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TOZO S2 Smart Watch User Manual

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TOZO S2 Smart Watch User Manual


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  1. Open the package and check the product.
  2. Package contents: (1) TOZO S2 Smartwatch (with built-in lithium battery);(2) User guide; (3) Charging cable.
  3. Connect the contact points of the magnetic charging cable to the contact points of the watch to charge and activate the device, and to turn it on.
  4. Search for “TOZO FIT” in your mobile app store and download, or scan the QR code(on the Right) to install the app.
  5. Open the app, tap the “More” icon in the upper right corner, select “Add Device”, select the device category, and select the device you wish to link in the corresponding search list. You may also link the device directly by scanning the device’s QR code using the scan function.



  1. Start “TOZO FIT”, enable the Bluetooth feature, and grant the GPS positioning permission;
  2. Light up the bracelet screen and bring it close to your phone;
  3. Click “Bind Device” on the App, and select the bracelet model in the search results to bind;
  4. Confirm the binding request on the bracelet; 5.Fill in your information and set your step goal on the App to complete the binding.


  1. Record your data, measure your heart rate, Sp02 and stress test. Monitor your heart rate and sleep day and night.
  2. Start an exercise
  3. Start the sports App on the bracelet, click the Icon of sports type and the the goal to exercise.

Basic Operations

  1. Wear it correctly: make sure that the bottom sensor is properly attached to the skin, and the strap shall be one finger away from the wrist.
  2. Touch operation: TOZO S2 supports full-screen touch operations. Single click: select long press: enter or confirm.
  3. Touch key: TOZO S2 has a touch key. Short press: return or close a notification.

Function Description


You can switch between different dials in the “Dial Settings”. And you can download and install more dials in the “Dial Market”.


14 Sports modes are provided:

Outdoor run Indoor runOutdoor walk Indoorwalk1Fliking Outdoor cycleIndoor cycle Cricket Wool swim Open water swiml Yoga Rower Ellipticall Workout You can choose to show or hide any sports mode in “TOZO FIT” has the Intelligent Sports Detection function, and can detect if the user is running or walking; this function can be enabled or disabled in the App. The Sports Summary of TOZO S2 contains a variety of sports data, and the details can be viewed In the “TOZO FIT”.


Swipe up or down to select an icon. The icons include: Message, Health Data, Workout Heart Rate, Stress, Sp02, Sleep, Relax, Music, Time, and Settings.



  1. App can click the amazon alexa area to enter the login tutorial interface.
  2. Jump to the Amazon dedicated alexa account login interface for account binding authorization:
  3. After binding authorization, you can view part of the operation introduction and set different national languages;
  4. Click the log out button to log out of Alexa, you can log in again at any time.

The watch-alexa

  1. The watch is Alexa-enabled. On Listening interface, if you ask a question or say a voice command, it turns to Thinking interface and returns an answer or executes the command. Currently via Alexa you can turn on the stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown, event reminder services on the watch.
  2. A corresponding prompt is displayed In case the request is timed out, the voice Is not recognized, the account is not logged In, the network connection Is unstable, or the Bluetooth is not connected.

Health Data

It supports viewing the daily accomplishment of the following info: Steps, Calories, Distance and Activity.

Heart Rate

  1. It supports measuring your heart rate any time or viewing the daily monitoring data. Also, you can set the measurement frequency in the App settings;
  2. After you start the heart rate measurement App, you should keep your arms and wrists still during the measurement.


After you start the stress measurement App, you should keep your arms and wrists still during the measurement.


After you start the Sp02 measurement App, you should keep your arms and wrists still during the measurement.


You can view the most recent sleep record and sleep status at each stage.


  1. Enter the Relax App and choose the duration;
  2. Click to start, then follow the vibration frequency and animation instructions to adjust your breathing and it will help you relax.


stopwatch and a timer are provided.


  1. The watch can be set to add, delete, turn on/off the alarm; you can also set the alarm to the watch through the APP; you can also set the label you need in the alarm to identify the alarm
  2. You can set the alarm delay time and times in the APP to decide how long you want to delay and how many times to delay.


