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THOR Kitchen Refrigerator HRF3601F Manual

THOR Kitchen Refrigerator HRF3601F Manual Image

Kitchen Refrigerator

Thor Kitchen Refrigerator User Instructions
Model: HRF3601F

Please read this manual carefully before using the product

Thank you for choosing THOR KITCHEN. This refrigerator has been manufactured by Thor Group, 13831 Oaks Avenue Chino, CA 91710. This manual contains all the information you will need to install/use your refrigerator correctly and safely. Please read all the instructions prior using the appliance, and keep this manual in a secure place for future reference. Do not remove the attached adhesive identification label containing code, model number, manufacturer and other information from the refrigerator. This label will be used by the THOR KITCHEN authorized service representative in the event that your refrigerator needs servicing.
Environmental Advice
The packaging material used is recyclable; we recommend that you separate plastic, paper and cardboard and give them to recycling companies. To help preserve the environment, the refrigerant used in this product is R134a (Hydrofluorocarbon – HFC), which does not affect the ozone layer and has little impact on the greenhouse effect. According to WEEE guidelines (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), waste from electrical and electronic devices should be collected separately. If you need to dispose of this appliance in the future, do NOT throw it away with the rest of your domestic garbage. Instead, please take the appliance to the nearest WEEE collection point, where available.


The refrigerator you have just purchased may be slightly different from the drawing shown in in this manual, but its overall design is the same. Please read the information referring to the operation. This refrigerator is designed and manufactured for customers in the United States only. The electric plug comes with this refrigerator may be different from the one shown in this manual, as the plug that accompanies the product meets your country’s electrical specifications.


Child Safety Guide
Please keep children from entering or climbing the refrigerator to prevent children from locking inside the refrigerator or hurting themselves when the refrigerator falls.
DO NOT let the children near the refrigerator when open and close the doors. Children should be supervised to ensure that they don’t play with the appliance.
User Safety Guide
Never pull out the electric plug by pulling the power cable. Always hold the plug head and pull it out from the socket. DO NOT pressed the power cord under the refrigerator or feet. When the refrigerator is moved away from the wall, never press or damage the power cord. When the power cord is damaged or the plug is worn, please don’t use it anymore and consult with manufacture or qualified electrician right away. When the power cord is worn or damaged, you must change it at the repair station designated by the manufacturer.
When coal gas or other inflammable gases are leaked, IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE the area, and from a safe location either call 911 or contact the local gas company. DO NOT smoke, or light a match, candle or other flame. DO NOT pull out or insert electric plug of refrigerator or other electric appliances.
DO NOT put inflammable, explosive, volatile or strongly corrosive substances into the refrigerator to avoid damaging the refrigerator or starting fire or other accidents.
DO NOT use inflammable solvent near the refrigerator to avoid risk of fire danger.
It is advisable that you don’t put the power socket, voltage stabilizer, microwave oven and other electric appliances on top of refrigerator to ensure safety. DO NOT use any electric appliances inside the refrigerator (except for recommended by manufacture) to avoid electromagnetic interference or other accidents.
When the refrigerator starts operating, do not touch the cold surface of the freezer compartment, especially with wet hands, to avoid frostbites.
DO NOT put your hands/finger into the gap between refrigerator doors or the gap between doors and body to reduce the risk of pinch. When you open the refrigerator’s door, DO NOT let children approach these areas mentioned above.
DO NOT sprinkle water onto rinse the refrigerator with water. Don’t put the refrigerator in wet or easy-to-sprinkle places so as not to influence the electric insulation property of the refrigerator.
DO NOT disassemble or reform the refrigerator by yourself. Never damage the refrigeration pipeline. Please get the refrigerator repaired by qualified professional appliance servicer.
Don’t put fluid substances in bottles or sealed containers into the freezer, like bottled beer or drinks to avoid that the explosive cracking during freezing causes other losses.

When power outage or cleaning, pull out the plug. Turn on the power supply after at least five minutes to avoid that repeated startup might damage the compressor.
When the refrigerator is out of service, please take down the refrigerator’s door, remove the door seal and shelves and put them at proper places to avoid that children might play inside and cause accident.
This product is a household refrigerator and is only suitable for storage of food according to state standards. It can’t be used for other purposes, like storage of blood, drugs, biological products and etc.

