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Syrp magic carpet PRO Manual

Syrp magic carpet PRO Manual Image

Setup Guide

Before you start filming, there are a few simple steps
to follow to ensure your Magic Carpet PRO is assembled correctly and you’re sliding smoothly.
This guide will walk you through the correct Magic
Carpet Pro set up, as well as some helpful tips.
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Remove Track Joiners

Lift open both Track Locks and pull out the Track Joiners.
The Track Joiners are only required when joining multiple tracks together.

Install the Carriage

Slide the Carriage onto the Track Rails.

Syrp magic carpet PRO Carriage

Install the End Caps

Unlock both the Track Locks and insert the End Caps. Close the Track Locks securing the End Caps in place.

Adjust the Legs

Lift open the Leg Locks to release the legs and set the leg angle.

Remove the Quick Release Plate

Slide the Quick Release Lock to unlock and push in while pulling the Plate up to remove.

Fasten Quick Release Plate

Screw the Quick Release Plate to your video head.

Mount Camera

Push the Quick Release Plate down into the carriage. You will hear a click when it’s flush and engaged. Slide the Quick Release Lock to lock.

Engage Flywheel

Press the Flywheel button in to engage or release the Flywheel.

Extend Track Length (optional)

Lift open the Track Locks and insert the Track Joiners. Close the Track Locks.
Open the Track Locks on the additional Track and insert over the Joiners. Close the Track Locks.

Counter Weight Camera (optional)

Tie a counterweight rope to the Counterweight Loop and thread it over the green Counterweight Roller. Tie the end to a counterweight.


To maintain optimal smooth movement regularly wipe the Carriage Wheels and Track clean with a soft cloth to remove dirt.

Avoid over-tightening the Tension Wheel, doing so could damage the track.

Aways lock the Carriage when not in use and transporting the Track.

Do not lift the Track by your camera or attached accessory. Always detatch camera and accessory before transporting.

Every 3 feet length of Track should be supported by a tripod or other support, to add rigidity and prevent sag.