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UBANEARS Rålis R lis Speaker Manual

UBANEARS Rålis R lis Speaker Manual Image

Rålis User Guide

Rålis features

1. Detachable carry strap 9. Bass port
2. Detachable metal front 10. Power hatch
3. Power cord 11. Power input
4. Previous 12. USB power output
5. Play/Pause 13. 3.5 mm stereo AUX input
6. Next 14. Power on/off
7. Decrease volume 15. LED indicator
8. Increase volume 16. Bluetooth® pairing

Charge the battery

Caution! Always disconnect the power cord from the power outlet first, before removing it from the speaker.
– Open the power hatch by pushing it gently.
– Connect the power cord to the speaker input and power outlet.
– When fully charged, the LED indicator will turn green.

See how much charge is left

Quickly press the power button to check the LED indicator.
Green………………..Fully charged
Yellow………………. You’re still ok
Orange…………….Charge soon
Red ………………….Time to charge the battery

Don’t forget to fully charge Rålis before using it for the first time. 2 hours of charging gives approximately 20 hours of wireless playtime.
Charge & play: Plug your music source into the speaker’s USB power output to charge while you play.Connectivity options
– Bluetooth: Press the Bluetooth button for two seconds then select Rålis from your sound source’s Bluetooth menu.
– AUX: Plugin a sound source using a 3.5 mm stereo plug (not included).
– Multi-host: Connect up to two hosts simultaneously for shared DJ duty – or why not make it three, including an AUX connection. Press Play on a connected device to select the source as a host. Or switch hosts by pressing the Bluetooth button on the speaker.

Start listening

– Press the power button for two seconds to turn the speaker on (or off again).
– Connect a sound source via Bluetooth or AUX.
– Press play and enjoy!

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