Product Description

  1. Display
  2. Left door for refrigerator compartment
  3. Upper door for freezer compartment
  4. Lower door for freezer compartment
  5. Door handle
  6. Right door for refrigerator compartment
  7. Drawer handle
  8. Ice storage box
  9. Ice scoop
  10. Partition plate for lower freezer drawer
  11. Partition plate for upper freezer drawer
  12. Upper freezer drawer
  13. Lower freezer drawer

  1. Left door for refrigerator compartment
  2. Cantilever rack
  3. Turnover beam
  4. Sliding cantilever rack
  5. Fruit and vegetable drawer
  6. Small drawer
  7. Big drawer
  8. Automatic ice maker
  9. Drawer handle
  10. Leveling leg
  11. Switch for refrigerator compartment lamp
  12. Top lamp for refrigerator compartment
  13. Right door for refrigerator compartment
  14. Butter box
  15. Air duct cover plate
  16. Folded cantilever rack
  17. Side lamp for refrigerator compartment
  18. Gallon bottle rack (With egg bracket)
  19. Special-shaped bottle rack
  20. Top lamp for freezer compartment
  21. Upper door for freezer compartment
  22. Lower door for freezer compartment
  23. Decorative cover for bottom beam


Remove all packaging material before using the new refrigerator. This includes the foam base and all adhesive tape holding the refrigerator accessories both inside and outside.
Clean both the inside and outside of the refrigerator with wet cloth (a little detergent could be added into the warm water to wash the cloth and then wipe it again with the clean water);
Prepare an independent two-pole socket with grounding contact for the refrigerator and it shall plug directly to electric socket on wall, and not share a multi-purpose socket with other electrical appliances;
Do connect grounding wire! The grounding pole of the socket shall be provided with a reliable grounding wire.
Open the refrigerator body and take out the accessory (decorative cover for bottom beam) and the three screws from the instruction packaging bag; then install them into the bottom beam as shown by the schematic diagram on the right.
The decorative cover for bottom beam is used as ornament, so you can choose not to install it. It won’t affect the refrigerator’s performance or conditions no matter whether you install it or not.

Transport and Placing of Your Refrigerator

Keep upright and avoid squeezing or vibration during transport. Avoid a slant angle over 45 degree during handling.
Avoid the door or top cap from being under excessive stress when moving; otherwise, it may become deformed.


Place your refrigerator in a well-ventilated place and keep it from heat source and direct sunlight. DO NOT place it in any humid or wet place to avoid rust and weakening of insulation effect.
There shall be a space not less than 30 cm from the top of your refrigerator and not less than 10cm from both sides or the back of the refrigerator to the adjacent walls respectively. This requirement is good for open and close of refrigerator door and heat emission.
The refrigerator shall be placed on a flat and firm ground (if not flat, you can use the leveling legs for adjustment).

Keep Your Refrigerator Standing

How long should it be left before plugging in?
DO NOT connect your refrigerator to power supply immediately after it is placed vertically (or laid down). You should keep it standing for at least 24 hours before turning the power switch on in order to avoid damage to the refrigeration system and compressor.
Make sure the power wire is not pinned by the refrigerator or other objects to avoid accidents arising from power cord faults. Please check the voltage scope of your refrigerator against the actual power supply before switching it on.

The refrigerator must be disconnected from the source of electrical supply before attempt to install accessories.
DO NOT use mechanical equipment or other methods to accelerate the defrosting process except the means recommended by the manufacturer.
DO NOT use any electrical appliances in the food storage compartments except the model recommended by the manufacture.
The R134a refrigerant and cyclopentane foaming material used in the refrigerator are inflammable. All waste and discarded refrigerators shall be placed away from open flam and NEVER burn the refrigerant.
Warm Reminder: Please place food into the drawers. Do not place any food after removing the drawers.

Start to Use

You ought to get a good knowledge of all safety precautions and make sure that your refrigerator has been placed properly in its final position before using.

  1. Unpacking
    Please install the decorative cover for bottom beam onto your refrigerator after unpacking and adjust the front leveling legs to level your refrigerator.
  2. Connecting Your Refrigerator to the Power Supply
    Your refrigerator will enter the factory default setting after connecting to the power supply, and it will display target temperature for both refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment.
  3. Work Modes of Your Refrigerator
    You can set your refrigerator in either of the following two ways:
    Auto Mode: We suggest you to choose this mode if you have no special requirements for the setting. Your refrigerator will work automatically after you chose this mode.
    Manual Mode: You can set the temperature by pressing the temperature adjustment key.
  4. Store Food into Your Refrigerator
    You can put your food into the refrigerator after a period of time (About hours in summer) when the refrigerator has already fully refrigerated its interior compartments.

