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Vivarium Electronics Model VE-200 thermostat manual

Vivarium Electronics Model VE-200 thermostat manual Image

Vivarium Electronics Model VE-200
Thank you for selecting Vivarium Electronics to meet your thermostat control needs. The Model VE-200 has several advanced features including a full featured display, on/off or proportional operation and an optional night drop feature. Please see the product specifications at the end of this document for full feature list.


  • Your new VE-200 thermostat includes the VE-200 unit, a 10 foot replaceable temperature probe and a 6 foot power cord.
  • Install the temperature probe in the RJ-11 jack on the rear panel of the thermostat. Use the jack labeled “probe”.
  • The included power cord will need to be plugged into the rear panel as well. Plug the power cord into any standard, grounded wall power outlet.
  • Plug your heater(s) into the AC Out grounded receptacle. You may use an outlet strip/Surge Protector for convenience. Your total heater wattage cannot exceed 700 Watts.
  • Indoor Use Only

Once your VE-200 has been installed you will see a short startup screen before moving to the default display. The display will show the current time (flashing if it has not been set), the current Set Point and the current probe temperature.

Warning: Fire, electrical shock and unit failure can result from improper installation and misuse.

You can now program your VE-200 by depressing the “Enter/Menu” button. Be sure to save your new settings by depressing the “Enter/Menu” button. The VE-200 will confirm the new setting by displaying “Entry Accepted”. If you do not then your changes will not be saved! Once you have entered the menu you can navigate through your choices using the +/- keys. You will have the following options:

  • Set Daytime Temperature– Use the +/- keys to select your desired temperature setting.
  • Night Drop Amount– This feature will only be accessible if the optional Night Drop Module is installed. Use the +/- keys to select the number of degrees you want your temperature to drop at the start of the night temperature period. Example- If your Daytime Temperature setting is 80°F and you wish to drop to 70°F at night you would enter a value of “10°F”. If you DO NOT wish to have a night temperature drop then use a value of “0°F”. Please refer to the Night Drop Module instruction sheet for further information on use of the module.
  • Set Time of Day- Set the current time. This will display the correct time on the default display and also act as the clock for your day and night temperature cycle if being used.
  • Select Heater Mode
    ON/OFF operation you will be prompted to enter a Hysterisis value. This is the number of degrees below the Daytime Temperature setting the thermostat will turn power back on. Example- If your Daytime Temperature is 80°F and the Hysteresis is 3 the VE-200 will turn OFF upon reaching 80°F and ON when the temperature drops down to 77°F. This setting will increase or decrease the number of times per hour the VE-200 will switch on and off. The smaller the Hysteresis value the more tightly the temperature will be controlled.
    Hysteresis- While in on/off mode this setting is the number of degrees below the set point that power to the heater will be turned back on. For example A setpoint of 90° with a hysteresis of 2 will turn power to the heater back on when the probe temperature falls to 88°
    o Proportional Mode- This mode will use short pulses of power to your heater to control the heat output. By gradually increasing or decreasing the amount of power to the heater the VE-200 is able to maintain very accurate temperature settings. In most applications, this is the preferred mode of operation.
  • History– The VE-200 will also store the Hi and Lo temperatures during operation. You can toggle the default display to view these recorded temperatures by depressing the “history” button. You can reset the Lo or Hi history value by depressing the “clear” button while the value is displayed. These values are lost in the event of power outage.
  • Power output- The green indicator light on the front panel shows the power output level. A steady off display indicates no power output. A steady on displays a full power on to the heater. If flashing the rate of flash indicates the level of power being applied to the heater.


It is very important that you inspect your thermostat sensor probe location and the integrity of your heat source on a regular basis. If using under tank/tub heating it is especially important you check the element on a regular basis and ensure that it is not above 105° F actual temperature under the enclosure or an unsafe condition can arise. Heat can become trapped in these areas and unless monitored can cause element failure.
Questions or Comments?-
You can contact Vivarium Electronics for support, general questions and other inquiries at [email protected]
Visit the VE website for further information and to find a reseller near you at www.vivariumelectronics.com
Vivarium Electronics is a division of Reptile Basics Inc.


700 Watt maximum Load
Fuse- 5mmx20mm glass fast acting 6.3 Amp
Operating Range- 40°F to 140°F
Night Drop- 30°F Maximum – requires optional Night Drop Module

Limited Warranty:

Vivarium Electronics warrants all components and workmanship of this unit for a period of one year from original date of purchase and a maximum of two years from date of manufacture. Vivarium Electronics makes no warranty expressed or implied, other than that stated herein. Vivarium Electronics warranty of merchantability or any other warranty, including this limited warranty, shall be limited solely and exclusively to the repair or replacement of a defective product. Vivarium Electronics will in no event be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages. This warranty does not include failure caused by accident, misuse, any damage from any source or connection to faulty or inappropriate electrical source. This warranty shall be voided in the event the product is altered or tampered with in any way or used for any purpose other than that for which it is intended.