
  10. Do not use this rack to exhaustion: stop exercising and step away from the rack if you feel faint, dizzy, or in pain.
  11. To avoid damaging parts, do not use power tools for assembly. Use hand tools and the hardware provided.

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