Tips: The interior temperature may require a certain period of time to reach the target temperature if the setting temperature is changed or other food is stored inside of the refrigerator. Such a period of time depends on the change to the setting temperature, the surrounding temperature, opening frequency, the amount of the stored food and etc.

Refrigerator Compartment
Though the temperature-adjustable device could keep most of the refrigerator compartment at an average temperature around 2°C – 8°C (35.6°F ­ 46.4°F), it fails to preserve the freshness of food for long. As a result, the refrigerator compartment can be used only for short term storage.

Use of Turnover Beam
Please keep strictly to the warnings on the label of the turnover beam. It is a normal phenomenon that the surface of the turnover beam is hot. Dews on the surface are also normal in summer or when the surrounding environment is wet. What you need to do is to clean them away with cloth.

Adjustment of Cantilever Rack
The cantilever rack could be adjusted to the proper height as required by food. Please adjust the cantilever rack by following the arrows as shown in the diagram. Raise it upward first and then take it out by tilting it upward. During installation, put the upper end of the fixed leg into one of the upper slots on the supporting iron first and then put the lower end of the fixed leg into the third slot on the lower part of the supporting iron.
Height Adjustment and Cleaning of DoorMounted Bottle Rack
Raise the bottle rack in the direction, hold it with both hands and take it out in the direction. After cleaning, you can install the rack in the reverse order and you can also adjust the height of the rack.

Adjustment of cantilever rack Adjustment of door-mounted bottle rack

Food suggested to store in refrigerator compartment

  1. Cooked Wheaten Food, Cans, Milk, …Etc.
  2. Snack Food, Food Subject to Tainting, Dairy Product
  3. Cooked Cold Meat, Sausage
  4. Fruit, Vegetables
  5. Eggs, Butter, Cheese
  6. Cans, Seasoning
  7. Drinks, Other Bottled Food

Freezer Compartment

The temperature in the freezer compartment is very low, so it could preserve the freshness of food for a long period of time. Those foods which can be stored in freezer compartment but not exceed the storage period specified on the packaging of each kind of food. You can take out the drawers of the freezer compartment to increase its capacity and store more food.

Food Suggested to Store in Freezer Compartment

  1. The upper drawer of the freezer could be used to store fish, meat, ice-cream and … etc.
  2. Ice storage box is used to store the ice.
  3. The lower drawer of the freezer is used to store fish, meat and packaged poultry meat.

Taking-Out and Installation of The Lower Freezer Drawer

  1. Pull out the lower freezer drawer first.
  2. Take out the two fixed screws from the partition plate of the lower freezer drawer with screw driver and then take off the partition plate.
  3. Take off the rear stopper for the lower drawer as shown by Fig. A.
  4. Take out the lower drawer body with force as directed by the arrows in Fig. B.
  5. The installation of the lower drawer body is conducted in the reverse order. You should install the lower drawer body first and then install the rear stopper for the lower drawer as shown in Fig. C. Finally, both sides of the drawer shall be connected to the position shown by the arrows respectively.
  6. The partition plate is installed into the corresponding slots and then is fixed with screws. The position of the partition plate for the lower drawer could be adjusted according to your preference.

DO NOT remove the lower freezer drawer if it’s not necessary.

Big Drawer

The big drawer has a maximum load of 10kg. Pull out and install the big drawer

  1. Pull out the big drawer;
  2. Find the hook at the left and right sides at the drawer bottom (shown
    in the figure).
  3. Hold the hook at two sides with a nose pliers or tweezers and push it up and out of the groove of sliding rail, and take out the hook at the other side with the same method.
  4. Take out the drawer.
  5. Install the drawer by putting the hook into the right place.


