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Tropilex Hanging Hangmat Comfort Manual

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Relax with a good feeling! 
 Manual & Safety Instructions 
 Tropilex​® Hanging Material 
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Important notices

Familiarise yourself with the product before using it for the first time. In addition, please carefully refer to the operating instructions and safety advice below. Only use the product as instructed and only for the indicated field of application. Keep these instructions in a safe place. If you pass the product on to anyone else, please ensure that you also pass on all the documentation with it.

Intended use
This hanging material is suitable for hammocks and hanging chairs. Use it with a hammock or hanging chair as a lying surface for adults and youngsters aged 12 years and up. Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity. This product is intended for personal use only, not for commercial use.

Safety notice
This item is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children. The hanging material must be assembled by adults. Improper assembly may result in a risk of serious injury. No liability is assumed for accidents due to improper use and failure to observe these safety instructions.

Before you lie down
Regularly check the bolts and nuts to ensure they are still tight enough. By rocking or regularly (dis)assembling, they can become loose.
Inspect the ropes, chains, and hammock, or hanging chair for wear and friction damage to the surface of the ropes and any connectors. Never use a damaged product.
Always sit in the middle of the hammock before you slowly lay down. Never sit down at the edges because then weight must be distributed equally.
By quickly sitting in your hammock or hanging chair or by wobbling, rocking, and playing the pressure and weight increase. This has a negative effect on capacity. You will be most comfortable lying diagonally in the hammock. Most hammocks will stretch by 5 – 15% in use.


The warranty for this product is 1 year from the date of purchase. Should this product show any fault in materials or manufacture within 1 year we will repair or replace it. The warranty applies to defects in material or manufacture. This warranty does not cover product parts subject to normal use or weather.

Maximum capacity

Pay close attention to the maximum capacity of the fixing material. The maximum capacity applies only when the material is properly and professionally attached. Combining multiple products can negatively affect the capacity.

The maximum capacity depends on where and how you attach the fixing material. Check carefully whether the branch, beam, wall, ceiling, fence, etc. is strong enough. When in doubt, do not attach the fixing material!

Fixing – Hammock  SKU  Capacity 
Fixing-set ‘Simple’ white TR-06040101 200 kg
Fixing-set ‘Simple’ black TR-06040102 200 kg
Fixing-set ‘Complete’ white TR-06040103 200 kg
Fixing-set ‘Complete’ black TR-06040104 200 kg
Fixing-set ‘Complete’ metal TR-06040105 200 kg
Eye screw + Carabiner TR-06030104 160 kg
Fixing ‘Wall Hook’ 1x TR-06030105 200 kg
Fixing-set ‘Tree Strap’ TR-06055101 200 kg
Fixing – Hanging Chair  SKU  Capacity 
Fixing-set ‘Simple’ white TR-06040201 160 kg
Fixing-set ‘Simple’ black TR-06040202 160 kg
Fixing-set ‘Complete’ white TR-06040203 160 kg
Fixing-set ‘Complete’ black TR-06040204 160 kg
Fixing-set ‘360’ comfort TR-06040207 180 kg
Fixing  SKU  Capacity 
Carabiner ‘Small’ TR-06020101 160 kg
Carabiner ‘Big’ TR-06020102 200 kg
Chain TR-06030101 200 kg
Swivel TR-06030102 200 kg
Spring TR-06030103 120 kg
Rope ‘White’ 3 m TR-06010103 200 kg
Rope ‘Black’ 3 m TR-06010203 200 kg
Rope ‘White’ 5 m TR-06010105 200 kg
Rope ‘Black’ 5 m TR-06010205 200 kg

Hammock Fixing

How to hang your hammock? 

Always stretch your hammock first 
Always stretch your new hammock. A new hammock stretches 5 – 15%! A hammock is finished and/or woven by hand. Because of this, there are always small length differences for each hammock.  Simply hang your hammock somewhere and lay down in your hammock. After 5 minutes the  hammock has the right length.

Defining the hanging height & length 
Some prefer a slightly tighter hanging hammock, others like to lie in a loosely hanging hammock. There is only one rule: you can always hang a hammock looser not tighter.  Tighter hanging is only possible if you move the suspension points.
You should hang your hammock with two people. This way you can determine the hanging height and the length first. Each person picks up the (stretched) hammock on one side then determines where the hammock should come from.
Don’t forget to subtract the hanging material from the distance. The middle of the hammock should be 40-60 cm off the ground.

Hanging a Classic Hammock 
A classic hammock should hang as a banana. A little loose between the two suspension points.
The distance between the two suspension points can be determined by a simple rule: The suspension height should be roughly one-half of the suspension distance. For example,  a classic hammock with a length of 3.5 meters, requires a suspension height of approximately 1.75 meters.
If the distance between the suspension points is greater, the hammock must be mounted a little higher.

Hanging a Spreaderbar Hammock 
A hammock with a spreader bar should hang almost tightly between the two suspension points. The tauter the hammock is hung, the greater the comfort. A longer spreader bar hammock may hang a  little more in a curve.
The suspension height should be approximately one-third of the distance between suspension points. For example, a spreader bar hammock with a length of 3.5 meters, requires a suspension height of approximately 1,16 meters.

There is no perfect calculation 
The data we give are indicative. Intended to inform you about the possible dimensions so you can order the right hammock. This suggested height and length is absolutely not mandatory. The hanging distance may be smaller if you have enough height and vice versa.
Never start drilling or screwing without determining the exact position by holding the (stretched)  hammock in the right position with two persons.

How to measure the total hammock length? 
Do you need to buy a hammock stand with your hammock? Then you need to know the total length of the hammock. At Tropilex each hammock stand is stated to which hammock length the hammock stand is suitable.
Lay down the hammock on the floor and pull the already stretched hammock tight and measure
the total hammock length.

Hammock shorter than specified specifications? 
Ordered a hammock that’s a little short? Don’t panic. The hammock will stretch. Because cotton grows, blooms, and is processed differently in each country, it also varies how much the hammock can stretch. India: 5%, Colombia: 5-10%, Brazil: 10-15%.

All Tropilex hammocks are made by hand, small differences in size are possible anyway.