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TP-Link Archer CR700 manual

TP-Link Archer CR700 manual Image

Quick Installation Guide

AC1750 Wireless Dual Band DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router

TP-Link Archer CR700

Connect the Hardware

  1. Connect the coaxial cable and power adapter to the modem router, then power on your modem router.

2. Wait for about 1 minute until the following LEDs are solid on.

3. Connect your computer to the modem router via a wired or wireless connection.

  • Wired: Connect the computer to the modem router’s LAN port via an Ethernet cable.
  • Wireless: On your computer, select and connect to the modem router’s wireless network.
    The default wireless network name (SSID) and password are printed on the product label at the bottom of the modem router.                                                                                            Or you can set up a connection via the WPS button, which is on the back panel of the modem router. For more information about WPS, refer to the User Guide at                    www.tp-link.com.

Activate the Modem Router

  • Get your Internet service account information and the modem router’s product label ready for activating your modem router. To access the Internet, the modem router needs to be activated.

  • If your computer is configured with a fixed IP, change it to “obtain an IP address dynamically”.                                                                                                                          Launch a web browser, and visit any website. You will be automatically redirected to your service provider’s self-activation page.
    Follow the on-screen self-activation instructions to activate the modem router. If the self-activation page does not show up, please call your service provider’s customer service to activate the modem router.

Enjoy the Internet

After activating your modem router successfully, wait for about 10 minutes till these LEDs             become solid on, then you can enjoy the Internet.

Note: If the Internet is not accessible, contact your Internet service provider and make sure that the modem router is activated.

If you want to customize the wireless network, please filp this piece of paper to see detailed instructions.

Customize the Wireless Network

  • Connect your computer to the modem router via a wired or wireless connection.
  • Launch a web browser and type in http://tplinkmodem.net or Use admin for both username and password, then click Login.
    To enable and customize guest network, go to Basic > Guest Network.
    If the login page does not appear, please refer to FAQ > Q2.

  • Go to Basic > Wireless to personalize your wireless network name (SSID) and password, then click Save.
    Once done, you will need to reconnect to your wireless network using the new SSID and password.                                                                                                                                 Note: To enable and customize guest network, go to Basic > Guest Network.

LED Indicators

USB Features

The USB ports can be used for media sharing, storage sharing and printer sharing within your local network. You can also set up an FTP server to access your files remotely through the Internet.

To learn more about the USB features, visit http://tp-link.com/app/usb, or simply scan the QR code.

Safety Information

The product should be connected to cable distribution system that grounded (earthed) in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code (NEC), in particular Section 820.93 – Grounding of Outer Conductive Shield of a Coaxial Cable.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What can I do if I cannot access the Internet?

A1. Make sure the coaxial cable, Ethernet cable and power adapter are plugged in correctly.
A2. Contact your Internet service provider to make sure the modem router is activated.
A3. Contact our Technical Support if the problem persists.

Q2. What can I do if the login page does not appear?

A1. If the computer is set to a static or fixed IP address, change the setting to obtain an IP address automatically.
A2. Make sure http://tplinkmodem.net or is correctly entered in the web browser.
A3. Use another web browser and try again.
A4. Reboot your modem router and try again.
A5. Disable then re-enable the network adapter being used.

Q3. What can I do if I forgot my password?

  • For the web management page password:
    A. Refer to FAQ > Q4 to reset the modem router, and then use the default admin (all lowercase) for both username and password to log in.
  • For the default wireless password:
    A1. The default Wi-Fi Password/PIN is printed on the product label of the modem router.
    A2. If the default wireless password has been changed, log into the web management page and go to Basic > Wireless to retrieve or reset your password.
  • For the Guest Network password:
    A. Log into the web management page and go to Basic > Guest Network to retrieve or reset the password.

Q4. How do I restore the modem router to its factory default settings?

A1. With the modem router powered on, press and hold the Reset button on the rear panel of the modem router for approximately 5 seconds until all LEDs turn back on, then release the button.
A2. Log in to the web management page of the modem router. Go to Advanced > System tools > Backup & Restore and click Reset. The modem router will restore and reboot automatically.

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