Operating Instructions on The Ice-Maker

  1. When using your refrigerator for the first time, start the ice-maker after 20min. The ice-maker is capable of producing 1.0 – 1.1Kg of ice in 24hrs, depending on the temperature of your freezer compartment, surrounding temperature, frequency of door opening/closing and other working conditions.
  2. If the ice-maker isn’t used for a long period, please close the ice-maker at the control panel of the Refrigerator door, clear the ice cube box and ice storage box.
  3. When the ice marker starts again after a long period of power off, please ensure that ice cubes are not melted. Otherwise, please clear the ice cube box and ice storage box.
  4. Check the level of water tank from time to time (if the level of water tank is too low, ice cubes will be smaller).
  5. The ice-maker checks the ice amount automatically and stop ice-making when the ice storage box is full.
  6. You will hear the sound of motor after about two hours, which is the sound of pump providing water to the ice maker and doesn’t indicate malfunctioning.
  7. It is normal that several ice cubes may stick together or get crushed.
  8. When using your refrigerator for the first time, the ice maker starts working after the freezer compartment is cool down for about three hours (may be longer depends on the amount of food stored). The ice-maker could produce about 1.0 – 1.1Kg ice cubes within 24 hours, which may vary depending on the temperature of freezer compartment, surrounding temperature, times of door opening/closing and other working conditions.
  9. The ice-maker is capable of automatic water supply, ice-making and iceremoval. Please DO NOT take out the ice cube box and add water by yourself.

Take Out, Clean and Install the Ice Cube Box

If you did not use the fridge for a long time, you need to get the water out of the icemaker BEFORE using the ice-maker again, and clean the ice-maker to make sure the container is clean to make ice.

lf the ice maker isn’t used for a long period, ice cubes that are just produced might have unpleasant smell. You must take out and clean the ice cube box.
Open the upper drawer in the freezer compartment, rotate the knob of ice maker counterclockwise by 90, turn the handle from the horizontal position to vertical position to release the lock (as shown in Fig. 1 of Pg. 14), pull it out (as shown in Fig. 2 of Pg. 14) and take out the ice cube box.
Rinse the ice cube box with warm water below 60 (140°F) and DO NOT use detergent.
Air dry the ice cube box completely in case that water droplets in the ice cube box might cause abnormal

functioning of the ice maker.
When the ice maker can’t move, separate the ice maker as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig.2. Then install after ice cubes are melted.
Insert the ice cube box onto the rack according to original sequence and rotate to the locked position.

Take Out and Install the Ice Maker

When the ice maker isn’t used, it could be taken out and the vacated space could be used as a part of the freezer compartment.
Push the Ice Maker button on the control panel at the refrigerator door and the icemaking indicator light will disappears.
Open the door and take out the drawer.
Pull the ice-maker out (as shown in Fig.1), and then downwards, so that the ice maker is unhooked (as shown in Fig. 2).
Pull down the ice maker’s power plug so that it is detached from the ice-maker’s power socket (as shown in Fig. 3)
Install the ice maker back the original position, push the Ice Maker button, the icemaking indicator light (Symbol) appears.
Close the refrigerator door after ice maker is installed to the proper place, otherwise, it might damage the ice maker.

Door Handles
Assembly Instructions of Cold Storage Door Handle:
1. Take the handle set bolts out from the refrigerator, use cross recessed screwdriver to set the bolt on the door. Fix it tight with all the screw thread twisted through the hole, as shown in the figure;
2. After the first step is completed, take the Cold storage door handle out from the box, place it as per direction shown in the figure (Note: i.e. the direction which both screw holes on the handle are close to the edge), and hang the handle above the set bolt;
3. Use the small hexagon spanner supplied in the box to set the handle fixing socket head cap screws into both the small screwed holes on the handle. After they are screwed down, gently shake the handle to test if the handles are well erected.

Assembly Instructions of The Refrigeration Door Handle:

The assembly steps of the refrigeration door handle are same as the cold storage door handle. Please note, the direction of tapping holds are downward to the ground when assemble the refrigerator.

Inner socket head cap screw for handle fixing
Chilling chamber door handle
Inner socket head cap screw for handle fixing
Scheme of installation of cold storage door handle

Making Minor Adjustments Between Doors

Remember it is necessary to level your refrigerator for getting the doors perfectly even. If you need additional help on adjusting the doors, please review previous section on leveling the refrigerator.

Do As Follows
1) Raise the left door or the right door to make your refrigerator.
2) Insert the supplied fastener-ring using (2) using a pair of pliers (3) in the gap between the
hinge-grommet (1) and the lower hinge (4) The number of fasten-rings you will need to insert depends on the gap.

