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Telstra NBN network-Gen2 Smart Modem manual

Telstra NBN network-Gen2 Smart Modem manual Image

If you are having issues pairing your smart device to a Telstra NBN network using the Gen2 Smart Modem, please try the following fix:

  1. Login the router’s setting page by typing http://mymodem.com into any web browser that is connected to current wifi
  2. Username: admin
  3. Password: Telstra (upper case T)
  4.  Please Note: Your username and password may be different.
  5. Click on WIFI (top bar, 3rd icon from the left)
  6. Click on the 2.4GHz tab, scroll to the bottom and uncheck “Band Steering Enabled”
  7. Click on Guest 1 (May appear as Guest 2.4Ghz)
  8. Scroll down to WIFI Network, and click ‘Enabled’
  9. Make sure Band Steering Enabled is unchecked
  10. Take note of the Network name and key (password)
  11. Save setting.
  12. Connect your phone to this wifi network (it should appear on wifi available networks on the phone).
  13. Reset the Smart device so it is in pairing mode.
  14. Open the Laser Smart Home app and add a device.
  15. Select your product from the list.
  16. When asked for the WIFI name and password, type in the one you noted down (Step 7).
  17.  When the device is added and configured, you can change the WIFI connection to the original one.

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