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Ultenic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Manual

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Ultenic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner User Guide

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  1. Remove the protective film before use.
  2. Attach the side brushes.
  3. Install AAA batteries into the remote control.
  4. Place the charging base on a flat surface against the wall with enough room around. Always keep the charging base plugged in, otherwise the robot will not automatically return for charging.
  5. Fully charge the robot before use.
  6. Turn on the robot and start cleaning.


Download the Ultenic APP and follow the instructions in the app to complete the Wi-Fi connection. Then you can control your robot
via this app. Refer to User Guide for further details.

Notes Before Cleaning

  1. Remove any objects may entangle the robot, such as power cords, ropes, etc.
  2. Keep the robot away from wet areas during cleaning.
  3. Keep the robot away from any furniture that may have the space ≤ 2.87in/ 73mm on the bottom as the thickness of the robot is 72mm. It may get stuck if the robot goes in by
    accident. The Boundary Strip(s) could be used in this situation.
  4. Fold tasseled edges of area rugs underneath to prevent tangling the robot. Avoid cleaning very dark-colored high-pile rugs or rugs thicker than 1.02 in/ 26mm as they may
    cause the robot to malfunction.
  5. The robot may climb on top of objects less than 0.63in/ 16 mm in height. Please take the objects away if you do not want the
    robot to climb it.
  6. Do not expose the robot to strong light or direct sunlight as it may cause the invalidation of se nsors and abnormity of robot.
  7. Keep the robot away from any area or item you do not want it to clean, apply the Boundary Strip(s) on the floor with adhesive tape to create a virtual barrier. Make sure the strips are placed FLAT on the floor.