Installing the Water Line

Installing the Water Line Water line installation kits are available as an additional accessory from your dealer or at a local hardware store.

Connecting To The Water Supply Line

1. First, shut off the main water supply line and turn the ice-maker off.
2. Locate the nearest cold water supply valve.
3. After connecting the water supply to the water valve, turn your main water supply back on and flush several gallons of water to clear the water supply line.

Connecting the Water Line to The Refrigerator

There are several items that you need to purchase to complete this connection.
You will find these items sold as a kit at your local hardware store.

  1. First, water tubes (supplied) insert Into corresponding hole of water connector (supplied).
  2. Second. water line installation kit (not included) inserts into another hole of water connector (supplied).
  3. Turn water valve on and check for any leakage

Only Connect The Water Line To A Drinkable Water Source.

If your water line is NOT drinkable, please add an external water filter. If you must repair or disassemble the water line, cut off the plastic tubing to make sure you get a snug, leak-free connection.

Introduction Of Your Refrigerator’s Functions

Control buttons

  1. Refrigerator temperature control
  2. Freezer temperature control
  3. Energy saving mode
  4. auto mode
  5. ice-making switch
  6. child Lock
    Display items
  7. Fast-cooling icon
  8. Fast-freezing icon
  9. Energy-saving icon
  10. Auto icon
  11. Ice-making icon
  12. Locked icon
  13. Refrigerator compartment icon
  14. Freezer compartment icon
  15. Refrigerator indicate
  16. Freezer indicate
  17. Off icon: means refrigerator Shut down
  18. Freezer temperature
  19. Refrigerator temperature

Initial Power-On Status

All on

Locking And Unlocking

When the “LOCK” icon on the display screen is not illuminated, the control panel is not locked. Press the CHILD LOCK on in order to activate the child-proof lock. The “LOCK” icon will illuminate and the control panel will be locked. To unlock, press and hold the CHILD LOCK icon on for three seconds. The “LOCK” icon will go out and the control panel will be unlocked. If no other keys are pressed within 30 seconds of the control panel being unlocked, it will automatically re-lock.

The below functions can be performed while in the “Unlocked” status.

Introduction Of Your Refrigerator’s Functions

Energy Saving Mode
Energy Saving Mode sets the temperature in the refrigerator at 7°C and the temperature in the freezer at-15°C, “AUTO” mode default settings are 5°C and -18 °C, respectively. To activate the “Energy Saving” mode, press the ENERGYSAVING MODE Button, then the “ENERGYSAVING” icon will illuminate. Enabling the energy saving mode for the refrigerator win automatically disable all other modes.
To De-Activate “Energy Saving” Mode, Do Any Of The Following:

  1. Select another mode.
  2. Press REF. TEMP, or FRZ. TEMP, to exit setup.
  3. Press ENERGYSAVING MODE button to exit the energy-saving mode when any of the above situations occur.
  4. Press AUTO MODE to exit the energy-saving mode when any of above situations occurs.

Auto Mode

This function will set the temperature of the refrigerator to 5°Cand the freezer compartment to 18°C . If the refrigerator compartment is turned off, the auto mode will still be in effect for the freezer compartment. To activate Auto Mode: Press AUTO MODE and the “AUTO” icon will illuminate, indicating the activation of “AUTO MODE” .Selecting “AUTO MODE” will automatically de-activate all other modes. To toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit display, press and hold the “AUTO MODE” button for 3 seconds. . To de-activate AUTO MODE:
1. Select another mode
2. Press REF. TEMP, or FRZ. TEMP, to exit setup.

Fast-Cooling Mode
This mode is used to counteract a sudden rise in the temperature of the refrigerator compartment, such as when a large amount of items is placed into the refrigerator after a trip to the supermarket. The compressor will work for longer cycles to maintain the desired temperature. To activate the mode: Press REF Temp for three seconds and the “Super Cool ” icon will illuminate. When the fast-cooling mode is activated for the refrigerator compartment, all other modes are automatically de-activated. The “Fast-Cooling” mode can be de-activated by doing any of the following: 1. Activate the “Energy-Saving” or “AUTO” mode; 2. Press REF. TEMP, to adjust the temperature; 3. Hold down REF. TEMP, for three seconds. When the temperature of the refrigerator
compartment reaches the set temperature, “Fast-cooling” mode will be automatically deactivated

