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tekkiwear SeTrack 2 Smartwatch Manual

tekkiwear SeTrack 2 Smartwatch Manual Image

Deep Waterproof Kids
Smartwatch(Se Track 2)
Quickstart Guide

Please read this manual carefully before starting to use the watch, pictures for reference only.


Check if the watch is the correct model and has complete accessories (1’watch,1*USB cable, 1 user manual).
Prepare a 4G LTE SIM card. can ask for your dealer if have any questions (Please turn off the watch before inserting the SIM Card)
Activate data flow, GPRS, and caller display function.
Download the APP on your cell phone, can ask for the bar code or QR code from your dealer.

Product Functions

  • GPS +AGPS+ LBS +WIFI Location on Map
  • Cell phone APP or computer GPRS platform, both ways to control the watch.
  • GPRS real-time locating, tracking, and monitoring (Voice Care)
  • Two-way Phone Call
  • WIFI, BT
  • Camera
  • Album
  • Phone book
  • Class Schedule
  • Kids early education
  • Make Friends
  • intercom
  • Health
  • Weather
  • Quick leaning
  • Alarm Clock
  • Security Zone
  • SOS Emergency Call
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Remote Shutdown

Watch Introduction and Screen display

Functions of buttons:
Switch button: hold this button to make SOS calls; press this button to hang up. Speaker hole: do NOT insert anything into this hole
Power supply/battery: DC-5V-500mA Alert: the battery of the watch should NOT be put in an environment with overheating problems, such as exposure to sunlight or fire.

Card Insertion Method

  1.  Phone book: click this icon then you can see the 15 contacts No. in the APP, select and click any of the No to call.
  2.  We chat: Click to chat with APP, can send the voice and picture to your cell phone. Note that the watch can not send text messages to APP, while APP can send text messages to the watch.
  3. Call: Watch can call to any number, and the app can turn on/off this function
  4. Make a friend: When on the make friends page. touch watches to add each other as friends, both watches will vibrate and the head Portraits will be lighted up when making friends successfully, the watch can add four friends at most. Click head portraits to send voice messages and photos to friends. Long pressed the message to delete the chatting record. Long press friend’s head portraits to delete friend.
  5. The camera clicks this icon to take photos or videos. Setting Wireless & Network, Device, screen intensity, Volume(ring tone, system sound, alarm) modify equipment wallpaper, set up screen dormancy time) set device voice, time and date, equipment (software version, SIM card status, and IMEI)
  6. Gallery. Click to check photos can share, delete or revise
  7. Setting: Can check all related system information
  8. Education: Including character, fruit, animal, transportation, have Chinese, English playback
  9. Schedule: preset the schedule on APP from Monday to Friday, click class name to check the detailed time, it is able to modify schedule on APP
  10. Math: Click the icon, and then click “begin”, stat to play. This game is divided into three levels “Easy, Normal, Hard” Can set up the level by clicking the “Setting” icon.
  11. AppCude. Scan the AppCode to download the Setrackcr 2 App on the phone
  12. RegCode: Scan the RegCode when registering the account on APP
  13. Cleaning tools Clean up the garbage files of the system

APP(SeTracker2) Operation Guide

APP download and administrator account registration

  1. Scan and download the APP Use smartphone to scan this QR code to get SeTracker, normally open it from browser and download
  2. APP register It needs to register by hand first before login in. The ID for register can get by scanning the barcode or input by hand. The user name must have four characters (Letter or digit) at Yeast.ID and user name are unique and can not repeat. Other information can be input by yourself. It is possible to change the password. The register picture is shown below: 3 Log in

APP function menu
After finish registration, input the correcter account number and password, click login, enter the main menu. The main menu show as below:

Main function

Main manual introduction After registered, log in to the main manual as the following picture:
Partial Functions:
(1)Voice Chat: Voice records can be sent between the Watch and APP.App sends voice Voice record start APP begin to record then send to the watch, the max. time is 15 seconds. Short press the Power on the key to play the voice in the watch. (2)Map: View the Watch’s real-time location.
The watch and APP mobile phone location can show on the map. Click ‘Locate’ to start to locate 3 minutes, the upload interval is 10 seconds, 3 minutes later back to the default mode. On the map you can know the watch locate method, the RED locate icon means GPS, and blue means LBS. (3)Setting: set all parameters of the watch.

