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Toshiba G9 Adjustable Speed Drive Manual

Toshiba G9 Adjustable Speed Drive Manual Image


Plain-English LED/LCD Interface Startup Wizard allows for
quick, user-friendly programming and easy modification of the
expanded parameter set. The keypad is able to store parameter
sets, which allows the user to set up multiple drives using these
saved parameters. In addition, a built-in fault-logging chip
records faults in the keypad memory. These records contain
time and date stamps as well as detailed information about
operating conditions at the time of the fault.

My Function, Toshiba’s Proprietary Programming Feature,
allows the user to utilize logic-type programming without the
expense of a micro PLC. The user is able to read all analog and
digital inputs and outputs as well as to monitor and compare
data. When programmed in a user-defined logic sequence, the
use of this data will allow for a higher level of process control
not normally seen in an adjustable speed drive. These functions,
along with timers, counters, and comparators, allow the G9® to
help meet the user’s performance expectations.

Eight Digital Inputs & Three Digital Outputs are an integral part
of the G9’s versatility. Each digital input/output is individually
programmable with more than 60 possible functions. When used
in conjunction with My Function programming, the capabilities
of these terminals are virtually limitless. Additionally, the G9 is
setting a new industry standard by providing an isolated analog
input (4 to 20 mA) on its standard terminal strip.

A Built-In Proportional/Integral/Derivative (PID) Control
Algorithm provides regulation of critical processes. High and
low speed limits, deviation limits, online switching, and a builtin
sleep function are included to enhance the flexibility and
reliability of PID process control.

Toshiba’s Proprietary Windows®-Based ASD Pro Software
is available at no additional cost. This easy-to-use software is
designed to provide a full range of programming and monitoring
tools for the G9. ASD Pro Software offers trending and logging
features that allow the user to save and transfer parameters and
to export data and graphs to an electronic file. Parameter groups
and trending data can be easily converted into spreadsheets or
graphs for field and validation reports.

ASD Pro Main Control Screen                                  ASD Pro Real-Time Monitoring Screen


  1. High Visibility LED Display
  2. Rotary Encoder
  3. Discrete Input
    & Output Status
  4. Single Retaining Screw
    for Easy Terminal Board
  5. Selectable Voltage or
    Current Analog Output
  6. Isolated Voltage or
    Current Input
  7.  Half/Full Duplex RS485
  • Stackable Option
    Cards Available
  • Parameter Storage
    Available in
    Removable EOI
  • Built-In
    Real-Time Clock
  • Backlit Character
    Display for Monitoring &
  • Eight Programmable
    Discrete Inputs
  • 24 VDC Input for External
    Control Power
  • NEMA 1
    Conduit Box
  • One Form-C
    & Two Form-A
    Programmable Relays
  • One Isolated Voltage
    or Current Input


The G9 can be customized with additional options to best suit
a user’s specific needs. Options include:

  • DeviceNet®
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus® Plus
  • Modbus® TCP/IP
  • Profibus DP
  • Profinet® IO
  • Extended Terminal Cards
  • Encoder Feedback Cards
  • 120 VAC Discrete Inputs
  •  AC Line & Load Reactors
  •  DV/DT Long-Lead Filters
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Remote-Mountable


The G9 includes several standard top-of-the-line features.
Options include:

  • Dynamic Braking
  • UL Type-1/NEMA 1
  • 100 or 200 KAIC Rating
  • UL® Listed & Labeled
  • NEC Motor Overload
    Retention (No External
    Motor Overloads Required)



The G9 low voltage adjustable speed
drive is a severe duty drive offered
by Toshiba. Designed with the enduser
in mind, this drive combines a
rugged proven power platform with
the an advanced micro-processor to
provide users with a smarter, stronger
and more reliable drive with flexible
application control.


Powerful performance separates the G9 from the competition. This drive offers one of the toughest overload ratings in the industry.
On ratings up to 100 HP at 460 V and 50 HP at 230 V, the G9 provides a continuous overload rating of 115% of its full-load amp and 150%
for up to two minutes. Above these frames, the drive is rated for 110% of its full-load amp rating for continuous operation and 150% for
up to one minute.
Superior control allows the user ultimate flexibility. The G9 can operate using open or closed-loop vector control volts/hertz patterns.
Toshiba’s advanced vector-control algorithm offers speed regulation of 0.1% sensorless and 0.02% with motor encoder feedback. While
operating in the feedback vector control mode, the G9 can generate 100% torque at zerospeed to hold the shaft stationary while the
motor is stopped. The G9 drive also offers advanced torque control operation with high torque accuracy and the ability to switch on-thefly
between speed and torque modes.

Typical Connection Diagram
Figure 20
Note: When connecting multiple wires to any of ASD terminals, do not
connect a solid wire and a stranded wire to the same terminal.
. The G9 ASD Typical Connection Diagram

Note: The AM, FM, and the +SU analog terminals are referenced to CC.
Note: The PP, RR, RX, and the P24 analog terminals are referenced to CCA.
Note: The isolated V/I analog terminal references IICC.

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