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tp-link Deco Router Manual

tp-link Deco Router Manual Image

Getting Started

Download the TP-Link Deco app for iOS or
Android. The app will walk you through the setup.

LED Status

Each Deco has an LED light that changes color according to its status. See the explanation below.



Yellow pulse Deco is resetting.
Yellow solid Deco is starting up.
Blue pulse Deco is ready for setup.
Blue solid Deco is setting up.
Green pulse/ White pulse Deco is upgrading firmware.
Green solid/ White solid Deco is registered and all is well.
Red pulse Deco is disconnected from main Deco.
Red solid Deco has an issue.

Need Help?

For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and technical support, please go to

  • https://www.tp-link.com Navigate to Deco’s support page
  • the Deco app

Swipe right at the main page and select ? Help from the menu.

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