You can set a timer with a preset duration on the watch, and the timer will remind you when the timer expires; you can customize the timer time.


Supports three-day weather viewing, you can view today’s ‘current weather, highest and lowest weather values” and the “highest and lowest weather values” for the next two days.


  1. When the watch is connected to the APP, you can control the mobile music player to perform the functions of “next, previous”, “play pause’ and “volume increase and decrease”.
  2. This function can be displayed hide in the APP settings.

Exercise Record

You can view your recent exercise records on the watch, including detailed data about your exercise; you can also view the exercise records on the APR

Fine Phone

  1. When the watch is connected to the App, you can make your phone ring.
  2. Click the icon to end the ringing.
  3. This function can be displayedhide in the APP settings.


  1. You can set your wrist-lifting screen, real-time heart rate, and do not disturb switch on the watch This function can be displayed hide in the APP settings.
  2. You can switch the locally stored watch face on the watch.
  3. You can set the brightness of the watch and the length of time the screen is on on the watch; you can set the switch to reduce the brightness at night.
  4. You can control the shutdown, restart, and factory settings of the watch on the watch (after restoring the factory settings, all data in the watch will be cleared and the binding relationship with the phone will be released).


The watch supports multiple reminder modes, including message reminder, incoming call reminder, walking reminder, drinking reminder, exercise goal reminder, exercise center rate warning reminder, etc.

Thank you for purchasing the TOZO authentic product.
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Can the watch be used without a phone connection?

The watch when running by itself is very inaccurate. Time would drift several minutes a day. You will need to connect it to a phone to correct the time daily, and it’s the only way to set the date/time.

Can you make calls and answer text messages?

No. You get notifications for calls, texts, and other phone notifications. You can read them but not respond to them from the watch.

where does the watch get the weather data from?

Idk honestly, but the weather information on the watch is incorrect for me. But when I ask Alexa “what’s the weather?” , she replies with the right weather.

What material is the watch case made of?


Does this watch contain metal?

It has some metal inside of the watch but most of it is plastic

How do you change the amount of time the face stays lit ?

Either in the settings on the watch itself or in the app settings

Does Apple wristbands fit on this watch?

No the two watch bands are very different, there are watch bands on Amazon you can buy for the TOZO S2.

Is there an option to have the screen always on while wearing it?

There is however an option for the screen to automatically turn on if you flick your wrist as you would read any watch.

Can you download Spotify or music and connect Bluetooth earbuds to this watch if so what brand will work with it?

You do not have external app access with this watch. There is no music available however you can use Alexa to play music through your phone or Echo device.

Does it have alarms on it?


Does the watch have 24 hour sleep monitoring or just overnight?

You need to turn on that feature in the watch. It monitors ur heart rate for sleeping during night and regular heart rate when you r awake.

Can you change the watch face to your own personal photo?

Yes. Go to the app. Go to watch faces. Then, go to the watch face that looks like a pic someone took( it should say “edit”” by it) click on it and follow directions 🙂

Does the watch have GPS?


Can you text from this watch?

You can receive texts but you cannot reply because there is no keyboard access or quick reply button. However using Alexa, you might be able to reply to a text.

What is the PIN to pair the device with your phone?

When you try to pair the device the app will send (text) a four digit code to your phone and if you do not put that code in after a couple seconds you can hit and it will resend you another four digit code so you can pair the watch to your phone

The watch asks for my Amazon log in info to set up Alexa. Isn’t it crazy to give that information to anyone?

Not unless you have a separate user id/password for Alexa (which I doubt) then you have to provide your Amazon account info to use the watch with Alexa.

Does it sync with a S10 Plus? They provide an Android application that should work with just about any phone with the Android operating system and Bluetooth. The only problem with the android app is that it burns phone batteries. I used to get about a day and a half on a charge but with the app running that dropped to about 10 hours. I have to stop the app until I want to download data from the watch. How many different faces does it have?

At the moment, over 100 watch faces to choose from.

How do set for miles?

Under “My”, go to “Settings”, then “Preferences”. You can change from km to mi.


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