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VJOYCAR OBD Smart Digital Meter P15 Manual

VJOYCAR OBD Smart Digital Meter P15 Manual Image

OBD smart digital meter

User manual

Thanks for purchasing our OBD smart digital meter. This product connects the car OBD2 interface by OBD  cable, and displays the driving data, e.g. vehicle speed, engine RPM, water temperature, fuel consumption, etc. It can keep the driver’s eyes always on road to avoid the danger of lowering down head to read the dashboard. This product won’t change any car ECU data.OBD smart digital meter is equipped with a very powerful detection for error code,  the device can display the error code information clearly in text form, and it can clear the fault information, and display accelerating competitive mode, brake performance test mode, turbo pressure, read the entire vehicle data stream information, and the other functions.

Main FunctionsandFeatures:

1.Available for cars with OBD2 and EUOBD port(Car automatic diagnosis system) , plug and play
2.TFT LCD multi color smart display
3.The first scan will show the vehicle protocol
4.Multi-function display mode or simple function display mode can be switched freely
5.Add new functions: accelerating competitive mode,Brake performance test, can read the entire car data  stream information
6. Rich contents: vehicle speed, engine RPM, water temperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption,  average fuel consumption, single driving distance, total driving distance, driving time, turbo pressure, Air/Fuel  Ratio, oil temperature, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm,over-speed alarm, engine fault code alarm, eliminate the fault code, freely switch between kilometers&miles.

Functions and Keys

  1. Progress bar: The default LHK fuel consumption icon, can be changed to an RPM icon
  2. Multi-functions screen: can choose the different display mode
  3. Digital Display Area: default is a clock, when it is at single display mode, pull the button left to switch to RPM  function.
  4. Setting button,push left/right,short /long press in
  5. Light sensor
  6. OBD port

Setting button functions:Setting button f

  1. Short press in:(1) switch the display mode (2) confirm the menu after entering into the menu
  2. Push left:(1) When the screen only displays the speed, push left to switch to digital display area clock and  RPM functions
    (2) when the screen is multi-display status:
    ① to switch the left area functions ② change the function set after entering into the menu or decrease the  default value
  3. Push right:(1) When the screen only displays the speed, push right is to switch the display mode(simple  mode/clock mode/standard mode) (2)change the function set after entering into the menu or increase  the default value
  4.  Long press in:(1) to enter into menu setting mode (2) to save the data after changing the default value.

Push left/right to switch function:
Below are function abbreviations

ECT-engine coolant temperature VLT-Voltage   FUE-fuel consumption
RPM- Revolutions Per minute   ODO-odometer
TIM-single driving time              DIS-single driving distance

Factory set:
Long press in the setting button to find the system setting, and then short press in the button to enter into the menu, at last, push right to switch to the factory set,and long-press in to keep and exit.

Eliminate the fault code:
When the device scans the program successfully, long-press the button to enter into the setting menu, then push right to switch to the OBD diagnosis, and short press in, then find clean DTCs,long-press into the finish.

Setting Mode
Long press in to enter into the setting mode, push right to choose the menu, and short press in to confirm. Once finishing the setting, long press into exit.

Language Set: Please choose your familiar language(CN-Simplified Chinese, TW-Traditional Chinese,EN- English)
Sound switch: turn on/off the buzzer
Speed Alarm: the default value is 150 (the default value can be changed,push left is to decrease, push right is to increase)
Coolant alarm:default value is 120°, it means this device will give an alarm when the Coolant temperature is  over 120°
RPM alarm: default value is 6000 r, which means this device will give an alarm when RPM is over 6000 r
BAT  Alarm: default value is 10.5V, it means this device will give an alarm when battery voltage is lower than  10.5V
Speed Adjust: adjust the speed according to the dashboard, the default value is 107%
Speed Offset: When the vehicle turns off, but the device speed is not 0, then adjust the device Speed Offset  value, if the device speed shows 5KM/H, then change the device Speed Offset default value at 5
BAT Adjust: if the battery voltage is different from the vehicle, it can be adjusted.
Engine Size: the default value is 1.6 L if the fuel consumption is much different with the dashboard, please  change it as the Displacement size
Fuel adjust: default value is 100%,it can be adjusted
Change Color1: top  speed part in the default interface
ChangeColor2: left part/middle part in default interface ChangeColor3: right  part/bottom part in default interface Brightness :0 is an automatic adjustment,1-8 is a manual adjustment,1- darkest,8most bright
CWT Unit: default coolant temperature is °C,also can be changed to Speed unit: default is  m/h, can be changed to MPH

