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WAHL Type 3615 Cordless Shaver Manual

WAHL Type 3615 Cordless Shaver Manual Image

WAHL Type 3615 Cordless Shaver Instruction Manual

Important safety information

For your own protection from injuries and electric shocks, the following information must be observed when using electrical equipment:

Read these operating instructions carefully and make sure you understand them before using the appliance!

  • Only use shaver to shave human facial hair.
  • Only use the appliance for its proper purpose as described in the operating instructions.
  • This appliance can be used both by children aged 14 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and/or knowledge, if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children must not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance must never be carried out by children, unless they are supervised by an adult.
  • The operating instructions should be retained so that they can be referred to at a later date and should be passed on to all subsequent owners or users of the appliance.
  • Never leave the appliance unattended during use.
  • Only operate the appliance with the voltage stated on the nameplate.
    · Do not use the appliance near bathtubs, showers or other water-filled containers. It should also not be used in areas of high humidity. Always disconnect from the mains power supply after use since water can pose a hazard, even when the appliance is switched off.
    · Always position or store electrical equipment where it cannot fall into water (e.g. washbasin). Keep the appliance away from water and other liquids.
    · Never touch electrical equipment that has fallen into water or reach into water to retrieve it. Disconnect from the mains immediately.
    · If the appliance is dropped into water, it may not be used again subsequently.
  • Disconnect from the mains before cleaning or servicing the appliance.
  • Never use the appliance if it is defective, if it has fallen onto the floor or if the mains cable is damaged.
  • Repairs may only be performed at an authorised service centre using original parts. Only specialists properly trained in the handling of electrotechnical appliances may repair electrical
    equipment. Only use accessories recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Keep the mains cable and appliance away from hot surfaces.
  • Make sure that the mains cable is not twisted or kinked when used and stored.
  • Only use and store the appliance in dry rooms.
  • Only use the mains cable that is included in the scope of supply for charging the appliance. Only replace defective mains cables with original spare parts which you can order via our service centres.
  • Do not attempt to replace the battery.
  • Batteries may only be exchanged for types approved by the manufacturer and may only be replaced at service centres.
  • Never use the appliance if the shaver foil is damaged.
  • We are not liable for damage caused as a result of improper use or failure to observe these operating instructions.

Product description

Description of parts (Fig. 1)

A Protective cap
B Shaver foil
C Shaving head with shaver foil
D Cutter
E On/off switch
F Charging indicator
G Appliance socket
H Mains cable with small appliance plug

Technical data

Hand-held appliance

  • Drive: DC motor
  • Battery: NiMH battery
  • Battery operating time: up to 45 minutes
  • Dimensions
    (WxHxD): 46 x 100 x 20 mm
    Weight: approx. 90 g
  • Emission sound pressure level: max. 63 dB(A) @ 25 cm
  • Vibration: < 2.5 m/s²
  • Ambient temperature: 0°C – +40°C

The appliance is safety insulated and radio screened. It meets the requirements of EU Directive 2014/30/EU regarding electromagnetic compatibility and Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.


Charging the battery

  • Before the appliance is used for the first time, it should be charged for 16 hours.
  • Switch off the appliance using the on/off switch (Fig. 3ⓑ).
  • Plug the small appliance plug into the appliance socket (Fig 2ⓐ).
  • Plug the mains cable into the mains socket (Fig 2ⓑ).
  • During charging, the green charging indicator is illuminated.
  • For the appliance to charge to full capacity, it should take around 8 hours.
  • Note: In order to ensure a long operating life of the battery pack, it should always be completely empty prior to recharging.

Battery operation

  • Switch on the appliance using the on/off switch (Fig. 3ⓐ) and, after use, switch it off again (Fig. 3ⓑ).
  • When the batteries are fully charged, the appliance can be used for up to 45 minutes without mains connection.

Foil shave
The shaving system perfectly adjusts to the contours of the face as well as the chin and the neck area to give you an optimum shaving result. Prior to shaving, it is recommended to clean the face and neck area thoroughly and to pat it dry.

  • Gently press the shaver upward against the skin surface and shave against the direction of the beard growth (Fig. 9). At the same time, pull the skin tight with your free hand so that the stubble stands up.
  • Avoid too much pressure on the shaver foil; this could lead to foil breakages.
  • Use the protective cover when the appliance is not in use.
  • The skin must get used to the foil shave. Generally, this takes 2 – 3 weeks.


Cleaning and care

  • Do not immerse the appliance in water!
  • Disconnect the mains cable from the mains power-supply before cleaning the appliance.
  • After each use, remove the shaving head from the housing (Fig. 4), then tap it on a level surface and blow off the hair. Use the cleaning brush to clean the cutter (Fig. 5).
  • The shaver foil must not be cleaned with the cleaning brush. Otherwise, the foil could be damaged.
  • Only wipe the appliance with a soft cloth, which may be dampened slightly. Do not use solvents or abrasives!
  • Put on the protective cap again after cleaning.
  • If the shaving performance deteriorates after long use despite regular cleaning, the cutter and the shaver foil should be replaced.
  • The cutter and shaver foil (order no. 3615-7000) are available from your dealer or our service centre.

Changing the cutter and shaver foil
Replace the cutter and shaver foil as follows, if necessary:

Switch off the appliance using the on/off switch (Fig. 3ⓑ).

Changing of the shaver foil

  • Remove the protective cap from the shaving head.
  • Remove the shaving head together with the shaver foil (Fig. 4).
  • Pull out the shaver foil from the shaving head (Fig. 6).
  • Inserting the new shaver foil is done by holding it only on its side and sliding it into the shaving head as far as it will go (Fig. 7).
  • Caution! Only bend the shaver foil, do not damage it!

Changing the cutter

  • Hold the cutter on its side and remove it from the holder (Fig. 8ⓐ).
  • Attach the new cutter and press it downward (Fig. 8ⓑ).
  • Reattach the shaving head together with the shaver foil and let them snap into place.


Handle with care! Environmental damage in the event of incorrect disposal.

  • Discharge batteries prior to disposal!
  • Correct disposal will ensure environmental protection and prevent any potentially harmful impact on people and the environment.

Adhere to the relevant legal requirements when disposing of the appliance.

Information on the disposal of electrical and electronic appliances in the European Community:

Within the European Community, national regulations are specified for the disposal of electrical appliances, based on EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2012/19/EC (WEEE). In accordance with this, the appliance can no longer be disposed of with the local or domestic waste.

The appliance will be accepted free of charge by local collection points or recycling centres.

The packaging for this product is made from recyclable materials. Dispose of this in an environmentally friendly manner by recycling it.

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