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U-LINE 1000 Series 24″ Drawer Model 1224DWR Manual

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1000 Series • 1224DWR • 24″ Drawer Model

Congratulations on your U-Line purchase. Your product comes from a company with over five decades of premium modular ice making, refrigeration, and wine preservation experience. U-Line continues to be the American leader, delivering versatility and flexibility for multiple applications including residential, light commercial, outdoor and marine use. U-Line’s complete product collection includes Wine Captain Models®, Beverage Centers, Clear Ice Machines, Crescent Ice Makers, Glass & Solid Door Refrigerators, Drawer  Models, Freezers, Combo ® Models, and more.
U-Line has captivated those with an appreciation for the finer things with exceptional functionality, style, inspired innovations, and attention to even the smallest details. We are known and respected for our unwavering dedication to product design, quality, and selection. U-Line is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has shipped products to five continents for over two decades and is proud to have the opportunity to ship to you.
Looking for additional information on your product? User Guides, Spec Sheets, CAD Drawings, Compliance Documentation, and Product Warranty information are all available for reference and download at u-line.com.
In the unlikely event property damage or personal injury is suspected related to a U-Line product, please take the following steps:

  1.  U-Line Customer Care must be contacted immediately at +1.800.779.2547.
  2. Service or repairs performed on the unit without prior written approval from U-Line is not permitted. If the unit has been altered or repaired in the field without prior written approval from U-Line, claims will not be eligible.
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Designed, engineered, and assembled in WI, USA

Integrated Panel Dimensions

Due to differences in surrounding cabinetry the panel may not perfectly align with the door. The procedure below is designed to provide a finished integrated panel that seamlessly integrates with surrounding cabinetry. 
The door panel must not weigh more than 20 lbs (10 kg). 
It is important to ensure that all drilled holes are drilled to the correct depth in order to avoid splits in the wood when the hardware is installed. When applying an integrated panel to a unit, ensure that both sides are finished in order to prevent warping. In some overlay panel/frame installations, the panel may be visible through the glass while the door is  open.

Panel Preparation 
A fully integrated door panel completely covers the door frame and provides a built-in appearance.

Integrated Panel Preparation 

  1. Cut the panels to the dimensions listed in the diagram below.
  2. Optional: Stain or Finish panel to desired stain or color.
    Be sure to closely follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Optional: Install handles and hardware.

Integrated Panel Installation

  1. Fully open door/drawer.
  2. Starting at a corner, pull gasket away from door/ drawer.
  3. Continue to pull gasket free from gasket channel.
  4. Upon removal, lay the gasket down on a flat surface.
  5. Partially loosen the 3 screws, securing the top hinge to the cabinet.
  6. Align the panel with the outside edge (opposite the hinge) and high enough to align with the highest point in the door/drawer.
  7. Insert panel underneath top hinge and apply upward pressure while bringing the lower portion of the panel flush to the door inside the lower hinge. The panel will fit snuggly
  8. Align door with cabinet. Tighten the top 3 screws, securing the top hinge to the cabinet. NOTICE
    Due to differences in floor construction or surrounding cabinetry, the panel may not sit flush with the top of the door/drawer.
  9. Secure integrated panel to door/drawer using clamps. A robust tape may also be used. U-Line recommends the use of bar clamps to secure the panel to the door/drawer. If using tape, be certain the tape will not damage the panel finish upon removal.
  10. Using a 7/64″ (3 mm) drill bit, drill 6 pilot holes into the wood panel 1/2″ (12 mm) deep using the holes in the door/drawer frame as a guide.
    It is important to ensure that all drilled holes are drilled to the correct depth in order to avoid splits in the wood when hardwood is installed.
  11. Locate 6 of the #6x 1-1/4″  (32 mm) screws provided with your unit.
  12. Using a Phillips screwdriver, place one screw into each of the 6 pilot holes and screw down. Do not overtighten screws.
  13. Be sure the screws force their way past the opening on the gasket channel and sit flush against the bottom of the channel. 
  14. Remove clamps from door/drawer.
    If the panel requires additional adjustment after removing clamps, slightly loosen each screw and adjust the panel as necessary. Tighten screws upon completion. 
  15. Starting at the corners, re-install the gasket into the gasket channel in the frame. Make sure the gasket is fully seated. This may take some force.

Grille – Plinth Installation

Disconnect electric power to the unit before removing the grille.
When using the unit, the grille (plinth strip/base fascia) must be installed.
DO NOT touch the condenser fins. The condenser fins are SHARP and can be easily damaged.
Removing the grille

  1. Disconnect power to the unit.
  2. Loosen the two screws (1).
  3. Remove grille (2) from unit.

Installing the grille

  1. Align cabinet and grille holes and secure, but do not over tighten grille screws (1).
  2. Reconnect power to the unit.


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