Introduction Of Your Refrigerator’s Functions
Fast-Freezing Mode
This function is used to counteract a sudden rise in the freezer compartment in order to preserve the nutritional content of the food. it is recommended that this mode be activated at least two hours before a large quantity of items is placed into the freezer.
To activate the “Fast-freezing” mode: Press FRZ Temp for three seconds and the Super Frz. icon will illuminate. When the “Fast-freezing” mode is activated for the freezer compartment, and the “Energy-saving” mode or AUTO MODE will automatically be de-activated.
The “Fast-Freezing” mode can be de-activated by doing any of the following:
1. Activate the “Energy-saving” or “AUTO” MODE,
2. Press FRZ. TEMP. to adjust the temperature,
3. Press and hold “FRZ. TEMP”. for three seconds. When the temperature of the freezer compartment reaches the set temperature, “Fast-freezing” mode will be automatically deactivated.
Turning Off The Refrigerator Compartment
The refrigerator compartment can be independently turned off. When the refrigerator compartment is turned off, the freezer compartment will remain working. This function is recommended when the refrigerator compartment will remain empty for a long period of time.
To independently turn off the refrigerator compartment, Press and hold the ENERGY SAVING MODE button for three seconds. The “Refrigerator Compartment “icon will go out and the “OFF” icon will illuminate. The REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE digital display will read shows “–“. To turn the refrigerator compartment back on, press and hold the “Energy Saving” button for three seconds. The “Refrigerator compartment” icon will illuminate, the “OFF” icon will go out, and the REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE digital display will return to normal.
To Set The Temperature Of The Refrigerator Compartment
Press the REF. TEMP. button and the REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE digital display will illuminate. To change the temperature setting, press the REF.TEMP. button again, until the desired temperature is displayed. The temperature of the refrigerator compartment can be adjusted between 8 and 2 degrees C with a step of 1°C or between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit with a step of 1°F.

Introduction Of Your Refrigerator’s Functions
To Set The Temperature Of The Freezer Compartment Press the FRZ.TEMP button and the Freezer Temperature digital display will illuminate. To change the temperature setting, press the FRZ. TEMP. button again, until the desired temperature is displayed. The temperature of the freezer compartment can be adjusted between -13 and -22 degrees C with a step of 1°C or between 9 and -8 degrees Fahrenheit with a step of 1 °F.
Ice-Making To activate the ice maker, press the “ICE-MAKING” and the “ICE- MAKING” icon will illuminate. The ice maker will begin to make ice. To turn off the ice maker, press “ICE-MAKER”. The ice maker will stop making ice. When the freezer temperature is below -5, the ice marker may need 135 minutes to 240 minutes to complete ice making due to different ambient temperature.
Water Line Kit And Water Line
Water line kit and water line are not included with this unit.
For water line kit, an compression coupling (1/4 inch in OD) is needed for the connection between water line and refrigerator. For water line, a regular 1/4 inch COMP * 1/4 inch COMP ice maker supply line is recommended.

Cleaning And Maintenance
Refrigerator’s Maintenance and Repair:
Clean regularly to remove dust from the back of refrigerator and ground. Clean regularly the space inside the refrigerator to avoid any unpleasant smell. Before cleaning, pull out the power cord and use soft towels and neutral detergent and clean it thoroughly with clear water. It is recommended to clean the power cord/plug once in a half year.
Never Use Following Substances To Clean The Space Inside The Refrigerator:
Alkaline or weakly alkaline detergent (it might cause cracking of the liner and plastic parts). Soap powder, benzoline, thinner, alcohol…etc. (might damage plastic parts). Wipe off edible oil or food spill immediately to maintain clean storage space.

Lights Replacement
The lighting can only be replacing by Thor Group authorized service professionals..
Refrigerator Compartment Keep Fresh With Optical Wave (Only Some Models)
Keep fresh with optical wave— use the optical-wave lamp to maintain the Photosynthesis of fruit and vegetables, prolong the growth period and keep it fresh effectively.

Power Shutdown
When the refrigerator is not using for a long period of time: Pull off the power cord to reduce the risk of electric shock or fire due to aging power cables. Clean the storage space inside the refrigerator Keep the refrigerator door open for a period of time for drying, close the door with a small gap left to avoid unpleasant odor grow inside the storage area.

