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TUF-TUG Web Strap Hoist Puller TT1-8W Manual

TUF-TUG Web Strap Hoist Puller TT1-8W Manual Image

TUF-TUG Web Strap Hoist Puller TT1-8W Instruction Manual


  1. TO APPLY TENSION, engage the drive lever by pushing the black plastic covered spring, located on the handle, rearward, and pivoting the handle back and forth.
  2. TO RELEASE TENSION, disengage the drive lever by pushing the black plastic covered spring, located on the handle, forward, pivot the handle forward until the stop lever is contacted, continue to apply pressure against the stop lever until it releases and allow the handle to pivot backward. Repeat this procedure to release the load a notch-at-a-time.
  3. TO FREEWHEEL SPOOL, release all of the line tension, manually disengage the stop lever by pulling back on the exposed wire loop and unreel the desired length of cable.
  •  1,000 Lb. Lift Capacity
  •  2,000 Lb. Pull Capacity
  • 8 Foot Reach Capability
  • 1 Inch Wide Webbing With Red Safety Warning Cores
  •  Double Strength Dual Drive
  •   1/4 Inch Alloy Hooks


HEAT: Nylon webbing is not suited for use in environments above 180˚F.
EXPOSURE: Nylon webbing is adversely affected by prolonged
exposure to extreme ultraviolet light, such as direct sunlight and arc welding.
CHEMICALS: Nylon webbing is not compatible for use in the presence of vapors, mists, sprays, or liquids of acids, phenolics, or bleaching agents.
Your Tuf-Tug Webbing Hoist/Puller utilizes nylon webbing with red safety indicating cores inside. These threads are positive indicators that the webbing has been damaged. If for any reason these red cores are outwardly visible, discontinue use of the puller. Possible reasons for damaged webbing and discontinued use include the following:

  •  Broken or worn stitching at attachments
  •  Excessive abrasions
  • Acid or alkali burns
  •  Melted or charred sections
  •  Punctured, cut, or snagged sections


  • Read and understand all instructions before using.
  • Inspect mechanism and cable/ webbing for proper operation  and condition before each use.
  • Know your loadings; do not exceed rated capabilities.
  •  This product is intended for straight-in-line lifting and pulling; do not side load mechanism or cable/webbing.
  •  Do not shock load mechanism or cable/webbing.
  • Always keep a minimum of two wraps of cable or one wrap of webbing on the hub while mechanism is under load.
  • Always use puller under manual power; do not use in place of tow line.
  •  This product is not recommended for use a load binder or tie-down.
  • Handle is designed to bend if overloaded; do not use an extension bar on the handle.
  • Never stand in from of, or in line with a pretensioned mechanism.
  • Do not use to lift people or loads overhead.
  • Do not operate hoist/puller with twisted, frayed, damaged or kinke cable/webbing.
  • Do not pull cable/webbing over sharp corners or secure hook back onto cable.


Part No Description
101-103 Frame
101-107 Guide
101-108 Frame Sleeve
101-109 Lever Sleeve
101-110 Frame Bolt / Nut
101-111 Lever Bolt / Nut
101-113 Hook Sleeve
101-114 Hook Bolt / Nut
101-116 Cover
101-120 1/4″ Hook
101-201 Ratchet Wheel Assm.
101-204 Handle Assm
101-206 web & Hook Assm
101-207 Stop Lever Assm


“Limited 90 Day Warranty to Original Using Buyer”

All Tuf-Tug Hoist Pullers are warranted for 90 days against defects when operated under normal conditions, within their rated capacities and in accordance with the operating instructions and use considerations.

Any part or mechanism that is recognized as defective by Ohio Hoist &
Puller will be repaired Free of Change during the warranted period if it is returned, prepaid, to the factory with a copy of the sales receipt. Claims for labor, delays or damages are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty does not apply if the unit has been altered, modified, or repaired by any source other than Ohio Hoist & Puller. Warranty is also invalid if the mechanism is subjected to uses or situations warned against in either the “Cautions Section” or “Use Considerations”.