  1. Set SOS Numbers: 3 numbers can be set. Press SOS key 3 seconds to alarm in an emergency, the watch dial the 3 numbers in turn automatically, loop 2 rounds to end.
  2. Monitoring: From APP dial the watch no, the watch can not hear the mobile phone. but the mobile phone can hear the sound around the watch.
  3. Anti-Disturb period: In the 3 periods, no calls in.
  4. SMS Alerts setting: three on-off, which are low power, SOS, and taking off watch. The number set in the APP receiving the SMS, the cost is same with normal SMS, this number is also the monitoring number by default
  5. Phone book Max10 phone numbers setting. The watch can dial the 10 phone numbers and also can answer calls from them.
  6. Recover default working mode: Default working mode-GPS on for 24 hours, the upload interval time is 10 minutes
  7. Remote turn off: It can not press the “OFF” key to turn off the watch once it starts to work. Remote turn-off only by APP.
  8. Push switch: When taking off the watch, the APP sends, the message or does not send the message.
    4. Safe area: the fence is 200m minimum. It will send alert SMS when outside the fence. Remarks: the watch can send the alert SMS in GPS locating mode, but it can not send alert SMS in LBS locating mode
    5. Red heart award: Choose the number of the red hearts, click to send to the watch, the red heart and the numbers will display on the screen.
    6. Alarm dock: 3 alarm docks are available and you can set the alarm dock on your way.
    7. Seek the watch: Click it. the watch will ring for 1 minute so that you can find it. Press any key to stop it.
    8. Remote Camera: press the Remote camera, then can take the pictures from the watch. And click the picture for seeing a large one, also can turn 90 degrees and see the date and time for the picture.
    9. Schedule: preset the schedule on APP from Monday to Friday, click class name to check the detailed time. it is able to modify schedule on APP
  9. Health: Can check the pedometer and sleeping status. these two data are only for reference.
  10. Message: Can check all the messages from the watch, like the SOS, lower battery message
  11. Footprint Can check the footprint for the recent three months

Mine” menu:

If the account is the administrator, they can see all the assistant administrator list, also have the right to delete the assistant administrator
Personal Data: can edit the account information
Kid’s information: can edit kid’s information
Device list: Can check the watch ID. If this ID is not the same as the ID on the
Sticker, the watch can not connect to the APP.
Change Password: Can change the account log-in password.
APP Watch alert
App terminal will receive the alert messages, then you can click the alert to enter the APP main menu to check the message details in the message center. If no alert from the phone, then need to check whether the message alert button has been turning on or not

 Watch working mode

Three work modes: Normal mode, Power saving mode and Real-time locating mode. Different modes have different upload interval times.
Normal mode: upload interval time 600 seconds
Power saving mode: upload interval time 3600 seconds
Real-time mode: upload interval time 60 seconds

Watch SOS
Long press SOS key(button 2) for 3s. It will display SOS on the screen. The watch will be on alert state.
Loop dialing 3 SOS numbers for two turns. it will stop when call is answered.
If not, it will continue for two turns. The watch can send messages to the monitor numbers (default “off”), at the same time send alert messages to APP.
Make friends to watches at the make friends screen and get in touch with each other, the server will receive the information and can make friends successfully if the time and distance meet the requirements. Then two friends can communicate, long press for delete the friends.
Click to that with APP or friends.
Click to take a photo or video.
Kids can learn the early studying material inside.
Can play a math game
Answer and hang-up calls
Can call to the contact in the phone book
Turn Off
Long press the power key to turn off or reset. App remote turn off, power cut to turn off.

Clearing of fault

If the watch’s first time operating can not connect to the server, it is offline in the APP.
Pls check:

  1. Confirm the SIM card supports the GSM network.
  2. Confirm the SIM card with GPRS function,
  3. Confirm the ID sticker on the watch rear cover is right. You can send SMS “PW,123456, ts#” by phone to the watch to check the ID(the watch must be power on with a SIM card).
  4. There are two cases for register failed: a. the ID does not exist or the ID already registered, pls ask the agent for help. b. account already registered, change another account to register

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