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Ionvac Cordless Vacuum Manual

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Ionvac Cordless Vacuum User Manual


Boasting lightweight design and strong suction the ion vac battery-powered vacuum cleaner picks up dust, debris and dirt from the smallest crevices on any surface. Its incredible powerful suction makes cleaning your home or car a breeze, great for cleaning messes instantaneously. For added convenience you can also use a crevice nozzle or brush attachment for upholstered furniture and sensitive surfaces. USB Type-0 charging allows you to conveniently charge it from any USB power source.


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Filters
  • Dust collector
  • Crevice nozzle
  • All-purpose nozzle
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User manual



  • Remove all packaging contents prior to use.
  • Remove the covering cap from the ion vac.
  • Make sure the vacuum cleaner is fully charged before use.
  • Press the POWER button, the vacuum will turn ON on LOW mode. The indicator lights will illuminate to show battery level.
  • Press the POWER button again, the vacuum will switch to HIGH mode.
  • Press the POWER button again to turn the vacuum OFF.


  • Connect the included USB cable to the charging port and the other end to an AC adapter; plug the adapter into a wall outlet.
  • The vacuum can also be charged via any USB port that provides 2A power.
  • The indicator lights will flash while the vacuum cleaner is charging.
  • Once the battery is fully charged all indicator lights will stay lit.
  • Disconnect the plug from the USB port and remove the connection plug.

NOTE: It takes approximately two to three hours to fully charge the ion Vac. When fully charged, the operating time of the vacuum on LOW MODE is approximately 20 minutes; on HIGH MODE it is approximately 10 minutes. It is normal for the ionVac’s battery casing to heat up while charging. To retain the full capacity of the ionVac’s rechargeable battery be sure to fully charge it every two to three months even if it isn’t regularly being used.


  • To attach a nozzle insert it onto the suction opening
  • To remove a nozzle simply pull it out of the suction opening.
  • Use the crevice nozzle to reach all corners and angles that cannot be reached with the suction opening.
  • The all-purpose nozzle is suitable for use on sensitive surfaces.



Remove any hairs or threads from the brush

Wipe the all-purpose nozzle with a slightly damp lint-free cloth


Empty the dust collector regularly to avoid a decrease in suction, overheating of the vacuum and excessive dirt in the filter.

  1. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is OFF and disconnected from the power source.
  2. Hold the vacuum cleaner with the dust collector facing downwards.
  3. Unscrew the dust collector by turning it.
  4. Remove the filter out of the dust collector.
  5. Empty the dust collector and if necessary, wipe it using a damp cloth.
  7. Turn the filter lid anti-clockwise and remove the filter from the filter holder along with the filter basket.
  8. Remove the filter basket from the lid of the filter.
  9. Tap on the filter basket and filter holder over a dust bin
  10. Alternatively brush out the filter holder basket and lid or wipe them with a damp cloth. Be careful not to damage the gauze while doing so.


  1. The vacuum cleaner is not working
    Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is fully charged prior to use.
  2. The vacuum cleaner has poor suction
    Check to see if the dust collector is full, ensure that the filter is clean.
    Finally check the status of the battery make sure it is sufficiently charged.
  3. The vacuum cleaner sounds louder than normal
    This could be due to several factors:
    • The dust collector could be full and needs emptying or is inserted incorrectly.
    • The filter is dirty or needs to be inserted correctly.
    • An object could be stuck in the suction opening.


  • Battery Type: Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Voltage/Capacity: 7.2 V/2000mAh
  • Vacuum Capacity: Approx. 350ml
  • Operating Time: Approx. 10-20 min
  • Suction Power: 4-6 kPa
  • Sound level: approx. 80dBA
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Charging Port: USB Type-0
  • Charging current: 2.2A MAX
  • USB Connection: 5V…2A
  • Motor Rated voltage: DC 7.2 V
  • Low Mode: Operating time is 20 ± 2 minutes when fully charged
  • High Mode: Operating times approximately 10 minutes one fully charged


Please read the safety instructions carefully before using this product.


This vacuum cleaner is suitable for picking up dust, dirt and crumbs.

It is not intended for cleaning large areas or for extended use.

The product is intended for domestic use only and not for commercial purposes. This product is not a toy. It is not intended for use by children under 12 years of age.


Never vacuum up the following:

  • Glowing ash, cigarette butts, matchsticks etc. Fire hazard!
  • Toner or printers. Fire/explosion hazard!
  • Toxic substances (e.g. acid, asbestos, asbestos dust etc.).

Danger to health!

  • Liquids. Danger of short circuit!
  • Pointed hard objects (e.g. Splinters of glass, nails etc.) they can destroy the filter.
  • Plaster, cement, dust from drilling, construction waste, makeup etc. These substances may block the filter and damage the vacuum.


  • Do not immerse the appliance or connection cable in water or other liquids this poses a risk of electric shock.
  • Do not touch the appliance, the connection cable or the adapter with wet hands.
  • Do not insert objects into the suction opening of the appliance.


  • The vacuum cleaner may only be used when fully assembled and with the filter inserted.
  • Never use the vacuum cleaner on humans or pets. Keep hair and items of clothing such as shoelaces and scarves away from the suction opening.
  • Make sure that the vacuum is turned off before attaching or removing any nozzles.
  • When clearing the dust collector disconnect the connection cable of the appliance from the power supply.
  • The appliance comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which cannot be removed or replaced. Do not attempt to remove or replace it on your own, if it is faulty, consult a technician.

DISPOSAL: This product includes a built-in rechargeable battery. You cannot dispose this product along with household waste. It must be disposed of safely at a hazardous waste collection site, recycling facility or an electronic retailer that recycles. Check your local or state laws for disposal procedures.

If you have any questions or for further support, please reach to us at [email protected] we will be glad to help.

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