Sum distance: can make the total driving distance the same as a dashboard(if the dashboard shows the sum  distance is 30010Km, the user can make the device value at 30010KM)
Power off time: default power-off time is 10s, for Auto start and stop cars, please make the power-off time to  180-240s 
Sleep Voltage:
default is off,if the device can’t auto-off, please adjust the voltage at 13.2V or higher Clock Set: adjust the device time as your local time
HUD Mode Set: the default is off, you can turn on to reflect on the windshield Progress bar function switch: default LHK is fuel consumption progress bar, can switch to RPM bar
Factory set: find the factory set  election, short press in to do the factory set

OBD diagnose set

Scan DTCs: scan the ECU to check if there is an error code, and show the error details

OBD-II search powered by dot.report
Clean DTCs: switch to Clean the DTCs, short press in the button to finish the cleaning

Driving test

Speedup test: show the speed, distance, driving 400m takes time, driving 100m takes time
Brake Test: show the  speed, brake distance, and time
Data Stream 

Show all the vehicle data stream

OBD smart digital device installation :

  1. Know your vehicle brand, the OBD smart digital device work for cars with the OBDII agreement or EU OBD  agreement. Open the engine hood and find the sticker below it (see the below picture 1), if it has words like  OBDII CERTIFIED, then it can be installed.
  2. Find out the 16 pin diagnostic link (see the below picture 2) of the vehicle
    and connect it well with OBDII connecting line.

Technical Parameters:

Environment temperature: -40c- + 80c
atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
Relative Humidity: 10% -95%
environmental noise :≤ 60dB (A)
Alarm sound level: ≥30dB (A)
Working voltage: 9V ~ 16Vdc (12Vdc / 400mA)
Product size: Diameter 73 mm x thickness 23 mm
Product Weight: 58 g


1.The screen without any display,and no power

Start the car engine; check if the OBD cable line is tight; please pull down the OBD cables more times to ensure; check if the product power switch turns on. If still no display, please change another card to test, analyze whether the car OBD diagnostic interface is good, if it is not good, please repair it and try again.

2.Only shows the car voltage and be automatic power off after 60 seconds when the device is with power this product just available for cars with OBD2 agreement and EU-OBD agreement(European region: after 03 years, Other regions: after 07 years) This Products don not support JOBD and OBDI and recommended test for another car.

3.Inaccurate Speed

a.First check the speed unit is correct or not, the speed unit including KM/H and MPH, please refer to the setting to switch the unit.
b.When the product is power on, long press in the button to enter into the menu option and right push once  switch to setting, then short press in the button to the menu and right push the button switch to the speed  adjust option.(if the dashboard shows 100, and the device shows the 101, change the default value at 106%)

4.Inaccurate Fuel consumption

Check your car displacement, and set the device the same as your car(if your car is 2.0L, then change the device value at 2.0L).The fuel consumption can be adjusted, but we don’t suggest changing it , because all the data are read from the car ECU directly.

5.RPM Alarm

Default alarm is 6000 r ,please refer to the setting to change.

6.Over peed alarm

Default alarm is 150KM/H, please refer to the setting to change the value.

7.The device cannot auto power off

A.After the vehicle turns off, the device still displays the speed, switch the setting to Speed Offset, and adjust the value same as the device speed.(if the device shows 5KM/H after the vehicle turns off, then change the speed offset at 5KM/H) B.After vehicle turns off, the device still displays the RPM, switch the setting to sleep  voltage,and make the value at 13.2V

8. Auto start and stop cars
Change the Power off time to 180s
9.Wrong  operation lead to crashes  
Do a factory set