Power Outage
Reduce the frequency of opening refrigerator door during power outage, do not put any fresh food into the refrigerator until the power comes back.

When you discard an unused refrigerator, remove the door seal to avoid locking children inside the refrigerator.
Child Safety And Potential Danger Of Unused Refrigerator
Risk of child entrapment. Before you throw away your old refrigerator or freezer: 1. Take off the doors. 2. Leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily to climb inside.

Solutions To Problems

Please read the following contents before repair request:
If the situation doesn’t turn better after you have checked all above items, please contact with the after-sales Service Centers. If power cables are damaged, please get it changed by the repairmen designated by our Service Centers to avoid any risk Normal phenomena not regarded as malfunctioning Refrigerant inside the capillary tubes of the refrigerator flow in high speed and might have a few amounts of bubbles. Hence, irregular noises might appear at the outlet. When the air humidity is excessively high, moisture or water droplets might appear around the refrigerator’s door. You just need to wipe it off. No extension cord used

Thor Group Refrigerator Warranty

For two year from the date of purchase, when this refrigerator is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with the product, Thor Group will pay for Factory Specified Parts and repair labor to correct defects in materials or workmanship that existed when this major appliance was purchased. Service must be provided by a Thor Group designated service technician. YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE PRODUCT REPAIR AS PROVIDED HEREIN. This limited warranty is valid only in the United States or Canada and applies only when the major appliance is used in the country in which it was purchased. Proof of original purchase date is required to obtain service under this limited warranty.


This limited warranty does not cover:

1. Replacement parts or repair labor if this major appliance is used for other than normal, single-
family household use or when it is used in a manner that is inconsistent to published user or operator instructions and/or installation instructions. 2. Service calls to correct the installation of your major appliance, to instruct you on how to use your major appliance, to replace or repair house fuses, or to correct house wiring or plumbing. 3. Service calls to repair or replace appliance light bulbs, air filters or water filters. Consumable parts are excluded from warranty coverage. 4. Damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, acts of God, improper installation, installation not in accordance with electrical or plumbing codes, or use of products not approved by Thor Group. 5. Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, chips or other damage to the finish of your major appliance, unless such damage results from defects in materials or workmanship and is reported to Thor Group within 30 days from the date of purchase. 6. Any food or medicine loss due to refrigerator or freezer product failures. 7. Pickup and delivery. This major appliance is intended to be repaired in your home. 8. Repairs to parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to the appliance. 9. Expenses for travel and transportation for product service if your major appliance is located in a remote area where service by an authorized Thor Group servicer is not available. 10. The removal and reinstallation of your major appliance if it is installed in an inaccessible location or is not installed in accordance with Thor Group’s published installation instructions. 11. Replacement parts or repair labor on major appliances with original model/serial numbers that have been removed, altered or cannot be easily determined. 12. Discoloration, rust, or oxidation of stainless steel surfaces. 13. In any circumstance, Thor does not pay for food loss claims on refrigerator products.
The cost of repair or replacement under these excluded circumstances shall be borne by the customer.
IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO TWO YEAR OR THE SHORTEST PERIOD ALLOWED BY LAW. Some states and provinces do not allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties of merchantability or fitness, so this limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights that vary from state to state or province to province.

YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE PRODUCT REPAIR AS PROVIDED HEREIN. THOR GROUP SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights that vary from state to state or province to province. If outside the 50 United States, contact Thor Group Service Department to determine if another warranty applies.
For Additional Product Information, Visit www.ThorKitchen.Com.
If you do not have access to the Internet and you need assistance using your product or you would like to schedule service, you may contact Thor Group at the number below.
Have your complete model number ready. You can find your model number and serial number on the label, located on the inside wall of the refrigerator compartment.
For assistance or service in the U.S.A., call 1-877-288-8099. If you need further assistance, you can write to Thor Group with any questions or concerns at
the address below: Thor Group Customer Service Department 13831 Oaks Avenue Chino, CA 91710.
Please include a daytime phone number in your correspondence. Please keep all provided instructions and your model number information for future reference.

Model Number
Warranty and Product Registration
Date of Purchase
Note: You must provide proof of purchased or installation date for in-warranty service.